How to Write A Compare and Contrast Thesis

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how to write a compare and contrast thesis

How to Write A Compare and Contrast Thesis

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The quality of a thesis statement can make or ruin your entire paper. The last sentence in the introduction communicates the outcome of comparison in a comparative paper. Thereby, it is essential to understand the right thesis approach for a quality comparison and contrast essay.

The Purpose of Comparing and Contrasting

A compare and contrast thesis statement shrinks the entire essay into a single, comprehensive sentence. Its purpose is to inform the reader in a concise length what your paper is all about. The reader develops expectations based on this sentence about what would be discussed throughout the paper. Besides, a thesis statement helps to build an outline of the paper. Also, it becomes the singular thread binding all parts of the writing from introduction to conclusion. So, it is clear that the thesis statement has a vital role in determining your assignment’s quality, development, and flow.

Thus, you must be good at writing a thesis. If you cannot produce a good thesis for your comparison and contrast paper, you can learn it through the steps given below. However, if you are too busy to go to the end, you can also hire online custom writers. Just order them “write my thesis statement“. They will instantly begin working on it, whether it is a single sentence or an entire essay.

Step By Step Guide on Writing a Good Thesis Statement for Compare and Contrast Essay

A compare and contrast essay thesis is the heart of a compare and contrast essay. Many students wonder how to create a top-notch thesis on such a topic. Their worry is valid because this part of writing requires hard work. However, it is not an arduous task to learn the simple process of thesis writing given below:

Step 1

At first, determine the direction you want to give your paper based on your opinion. You do so by simple outline building.

Step 2

Pick up from narrowed essay topics to keep you focused on essential details to trim down in a single sentence. Otherwise, a vast topic may confuse you in straining out important facts from unimportant ones.

Step 3

Select the topics with worldwide known comparisons or contrasts. You can search it out very easily on the internet. It will help you pick the best thesis after looking at different example thesis statements on similar topics.

Step 4

Begin your thesis with words emphasizing compare and contrast. If you need to wrap up more things here, use transition words for proper flow because you cannot break the statement into more than one sentence.

Step 5

Set your compare and contrast thesis statement at the end of the introduction of the essay. It is a general rule to make the thesis universally recognizable.

Following these steps, you can set your reader’s mind for the rest of the discussion in the compare and contrast paper. Also, you will easily develop an outline linking back to the last sentence in the introduction.

Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement Examples

Below are examples of good thesis statements for compare and contrast essay and the topic for your help.

Topic Thesis Statements
What is different for women in western and eastern culture? Although western culture shows equal human rights, while eastern culture is known to have repressed women, gender bias is equally pressing for both cultures.
How has cinema changed throughout history? Today’s cinema is much more technologically better than in the past.
Which movie genre receives more popularity throughout the year? The cycle of movie genres keeps changing throughout the year based on popularity. However, horror thrillers are never getting out of the cycle.
What is the difference between Pepsi and Coke? Pepsi and Coke differ from each other in taste, commercial front, and nutrition.
Does social background determine criminal inclinations among teens? The teens from the upper class are less inclined toward criminal activities than those from the middle class.
Which tragedy by Shakespeare has received more appreciation? Hamlet by Shakespeare has received more appreciation than Othello due to its psychological complexity.
Which is the oldest culture on the earth? Although Mesopotamia is considered the oldest culture globally, Aboriginal Australians are the oldest people, as per current research.
How does literature comment on identity? “Everyday Use” and “The Story of an Hour” both are significant comments on the issue of identity.
How does literature reflect the question of gender bias? Both stories, “A Woman on A Roof” and “Fool Me Twice”, demonstrate the gender bias prevailing in western culture.
Which season is best for tourism in Turkey? Both April to May and September to November are the best times to visit Turkey due to moderate temperature.
Which social media app is more popular than others? Facebook is the most popular social media app due to more entertaining content, informative content, and interpersonal web surfing.
Which smartphone has hit the global market? Android has beaten down the iPhone’s popularity globally due to the varied price range and equally intelligent features.
Which eastern countries were more affected by Coronavirus? Coronavirus spread more destructions in China than other eastern countries due to poor crisis management, negligence to SOPs, and less public awareness.
Is climate change a real threat to existentialism? Biden calls climate change an existential threat in contrast to the opinion by Shellenberger, who calls all these claims wrong.
Who is more popular than Michael Jackson? Beatles is more popular than Michael Jackson for having a higher number of sales in a shorter time and experimenting with more singing styles.

Common Mistakes to Avoid in Writing a Compare and Contrast Thesis Statement

Below are given don’ts while you write a compare and contrast thesis:

  • Don’t make it unclear.
  • Don’t create a complicated statement.
  • Don’t give unnecessarily excessive details in the sentence.
  • Don’t do a thesis unless you have done adequate research on the topic.
  • Don’t craft a thesis for a compare and contrast essay without purpose.
  • Don’t use inappropriate language while writing.
  • Don’t develop a thesis around a topic you consider too difficult to discuss.
  • Don’t do your thesis too long to give a singular meaning coherently.
  • Don’t forget to check for grammatical and spelling errors when writing a thesis for comparison and contrast.


Finally, a thesis has central importance while writing a compare and contrast essay. You need to develop it appropriately and professionally. If you are weak at doing a thesis, you must learn the process and mistakes to avoid this most crucial writing task.

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