How to Write a Reflective Essay about Application of Teaching Standards

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how to write a reflective essay about application of teaching standards

How to Write a Reflective Essay about Application of Teaching Standards

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Essay about Application of Teaching Standards

Writing an essay about the application of teaching standards is certainly purposeful. The number one aim of such an essay is that it calls the readers’ attention for a closer look at the serious issue of the application of teaching standards which is a topic that is open to various opinions and stands. An essay on this theme scrutinizes the applicability of the very standards and questions their suitability for the current advancements and circumstances. It could also be considered as an attempt to question their effectiveness.

How to start

  1. First of all, you should think about the meaning of teaching standards and look for some authentic definitions that could make you understand what such standards could be.
  2. After you have taken notes of certain teaching standards, try to look at them with a critical eye so that you detect if any of them does not seem to be that effective.
  3. Think about a possible structure on which your essay will be based; for instance, compare and contrast, argumentative, or explanatory scheme.

How to write the introduction

  1. A general introduction about the application of teaching standards could start with the general theme of school and teaching.
  2. Proceed progressively while you narrow down your focus until you reach the crux of the matter which is the application of teaching standards in this case.
  3. You could define the key term briefly in the same part, as lay readers could enquire about its meaning.
  4. The last element of the introduction consists of the thesis statement where you clearly state the essential features that your essay paragraphs are going to revolve around.

How to compose body paragraphs

  1. A topic sentence is necessary for the opening of the paragraphs that will explain your main points.
  2. It is important to make sure that the body elements reflect the same scheme announced in the thesis statement, otherwise you would fall in incongruity.
  3. Consistency of thoughts should be carefully maintained when you go around illustrating and linking information. Thus, abrupt change of ideas is not something you might want to consider doing.
  4. Unless you are emphasizing one particular message by means of highlighting, you are not going to benefit from the repeated ideas; then, try to avoid redundancy and needless repetitions.
  5. While you are tackling your personal reflection on the application of teaching standards, it is advisable that you stick to your own point of view, which is either for or against the application of such standards, otherwise you would distract the reader.
  6. Hook your readers through the incorporation of appeals that could make them embrace your opinion and adhere to it.

How to finish the essay: Conclusion writing

  1. Have a second look at the content of your body paragraphs so that you are fully aware of what you have included in your essay.
  2. Briefly summarize the principle arguments in a way that does not seem too much explanatory.
  3. Link the very summary of your personal behavior and experience, as you show how the application of those teaching standards have proven to be successful or ineffective according to your own educational experience.

Essay revision

  1. It is recommended that you read each and every word when you revise your essay.
  2. Remove the unnecessary lines that make no sense or that could only complicate the picture.
  3. One important step is to look for the most repeated terms and replace them with suitable synonyms.
  4. The second look at your cohesive devices is a plus point.

Outline sample

I. Introduction

    • General introduction: school and teaching
    • Thesis statement: three main arguments

II. Body

  • Paragraph 1: benefits of the application of teaching standards
  • Paragraph 2: disadvantages of the application of teaching standards
  • Paragraph 3: suggested solutions to optimize teaching standards.

III. Conclusion

  • Brief summary of the three body arguments.
  • Call to action through the proposition of fresh solutions to improve teaching standards and learning.

A reflective essay about application of teaching standards (Sample)

Almost in every country all over the globe, there some teaching standards followed in the academic field. In fact, such standards could vary depending on many factors, mainly cultural ones. But, the concept is the same; it is the idea of respecting certain teaching norms and applying them by hook or by crook to reach a the desired learning goal. In this essay, you could find a reflective account of the benefits of teaching standards, their disadvantages, and suggestions on how to optimize them.

From a positive angle, one could attest that the application of teaching standards is beneficial in a variety of ways. Indeed, beginner teachers seem to always resort to them on the account that they offer an accessible database-like wealth of tips, methods, and techniques that just need to be followed. Apart from that, teaching standards are destined to the production of particular learning effects. Thus, teaching standards are not disconnected from learning standards, eventually.

Through the application of teaching standards, a teacher rests assured that their students are being taught conformably with their grade level so that they become able to make it when it comes to standardized assessments. However varied teaching standards are, they have many aspects in common. Their shared attributes manifest themselves in terms of content, structure, design, and learning purpose. What makes them effective enough is that they draw on the categorization by subject areas. It is almost the case in all schools to find subjects like Maths, English Language, History, etc.

The positive aspects of teaching standards could not succeed in concealing their disadvantageous aspects that never cease to erode the authenticity of learning. Such standard teaching norms may not be as effective as they are thought to be. I am a firm believer that a course design should be flexible enough to comprise the various needs of diverse learners. To apply teaching standards that stretch the students’ abilities and push them to work harder may turn out to be counter-productive, especially in the case of low-functioning students who have learning disabilities and disorders.

As a matter of fact, the pursuit of excellence is not available to all types of students, if teachers stick solely to the application of teaching standards. Information processing does not go at the same pace for all students. I remember when I was at school, the teacher used to ask us “is everything clear?”, not all the students said “yes”. Though not all, some of those silent students have not grasped the essence of the ideas explained, and for some reason hesitated to say that they did not understand. Those little details make it necessary to stop by, forget about teaching standards, and look at the learning needs, in particular.

Teaching standards should be reconsidered. Many of them have been in use for ages. Some of the teaching standards are transferred from one generation to another and from one school to another in an arbitrary manner, just as heritage is transferred. Yet, the modern developments, mainly at the technological scale have brought innovative and creative approaches to learning. It is for this reason that teaching standards have to be refined according to the actual circumstances.

Some would argue that the programming language has to be learned as a second language just like a natural language is learned. This idea triggers the flame of change towards more innovative and fine-tuned perspective towards the application of teaching standards. They could be developed through a recategorization of subject areas to keep the balance between what is theoretical and what is applied. Educational consistency and equity should be taken into consideration as well to improve those standards.

To put it in a nutshell, the application of teaching standards remains an inevitable operation that schools and colleges rely on. A scrutinizing eye could not overlook the advantages and disadvantages of such measures. Yet, one could continue to propose practical solutions for the improvement of teaching standards in one way or another.

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