How To Finish A Compelling Essay in An Hour

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how to write an essay in an hour

How To Finish A Compelling Essay in An Hour

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Burning Midnight Oil

Essay writing makes up a big part of academic life for students in schools and colleges. Instructors teach the dynamics of essay writing before assigning them tasks of their own. There is always a limited time and set guidelines to finish an essay and submit it before the deadline.

Simply saying that essay writing is a single task can be quite misleading. Students can never set out to write a complete essay without prior or post-writing phases. For instance, if a student has decided to write on a topic, it is impossible to cover the whole premise without in-depth research and collection of data.

This post is about dissecting the idea of writing a perfect essay in one hour through a guide. We have shared a complete plan and then provided a pro tip to get a well-written compelling essay in an hour.

Writing A Perfect Essay In One Hour – Fact or Fiction?

It may seem like an outlandish idea. As a matter of act, it is an outlandish idea. But it is doable. Writing a perfect essay in one hour is a distant dream of novice writers and students, yet professional writers can do it in even less time. They divide the whole task of writing an essay into different parts.

Each part is done at a specific time before they move on to the next one. In professional companies, different writers designate tasks between one another and complete a finished copy well before one hour.

Two Possible Ways Forward

When a student is tasked to write a well-researched, compelling essay, it is necessary to have some time on their hands to deal with the assignment. Instructors usually provide a couple of days, at least, to students so that they can research, write, and edit excellent essays.

But let us just say that you were not lucky to have this much time to submit your assignment. How can you write a perfect essay in one hour?

To that question, there are two possible answers, but only one of them is desirable.

Hiring A Professional Writer

This is the easiest and by far the most secure way to get a unique essay written in one hour. Professional writers are employed by essay-writing companies that offer timely services to students across the globe. They have the right tools and training to collect relevant information before outlining, and then writing the essay before the deadline. You can be sure of the fact that you will be able to secure the highest marks. PerfectEssay offers a money-back guarantee if the provided essay will fail the customer. As a decade-old company, they did not have to pay that penalty once!

Writing On Your Own

Writing the essay on your own is a noble cause, and there is no doubt about it. But students should also look at things from a more practical or pragmatic angle. As novice writers in their formative years of school or college education, they do not have enough training or tools to come up with a topic, research necessary information, and then write on the premise. It is best to go with a professional writer who can deliver guaranteed work on time. But if they are still up for the challenge, the guide in the upcoming lines is for them.

How To Quickly Write An Essay

Is there a secret recipe for cooking up a perfect essay in an hour? There is! This section is dedicated to ironing out the wrinkles and chalking out the whole path for writers. We have covered all the bases, from trivial to core, and even those that can provide a conducive environment to write the essay. Since you have limited time to get started and finish your essay, let’s get started!

Avoid Distractions

Distractions can create setbacks for seasoned writers, so novice writers and students at academic institutions cannot be blamed for being mere mortals. The room where you need to write the essay in an hour should be quiet and isolated. Your smartphone should be turned off or at least the notifications are silent to provide you the head space you need.

Set the Right Atmosphere

The atmosphere, the right one, has a great impact on the quality and quantity of the output when it comes to writing. Before setting out to write an essay in an hour, make sure that everything is where it should be. It means a comfortable temperature of the room, ample light, and a supporting chair and desk for the right posture.

Choose Your Topic Wisely

Many times, teachers assign a topic to the students for writing the essay. Other times, they need to come up with one on their own. If you are already given a topic, you can save time on choosing one and go straight to the research and outline. If not, it is best to scour the internet and look for trendy topics.

Make Sure You Understand the Topic

Understanding the topic is the first step toward writing a superb essay. During normal times, it is alright if a student wants to take more than a day to better understand the topic. But when he has only an hour to write the essay, it is best to rely on his instincts and move to the brainstorming phase as soon as possible.

Brainstorm Ideas in 5-10 minutes

Brainstorming ideas is a crucial part of the process. It can be done in mind or on paper. Since students do not have ample time on their hands, it is best to go with the paper method and write down the best ideas. Then, they must be vetted against other issues before settling and writing the essay on one.

Skim Through the Sources Quickly

It is impossible that a student has all the information he needs to write a quality essay. There are sources and credible publications that they must consult beforehand. This allows them to have a solid thesis, main argument, or idea for the essay. This phase also helps them in determining the right direction, depth, and scope of the essay.

Develop a Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is an essential element of the essay, no matter the type, scope, and application of the essay. A thesis statement is the distillation of the main idea or the argument of the essay into a single or a couple of bold sentences or a small paragraph. The best way to develop one is to write it in the closing lines of the introduction after completing the essay.

Create an Outline

An outline is the best way to set the direction and tone for the essay. It also helps with setting the scope and focus of the write-up. But the most important and far-reaching benefit of creating an outline is to avoid bottlenecks or writer’s block along the way. When students have only an hour to write the whole essay, every minute and second counts.

Start Writing With Confidence and Urgency

There is no need to get into the process of writing with half heart and mind. Even though the time is limited, students should approach the task of writing with a confident urgency. This will result in fewer mistakes and errors in the writing, which means fewer minutes to allocate for the editing and proofreading process.

Checklist For Writing An Essay In An Hour

A checklist is a list of essentials for a task so that they could not be left out in a hurry. While writing an essay in an hour, writers need to have a solid and dependable checklist to compare and evaluate their essays with.

In this section, we have shared the major parts of the essay and how writers can check elements and essentials in these with the checklist. This will ensure that they end up securing maximum scores in their assignment.

Introduction – Hook, Context, Thesis

The introduction of the essay should have a hook. It can be a single or a couple of sentences in the opening to lure the readers in. After the hook, writers should provide the background information or context of the problem or issue. In the closing lines of the introduction, writers should put down the thesis statement. It will help them transition into the main body of the essay.

Body Paragraphs – Arguments, Narrative, Description

Body paragraphs are the real meat and bones of the essay. Whether students are writing an argumentative, narrative, or descriptive essay, this will be the major portion in terms of the quantity of the essay. Writers should ensure that the relevant elements of the essay type are in abundance and are perfectly balanced against one another. Otherwise, it will be no point in writing catchy opening or closing lines.

Conclusion – Summation, Reiteration

Many students wing this part because they mistakenly think that it cannot add much value to the essay. This cannot be further from the truth as it can help writers make the essay memorable and better understood by the readers. Again, writers should keep the section bold and brief and reiterate the main ideas and arguments of the essay. The real value of any essay lies in its closing sections.

How To Finish An Essay Quickly

Starting and finishing a good essay in an hour requires a cocktail of talents and traits. First of all, students need to be resilient and able to think and write under pressure. This comes from writing prompts in quick sessions. Then, it is about knowing how and where to look for relevant information without wasting time. In the end, it is about putting the time and effort into writing the essay and then editing it before the stroke of the clock.

Will You Write My Essay In One Hour?

If a student asks this question to another student or a sibling, there are healthy chances that his request will be turned down for good. But when the same question is asked by a good writing company such as PerfectEssay, the answer will always be yes, and for all the right reasons.

PerfectEssay offers nominal pricing and ensures a guarantee of success. We have a team of highly skilled writers with support staff to get started and finish a quality essay from scratch within an hour. Since the clock is ticking, what are you waiting for? Place your order now and get a superb essay in your inbox before the deadline!

A Perfect Essay – More Than The Sum of The Parts

A perfect essay, objectively speaking, is a collection of different paragraphs with varying functions and focuses. It is hard to make sense of the individual sections if we do not take into account the whole premise and intent behind writing an essay.

There is no denying that writing a complete essay within an hour is a herculean task, one that requires excellent research and writing skills. On the other hand, students can make a great time by dividing the whole task into small sections and then taking on each section accordingly. Still, the best way forward is by not writing at all and outsourcing the heavy lifting to the professionals.

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