How To Write A Perfect Essay In 3 Hours or Less

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how to write an essay in 3 hours

How To Write A Perfect Essay In 3 Hours or Less

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At the outset, essay writing seems like simply sitting down on a desk with a computer and a word processor to churn out perfect words. This is not only incomplete but misleading to novice writers and students who are new to the vocation of essay writing.

Essay writing is about thinking of a perfect topic, doing research on it, and then writing and editing your heart out. Depending on the scope and depth of the topic and the expertise of the writer, each of these processes can take hours, if not days.

But we have come to the fore with a brilliant solution to beat the time and help students come out triumphant. In this post, we will cover a simple yet effective plan to write a perfect essay in 3 hours or less.

Are 3 Hours Enough For Essay Writing?

This question is not too simple after all. It depends on who you are asking and when you are asking. For a professional essay writer with years of experience and expertise, it is not only possible but plausible to come up with a topic and be done with the essay as soon as possible. However, if you ask a student in high school or early years of college, it will run a brutal chill down his spine and make him shudder.

Teachers often provide ample time for students to write essays. This time ranges somewhere between a few days to even a few weeks. So, why would a writer ever have to write an essay in 3 hours or less? Because students often do not get to finish the work until the due date is almost there.

Doing The Heavy Lifting On Your Own

In the face of the crucial task of writing and even doing so in a constrained time frame, students are often tempted to roll their sleeves and face the task head-on. This is a noble gesture but it can cost them precious grades and even make them subject to ridicule and humiliation. Simply, they do not possess the tools and training to come up with a custom essay in 3 hours or less that can wow the instructors and help them secure maximum scores. This leads to the second course of action that is not only easy but also ensures success with a money-back guarantee.

Outsourcing The Task To Professionals

Another way around getting a well-written essay without writing yourself is hiring professionals to do the task for you. In this scenario, you need to place an order with PerfectEssay with all the requirements and requisites of your order. You can choose your own time and check the price accordingly before making the payment. Once your order is paid for, it will be activated and the team of writers will start working on it. By dividing the sub-tasks of essay writing such as researching, outlining, writing, and editing, they will deliver the finished product before the deadline to your inbox.

How To Write An Essay In 3 Hours

Let us suppose that you have decided to write the essay yourself and now you are looking for a definitive guide that can break the path, down to the small milestones. This is where this definitive guide comes into the picture. We have devised a plan that will enable writers to master the time and craft through prompt actions. Everything is covered, including the environment of the room, the selection of the right topic, and more.
Set A Timer With Intervals

A timer is your friend, set with different intervals. It can tell you how much time you have and how much is gone, along with what you have done in between. There is no point in getting a dedicated clock for this. You can do all that on your smartphone but make sure you turn off the notifications on it so that you will not be distracted.

Remove Distractions

Picking on the earlier note, smartphones are the biggest distractions against productivity these days. Before sitting down to write good prose, it is best to either turn off the device or turn off all the notifications. Social media and messages can tempt the student to take a quick peek which could last for several minutes. Also, an open window to the street can distract, so remove them all!

Choose An Easy Topic

When we say the easy topic, it does not mean that you choose a topic that is almost too easy and primitive for your level of academics. An easy topic is one for which the relevant data is easily available and that is simple or debatable enough to make sense in school or college. The internet is the best source for choosing a topic.

Research & Outline

This is a pro tip that only professional writers know. When you research and outline at the same time and quickly, you set the depth, tone, and scope of your essay without consciously spending time and effort. This streamlines the process of writing and editing for you. Keep in mind that primary sources are the best to add.

Write The Text In One Go

Many students make the mistake of writing the text in multiple intervals. This is not only counterproductive for the whole process, but it also burns through the precious time that writers could have saved for editing and proofreading. The best way to counter this problem is to write the content in one go and then review it later on. There will be errors and omissions but they will be rectified.

Review & Edit Before Turning It In

No matter how thoughtfully and carefully you have gone through the first draft of writing the essay, it will have mistakes that can hurt the overall quality of your essay gravely. To counter that, it is best to set a phase of dedicated reviewing and editing for the essay. You can rely on automated tools or assign the task of editing to a friend or family member.

Editing A Long Essay Fast

Editing and proofreading are essential parts of the essay writing process. Before submitting your essay written in 3 hours or less, it is necessary to have some time set aside to fine-tune and tweak the text. In this section, we will share two of the best tips that can help writers finish their essays quickly and superbly.

Eliminate Grammatical & Syntactical Errors

Grammatical and syntactical errors are the most common in essays written by students and novice writers. This is the inevitability of the process that they need to embrace. The best way to tackle this issue is by writing the essay quickly and then revisiting the text to eliminate the issues and errors in the text. Automated tools such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor can solve this problem for writers by pointing out errors and suggesting corrections.

Conclude The Essay On A High Note

The conclusion of an essay is one of its most important sections. But many students make the mistake of simply winging it instead of thinking it through. Readers will read it in the end and probably remember most of its text. That’s why the essay should be concluded on a high note as it can leave a lasting impact on the minds of the readers. The best way to do this is by relying on catchy one-liners and statements.

Write My Essay For Me In 3 Hours

When you say the magical words of “write my essay for me in 3 hours or less” to a professional essay writing company, like PerfectEssay, you are sure to get a positive response. Since its inception, the company has been helping students from around the globe. There is no denying that the price can get steeper with quick delivery, but the benefits outweigh the cost:

  • Professional writers with advanced degrees and years of experience write those essays
  • Everything is perceived from scratch and there is no reliance on templates at all
  • The company offers a money-back guarantee in case of failure
  • The report for plagiarism and the uniqueness of the text is attached with the finished product
  • The customer support team is always at arm’s length, and happy to help you out!

Final Thoughts

Essay writing is about going through the existing knowledge and the problems of our existence and coming up with new and unique solutions. For the sake of excellence, students are asked to write essays of different types, including descriptive, narrative, expository, and argumentative ones. When they have ample time to write them down, there is no apparent challenge or problem to it. However, in the case of limited time, things need to be challenged and covered in long leaps.

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