How to Write a Reflective Essay on Community Service

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how to write a reflective essay on community service

How to Write a Reflective Essay on Community Service

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Essay on Community Service

Writing a reflective essay on community service is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in your entire life. It comes with responsibility, goal, and dedication. In writing a reflective paper, first, you have a goal – to persuade all of your readers to start doing community service in their own respective community. This might be the most difficult part in composing your essay; thus, you have to be careful and sensitive in placing every detail of your writing. Remember, people can be easily discouraged once they have heard something negative about what you wanted them to do; they can just “no”, and you can no longer do anything about it.
Second, a responsibility which means you can take a stand to whatever things you have talked about in the course of your essay. Keep in mind that you need to write only about things you are familiar with. Do not get us wrong in here, we are not asking you to back-off from taking risks in placing new ideas on your essay – you can add things you want but, please, make sure that research was done properly and accordingly. Lastly, as a writer, you should be able to have the dedication. Take notes, put your heart in every sentence, especially when you want to write a perfect essay about community service.
So, here are some effective steps for you to use as your guide in writing a reflective essay on community service.

How to start

As an observation, knowing where to start and how to start a reflective paper is the most difficult part. It is not as easy as you think. In writing a reflective paper on community service, you should be able to know your motivation. Know the roots and how does the concept start. We suggest you do research first. Try to read published essays, other blogs, or previous studies that are similar to what you wanted to write about. We have some tips you can consider in starting your reflective essay.

  1. Compose yourself. You will need to be in the right state of mind.
  2. Make sure to do some researches and background study to what you are going to write.
  3. Lastly, properly think who are the receivers or the readers of your essay. Knowing who are going to be your target readers means knowing where to go.

How to write a thesis for a reflective essay on community service

It is known as the summary of your main idea. Usually, in some essays, a thesis statement consists of one to two sentences. Also, keep in mind the goal of a thesis statement, which is to give bird’s eye-view as to what your readers should expect on your essay.

How to write your introduction

Your introduction serves as the welcome paragraph of your essay. It should be as catchy as possible. In your introduction, make sure to state the purpose of your essay, define the concept, and make sure to add some words to trigger your reader’s curiosity.

  1. So, here are some tips for writing an effective introduction.
  2. Keep it short. Readers sometimes lose their patience.
  3. Make it personal. As early as in your introduction, you should have already created a bond between you as the writer and your reader.
  4. Avoid clichés or common lines to start your introduction.
  5. State your inspiration in writing your reflective essay.

How to construct body paragraphs

The body is the part of your reflective essay where you can start, elaborate and end your discussions. In this part, your personal experiences in doing community service should be placed. You could add your observations regarding the basic problems your community has as well as the possible help you can give. Usually, writers include their main idea, arguments, experiences and observations in the body. In addition, always keep in mind that every paragraph should be somehow related or connected to other paragraphs.
To write your body paragraphs correctly, below are a few tips you should consider.

  1. First, write the main points you wanted to discuss in a bullet form.
  2. If needed, place specific supporting points under its respective main point.
  3. Elaborate, make sure to explain each idea you have placed.
  4. Turn the body to a sentence form; make sure to use appropriate words.
  5. Write as if you are retelling a story.
  6. Each paragraph should have connections to its succeeding paragraph.
  7. Read it aloud. If it sounds good, then it will surely be pleasant in the eyes of readers.

How to finish your essay

Finishing an essay is a lot easier than starting it. No studies are needed to be done, it is just internalizing. Consider if there is enough learning on your essay. Always keep in mind that a regular essay is different from a reflective essay. A reflective essay talks about the experiences you have, meaning that it is more personal than a regular essay.
A conclusion is a summary of whatever you have written in your body, making your conclusion as short as possible is one the secrets for you to be able to have an excellent reflective essay. However, do not sacrifice the substance of your conclusion. Lastly, since what you have written is a reflective essay, make sure of having some lessons on the last part or your essay. Make it relatable, add a personal touch to it.

Revising your essay

In revising your reflective essay, ask someone to read your essay. Ask for possible revisions or recommendations. In addition, revise an hour or two after you are done writing your reflective essay. Lastly, Read it aloud, you as the writer should be able to feel the feeling of fulfillment.

Outline sample

I. Introduction

  • Purpose of Community Service
  • Definition of Community Service
  • Thesis Statement

II. Body

  • Experiences you have with community service
  • Observations
  • Solution to the problems you have observed

III. Conclusion

    • Summarizing
    • Review of the main arguments
    • Realization

A reflective essay on community service (Sample)

For our community to be able to survive and take the changes we have in the world today, everyone is expected to extend their help. Giving help comes in different forms; you can lend your helping hand through donations, like giving financial aid to sustain and to support what your community needs. Another way for you to be able to help your community is by simply following your community rules and regulations. For instance, following the basic traffic rules might be a very basic thing to consider; however, doing this every time gives a lasting effect on your community.

Lastly, through community service, there are two connotations when someone hears the word community service, some people might think, this is a punishment to someone who is able to abide himself with the law, on the other hand, community service is an effect of volunteerism, which means, someone just want to do something different for his or her community.

Community service has been the bridge in having a united and a strong community. This has been proven, and this has been observed by almost everyone. There are three benefits community service has; psychological benefit, social benefit, and cognitive benefit. A psychological benefit: with this benefit, psychologists believe that participating in a community service boosts the satisfaction and the feeling of fulfillment of an individual. Moreover, it also gives some social benefits, the moment an individual engaged himself in community service creates a better bond and better relation with another person. Lastly, for the cognitive benefits, the process of a person gain more experiences makes him a better individual.

I can remember when I have participated in a community service; I have seen how camaraderie and unity bring us to where we are now. In this time, I observed how an individual works with another individual. I was able to see sincerity and determination, which I think is a good step in reaching our goal of having a peaceful world or community. I think if we continue what we have started, then, it will be easier for us to attain our ambitions in life.

In a nutshell, community service might be a very difficult thing to do but trust me, once you have started doing it, you will surely love it.

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