How to Write a Philosophy of Education Essay

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how to write a philosophy of education essay

How to Write a Philosophy of Education Essay

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Philosophy of Education

A philosophy of education is used to explore the course, purpose, principles, as well as the nature of learning. Educational philosophy describes what teaching means to an educator and also defines how and why one teaches. Many educationalists refer to educational philosophy as module derived from world’s practical applications to be used.

Purpose of an educational philosophy essay

A student is supposed to write an educational philosophy paper to explain why and how instructors teach. Such an essay also explores the goals and motivations of a teacher as well as how one approaches education in order to teach others. Moreover, the purpose of the perfect essay on the philosophy of education is to explain strategies used to enlighten learners about how instructors are.

How to start

Before starting an educational philosophy essay, the writer should first outline the ideas that one wants to include in the essay. One can figure out his or her views on education and draft some of the significant points. Also, the writer can read different sources to see how education philosophy has been.

How to create an outline

Educational philosophy statements are often transcribed using the first person because they focus on your specific profession. However, one should write about one or two pages although this varies if one has an extensive career. An efficient educational philosophy essay should have a brief introduction followed by body paragraphs; also, one must include a conclusion. For instance:

  1. Introduction: you can describe your views regarding teaching.
  2. Body paragraphs: by using three to five paragraphs, the writer can explore the main topic and ideas of how one facilitates learning.
  3. Conclusion: you can summarize your points here and also explain how to utilize them in future.

How to write a thesis for an educational philosophy essay

In an educational philosophy paper, a thesis that you develop holds the most significant part of the essay. Your thesis statement has the ability to state, regulate, and structure the whole argument in the essay. A thesis explains to your reader about your stand on a certain topic. While developing a thesis, one should not write a broad statement nor too shallow. Your thesis should also be supported in your essay. Furthermore, a strong thesis can be challenged and also be opposed.

How to write an introduction

The introduction paragraph contains information that let your reader know what is in the essay. While writing the introduction, one should include a thesis statement that sums up your essay’s main point. Therefore, the writer is supposed to develop an introductory that illustrates some philosophical experiences that leads the reader gently to the thesis statement. Moreover, one should write an introduction that gives the reader a reason to continue with the rest of the paper.

Tips on introduction and thesis statement writing

While developing your introduction and thesis statement, you need to present engaging information. Therefore, the introduction should catch your reader’s attention for instance by using interesting statistics. Next, your introduction should be precise and should not start arguing the main ideas. Then, set up your essay by presenting the background of your topic and thesis statement. One should also not write a thesis that is evident or a fact.

How to write body paragraphs

While writing the body paragraphs, you should utilize the notes that were drafted while outlining the essay. However, the purpose of the body is to argue and prove your thesis statement. In this part, one should deeply discuss the main points by giving examples of how to put your ideas into practice.

Tips on body writing

The first step of writing the body is to develop topic sentences at the beginning of each new paragraph. Then, each of your paragraphs should present a single idea and should have 4-5 sentences. Each of your body paragraphs should have a logical argument which follows a logical pattern. Moreover, one should confirm whether the paragraphs flow easily to make your points readable. Lastly, the writer should avoid technical language.

How to finish an educational philosophy essay

A philosophy of education essay should be concluded in a conclusion paragraph. In this paragraph, one should simply go beyond reaffirming the educational philosophy. The writer should, therefore, talk about the instructor’s objectives and how to succumb future challenges in educational institutions.

Tips on conclusion writing

The writer should conclude the paper with strong points for the readers to remember the work. Also, one can return to the introductory points as a proof that the essay is helpful. The writer can include a brief summary of the main points without repeating information in your essay. Lastly, one can propose a solution to a certain issue stated in the paper.

Tips on revision

The main purpose of the writer to develop an educational essay is to lastly present an efficient piece of work. However, after completing your essay, the first thing you should do is to proofread your work. Then, ensure all your examples are transitional and support your thesis. Then correct all grammatical errors and format your essay correctly.

A philosophy of education essay sample

I believe the key to a successful and a happy life is to have the freedom to do what you want and this can be achieved through education. Education is a unique experience for the students and in order for all students to benefit from it, teachers and educators have to be fully knowledgeable about the importance of their teaching. Therefore, the philosophy of education is very important especially by giving young people the power and courage to pursue their life goals. The more enlightened you are, the more control you have over your future. By offering quality education to all students, one equips learners with essential tools for success in life.

Academic teaching begins with inspiration and motivation. I believe that students deserve the teacher’s passion for learning because this makes both the students and the teacher more ready to engage in active learning. However, in order to attain active learning, as a teacher I have to demonstrate enthusiasm as well as confidence in my students learning. Displaying readiness in the classroom makes the students feel that one supports their learning and also the subject is relevant to their life.

My personal objective is to challenge my future students and also watch them develop to full potential people. I also, want to take them through different levels of education which will help them grow together as they better everyone’s life. I want to take them through a straightforward instruction that will help them expand and grow on their own. However, group work and class discussions are the significant aspects of a successful class.

When one offers the student a chance to participate in group projects, this changes each student’s atmosphere in the classroom because students help each other develop academically. Also, group work and class discussions give one a chance to develop freedom of creativity and expression and also help one realize his or her weakness and strengths. Engaging constructivist methods in one’s teaching drives the students to create an active role in education. For example, physical experiments make sure all students attain their best and also discover their strengths.

As a teacher, to accomplish my goals, it is important to develop mutual respect and honest relationship with my students. One’s relationship with the student is a high priority that is created through communication and through this, a democratic and fair learning environment can be established. A creating a good relationship with my students can possibly make a safe and confident interaction within the academic setting. Therefore, ones this foundation is created, as a teacher, I have already attained a major goal that is; my students will morally conduct themselves in the classroom as they prepare themselves for future survival and adult interaction.

How as a teacher I carry out the teaching is more important as what I teach. The method of teaching establishes a connection between the students and the teacher. However, the teacher is supposed to exercise a mentoring role over the students and demonstrate consistency so that students can emulate the same traits as they grow. Moreover, having a personal connection with all students can facilitate equal chances for all student’s success.

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