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Thank you for working with us! Please find a description of our Privacy Policy and what we do with any and all information gathered along the way. PerfectEssay does business around the world as writing and editing services. The site and everybody who works for it is tasked with ensuring that any and all personal data, they receive is handled properly under the terms of their Privacy Policy. Anybody who is visiting or using the site from the EU can be assured that we have a site data protection order who can work with them specifically if they have any questions. Questions should be directed to [email protected].

Your Data

As a content writing service, we gather certain types of information to help with our work. We collect email, phone numbers, usernames, payer names, legal payer names, billing addresses, IP addresses, cookies, and any and all information pertaining to the orders set down by customers. By agreeing to our Terms and Conditions, our customers agree to the collection of this data. We collect your information through various means – registering to use the site, subscriptions of any kind (such as for notifications of job offers), surveys and promotions, and any communication you may hold with the site.

How we use your data

The site is designed to be as user-friendly as possible, with all information stored and used by both our support staff and any third party sites only as it pertains to the services of registration, payment and delivery. The data we receive will also be used to improve our services as and when that is required. We use cookies, and other similar technology as a way to promote and protect our services.

The cookies we use on the site help us to gather the information we might need to understand how you and others use the site, so that we can improve the experience of the site both for you, and for anybody else who wants to use the service. We will also use the data we gather through various means as a way of providing ourselves with marketing folder. Your data lets us send you information which might interest you – if you are a customer of the site, it allows us to send you information about products and services which you have shown interest in in the past (this will be done via electronic means).

Before we collect the data for using in this manner, we will ask for your consent. If you do not wish for your information to be used by the site in order to give you notification of goods and services which we think might interest you, then make sure to clock the unsubscribe button when you have an email notification from us.

Sharing your data

Sharing your data is done on the ground of facilitating certain functions of the site, such as payments, creating an account, and logging in. These third-party sites, among others, include Log In with Facebook Account, and Login with Google Account. If you have provided us with a phone number, we will give it to certain third parties which enable us to send SMS messages and notifications. Your email will be shared with Google to share and send emails and other electronic notifications with you. Our site keeps all information safe and secure, and we promise not to share it with any third party organization which might want to contact you separately about their own services.

Protecting your data

Data protection is very important to us, and we take the responsibility seriously. Our site has a dedicated team of workers who act to keep our customers’ data safe, and also continually act to prevent any problems arising from the storage. Any personal data held for customers is continually assessed to ensure that it is up to date and relevant for our purposes. We establish proper reason for any and all data transfers to third party sites. This proper reason includes the site gaining the consent of our customers before this happens. Our site will only keep data on for our customers as long as that data is needed to carry out our services. This includes legal works, any accounts to settle, and anything we might need to report to the proper authorities.

Your rights – Individuals in the European Union

If you live and work within the EU, then you have the right to see your personal information at any time, as well as to change, erase, or otherwise handle it. You can access your data at any time by getting in touch with the site via this email: [email protected].

If you want to access your data, then there is a process to follow. After you have made the request, the site, whether ours or somebody else’s, needs to provide that information in its entirety within thirty days. The information will normally be in written form, though sometimes it will appear in electronic form, and it will be as clear and transparent as you require.

You have the right to correct all data held on you by our site or others. We will change any data, for whatever reason, and we will notify the third-party sites which we use that our website has received notification that we have been asked to change data. Please note that we are not fully responsible for these third-party sites, and so cannot make them change their information, nor can we bring confirmation that they have made the requested changes.

Just as you can ask us to change your data, you can also ask for it to be completely removed. Once we have received your communication to this effect, we will remove your data from our site, and also make sure to contact any third-party sites which we also shared your data with, to ensure that they know of your wishes. These third-party sites will also erase your data, although as before, we have no way of ensuring that they do.

Restricting the use of your data

We only process your personal data where we have the legal basis for doing so. You have the right to ask us to suspend or otherwise restrict the processing of your personal data where:

Along with these basic rights, our customers and the visitors to our site also have to following rights.

They can restrict their data, and the way it is used by the site, if they have any reason to suspect that the data is wrong or incorrect in any way, or you think that it is wrong. We do take care to use your data only in legal ways, but if the process we begin to use seems unlawful, but you don’t want to go the full way into having it erased.

You object to the way we use the data, but it is unclear whether or not the process you object to is one which is unlawful or unnecessary, and we need to check.

Finally, you can restrict access to data if you want it to be checked, but don’t want the data to be completely erased.

Before we use anybody’s contact details, either by ourselves or by giving them to third party sites, we need consent from the people involved. This consent can be withdrawn at any time, although this cannot be applied retroactively. Please note that by withdrawing your consent for your data to be used, you may or may not restrict your ability to receive or use certain services. Be assured that if this will happen, we will make sure to tell people.

Your rights – Individuals outside the European Union

People outside of the EU will be provided with a way of accessing their account information so that they can make sure to be up to date on what information the site has, and whether or not it is correct. To see your account details, you should send an email to [email protected], which will put you in contact with a support attendant.

People who use our site may make a record of data transfer request, if they wish. This request means that once a year, the people who ask for it can receive a record of any and all data transfers which happened between our website and any third-party sites we have used in that time. The record will further include what the data was shared for (i.e. marketing, payments, etc.), and the type of information that was shared. Anybody who wants to make such a request should send an email to [email protected] , remembering to make the subject ‘personal information privacy request’. The email should include your name, address and email address, and the domain name of our website. Our reply may include information on how to contact third party sites, or what options they have which will allow them to limit the access that third party sites have to their personal information, at least in terms of use for marketing.

The law called the California Online Privacy Protection Act identifies separate categories of personal information which are collected by our site, by either customers or by people who have visited the site, and also identifies the separate categories which third party sites fall into. To see more about the Act, go here.

Where we store and transfer your data

We store the date we collect in various places around the EU, the USA, and Canada. Our customers are mainly American, but they can come from all over the world, and so we store our information in the above-mentioned places in order to best store and transmit it to the people who need it and use it. Personal data which comes from people who reside within the EU and the European Economic Union may be shared throughout the company as a whole, in order to bring the best services possible, although it is possible that doing this may mean that the data in question is transferred outside of the immediate vicinity of the EU. Further transfer of personal data can occur when it comes to improving and protecting the services which our site offers, since this will involve giving your data to third sites. Transferring data has its dangers, but when we transfer data outside of the EU, we will ensure that some of the following procedures are in place.

  • When transferring data to third parties, we will transfer it only to countries which have a proper level of data protection under the European Commission. (Further reading on this is under the Adequacy Decisions of the European Commission).
  • We will use contracts for all of our work and data being sent out of the EU in order to ensure that it enjoys the same protections as it would within the EU itself. (Further reading on this is available under International Data Transfers Using Model Contracts).

Changes to our Company

If the site is involved in any kind of restructuring, acquisition, or merger, it is possible that the data we have gathered from our clients and visitors could become part of the deal. If this happens, anybody who has shared their data with us will receive communication to that effect, and will be informed of their choices and rights.


We might have reason to make changes to update the privacy policy in the future – if that happens, an updated version will be posted to our site. If any of the changes outlined in the updated policy affect our customers, they will be notified directly. Anybody who wants to get in touch with the site concerning any questions they might have about the privacy policy is invited to send a message at [email protected]

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