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Is it Good Practice to Pay Someone for Essay Writing?

It is good practice to pay someone to write my essay for me? There are arguments on either side, both of which have merit. It is important to remember that everybody involved has valid reasons for thinking the way they do - there is no one answer.

The essay services themselves think that it is good practice. From their point of view, the students are simply asking them to provide a service that has been advertised, so there is nothing unethical about what they are doing. On another note, the services go out of their way to assure their customers (and anybody else who stumbles onto their websites) that they take plagiarism very seriously, and go out of their way to ensure that each paper is completely original. They go so far as to make sure that the papers are checked on multiple levels to ensure that there is no plagiarism.

Educational institutions, perhaps understandably, take the opposite viewpoint. To them, the student is supposed to do the work by themselves, and anything else is plagiarism. Since the definition of plagiarism is passing somebody's else's work off as your own, even though the essay is original work, it is not the work of the student, and qualifies as plagiarism.

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As we offer cheap essay writing (in AU, the UK, USA), you will definitely like our affordable prices that are forty to fifty percent cheaper than our closest competitors. We also guarantee high quality in all the writing jobs we do. With over one hundred and twenty academic writers - we can handle any assignment at any complexity.

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Our essay writing service focuses on delivering high-quality papers based on our customer's instructions. It is not at all complicated since all you have to do is to place your order and let us take care of the essay writing process.

With over twelve years of research and academic writing experience - has become the most reliable assignment source for millions of students worldwide, as well as a leader among other essay writing services.

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You can start by submitting your essay instructions through our easy to use the order form. Click on the "Order Now" button and fill out the order form. Please, be sure to submit detailed and complete instructions as much as possible, as you won't be able to add anything after the payment step.

After the order is placed and paid for, our support department will review your order to make sure it is clear and was placed correctly. Once we are sure that your perfect essay order is fully assembled - we will assign a professional academic writer for you.

Your writer will thoroughly research the topic and credible academic sources for your future paper and will start the writing process. After our writer is finished writing, we will check your paper for originality in order to detect the similarity index, and make sure that there is NO PLAGIARISM. If your paper passes the above-mentioned check, then we will proofread and email it to you.

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As we offer cheap essay writing (in AU, the UK, USA), you will definitely like our affordable prices that are 40-50% cheaper than our closest competitors. We also guarantee high Quality of the writing job we do. With over 120 academic writers - we can handle any assignment at any complexity.

What Skills does Essay Writing Develops in Students?

Essay writing can develop a number of different skills in a student - it isn`t just about writing, although obviously writing is something which improves as you do it.

Essays are designed to show how well someone has learned their subject, so they involve a number of tasks surrounding that. The ability to deliver a coherent argument on that subject, including showing proper research, is something that an essay tests in various ways. Being able to understand the question enough to do the necessary research is the first step which is asked for in essay writing, as it shows that students have a firm enough grasp of the material being taught that they know where to go to learn more. Additionally, being able to frame an argument shows that they understand the material, since it requires students to be able to understand that any issue has different sides to it, and to be able to fully understand which side they are on.

Essay writing does also teach writing skills, though in a more abstract way than simply teaching them how to use grammar correctly. The writing skills in an essay include being able to format a variety of essays so that they are all recognisable to anybody who is reading them. They also include being able to format an argument so that it flows smoothly and logically from point to point

Why do Students use Essay Writing Services?

Students pay for essay writing in case of a huge number of different reasons, which can vary from the expected to the unexpected. There are people who use these services for the expected reasons, and people who use them for completely unexpected ones - reasons vary as much as the students who use them.

  • Some students are indeed just lazy and accustomed to coasting - in their case, paying for an essay means that much less work for them to do in their educational career.
  • Many students have families or elderly parents that they need to care for - this can take time away from learning and essay writing, as caring for somebody can take up a lot of time, and is not always predictable. Even if children are in school or some other care which can keep them for several hours a day, they can be sick, there can be bad weather, or any other of a hundred problems which can mean that students have no time for writing, and instead have to turn to an essay writing service in order to fulfil their educational responsibilities.
  • Sometimes accidents happen - people are called away, they have accidents, they forget about the work because they were working on something else - and essay writing services step up to fill the void. Students turn to an essay service to avoid getting any repercussions.
  • Education is changing, and people are struggling to keep up. More and more people are finding it necessary to work a side-job in order to support themselves while they work, which can mean less time for essay writing.
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