How To Complete A Good Essay In 2 Hours

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How To Complete A Good Essay In 2 Hours

How To Complete A Good Essay In 2 Hours

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Writing An Essay In 2 Hours?

Writing is a hard tough nut to crack, even for professional writers who have several years of experience and expertise. Asking them to whip out a good essay in 2 hours seems like a stretch. While holding that thought, think about asking a school or college student to write an essay in 2 hours.

It sounds outrageous and maybe it is. But we believe that we have cracked the code for writing quick essays without compromising on the quality of the finished product. In this blog, we have covered the major parts of writing the essay, from conceiving an idea and then implementing it full-scale.

Making Good Time While Writing Excellent Prose

Writing well is one thing while writing well in a tight time slot is another thing. Writers need to be in a specific headspace with their stars aligned in their favor. Even on a normal day, they have to battle demons and wrestle with writer’s block to write good prose. 

And now, we have a swinging pendulum of the clock working against them. This is the real test of talent and nerves. We have come up with a complete map of choosing the right topic and then working on it to make it work in the writer’s favor.

To Write Or To Not To Write – That’s The Question!

Taking cues from the Shakespearean plays, students need to make a crucial decision – either they write the essay themselves, risking poor scores and sacrificing free time. Or, they can outsource the task to professional writers who have ample experience and expertise in composing excellent prose.

This section is dedicated to helping students make the best choice. Still, if they want to write the essay themselves, we are moving forward with our guide to writing an essay in 2 hours anyways.

Getting Professionals On Board

This can be the best piece of advice a student can get, as far as the ripe fruits of minimal labor are concerned. When you only have two hours to choose the topic, do the research, and then write the essay, we can concur that the crunch and urgency are real. In these times, it is best to outsource the task to professionals that can achieve this feat. They are extremely trained and have the right tools to do all the tasks in a matter of minutes. If you want to ensure above-par scores in your essay, you need to get professionals on board.

Can I Write An Essay In 2 Hours?

This is a tough question but we are determined to get to the bottom of that. When students decide to write the essay themselves and refuse to get help from a professional, the race against time will be a close one. Before we can answer that question, we need to know the level of commitment and dedication of the writer. Writing an essay in 2 hours has a very tight margin. Every second will count and small mistakes can cost much more than they usually do. So, if you are willing to put in all that you have, the answer to the question is a big yes.

Mapping Out The Path

Starting to write the essay in 2 hours without proper planning is a fool’s errand. Writers need to have a plan and each milestone should be marked to the core so that there is no room for errors and inconsistencies. This section is dedicated to ensuring that your hurried path to perfect writing is comfortable and error-free. Students can rest assured that they will reach their destination before the deadline if they follow this path verbatim.
Plan Your Time

This goes without saying that you cannot even get started with writing an essay in 2 hours if you do not plan your time to the second. This is the first order of business and should be dealt with accordingly. Make sure you allocate reasonable time for the pre-writing and writing phase so that you would not have to rush more than you have to.

Read Your Essay Question Carefully

The essay question is always about the scope, depth, and level of the essay. If you are planning on writing an argumentative essay, you need to consult external sources before getting started. As for descriptive or narrative essays, the pre-writing phase is not lengthy but it takes more time to proof and edits the essay.

Understand the Topic Quickly

Writers need to understand what is expected of them before committing to writing. This starts with understanding the topic they have chosen or the one provided to them by the teachers. Understanding the topic means getting to the core of the question or the title and then covering the rest with brute research and sifting through empirical sources.

Juggle Ideas in 15-20 minutes

15 to 20 minutes may not seem like much to the writers but when you have only 2 hours to write the complete essay, this should be more than enough. After going through the topic, writers have more than one good idea. But they cannot use them all in the essay. So, it is best to juggle them for some time until the best one emerges.

Develop a Thesis

A thesis is the gist of the main argument or idea of the essay. It is written in a single statement or a small paragraph that reveals the writer’s stance on the topic. In narrative and descriptive essays, it is hard to distinguish a thesis, but argumentative and expository essays have clear and concise theses.

Whip Up An Outline

An outline is the lifeline of the process that has little time but much is at the stake. Outlining the whole essay may seem like a waste of time, especially when they think they know what they need to write. But, during writing, they can forget many important things that can hinder their progress.

Write Quickly & Clearly

The writing phase is the heart and soul of the process. All the things were brought under the fold so that this process can be done clearly and quickly. While writing the essay, make sure to stick to the outlines to avoid unnecessary delays and congestion.

Design the conclusion

The conclusion is the culmination of the essay where you need to summarize the main ideas and reiterate their essence for the readers. Students often forget what the essence of this part is. Many make the mistake of adding new dimensions or arguments to this section, resulting in a poor narrative.

Have Time For Proofreading

We cannot stress the importance of proofreading and editing enough. Writers often believe that if they write with extreme care and attention, they will get to finish the essay with no need for editing. This is pure fantasy as they make mistakes and errors in the text without knowing. The dedicated phase can rectify these.

Editing An Essay Quickly

So, now that you have written the essay and still have ten to fifteen minutes on your hands, do you think you are done? Even if you think so, we do not. After completing the writing phase, it is time to put the effort into editing and proofreading, because this is where the real value of the essay lies. Here are some tips on editing an essay in a couple of minutes.
Dividing Major Items Equally

Instead of going all out on the editing and proofreading phase, it is best to divide the items in writing into different tiers. In the first run, quickly check the grammar. In the next one, look for syntactical errors and inconsistencies, and so on with each instance until the text is free of errors.

Using Automated Tools

Not everything needs to be done manually. Now, many automated tools and applications can help writers with improving and eliminate errors in the text. These tools include Grammarly and Hemingway Editor which serve different purposes. The former points out grammatical errors while the latter can point out syntactical issues.

Have Someone Proof The Essay

If you are not alone in the dorm or your house, you can leverage the power of a separate pair of eyes. This will allow them to pursue your essay with a clear and unbiased perspective. They will be able to find out the errors and inconsistencies that were nearly impossible for the writer.

Write A 1000 Word Essay In 2 Hours

After going through the expansive guide, it is making sense that the prospect of finishing the essay in 2 hours is not a far-fetched idea. The way we have broken down the whole process and allotted time for each sub-task, writers can imagine finishing the essay in time, even if it is about by the skin of their teeth. So, writing the essay in 2 hours is not a hard task. All you need to do is;

  • Plan out the process
  • Outline the essay and research for data
  • Write as quickly and clearly as possible
  • Always leave some time for proofreading and editing

By going through this route, you will be able to secure maximum scores in your essay exam without spending too much time on the paper.

Quick & Steady Wins The Race

Whether you are a student in school or college or a seasoned writer with years of experience and editing under his belt, it is hard to even think about finishing a complete essay in 2 hours. Still, we have chalked out a path and even got documentary proof that this is indeed the best plan to achieve this feat.

This blog post will serve as a lighthouse for students and novice writers who need to finish the essay in a matter of hours. We hope that when you are stuck with a pen and paper because you need to start and complete an essay in 2 hours, this resource will be your sole partner for the way forward!

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