How Do Teachers Know You Plagiarized

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how do teachers know you plagiarized

How Do Teachers Know You Plagiarized

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What is plagiarism? It is simply reusing some else’s work and dubbing it as your creation. It is a concept every student will across in their academic lives, and every teacher will take strict action against it. As a student, you want to avoid this word at all costs.

Do your teachers know if you have plagiarized?

Teachers have the same resources available to them as students, which means that they can use the same research sources. Typically, when a teacher assigns an assignment topic, they are well-versed in the topic and the papers published about it. So, if a student simply copies pastes information and wonders, do professors know if you plagiarized. The answer is a big yes; they will know. Teachers are always aware if students have plagiarized their work, no matter how the student may disguise it.

Sometimes, as a student, you do not have time to write an essay from scratch. You may prefer to copy and paste the information from somewhere, but that will get you into trouble. If you have done so, you do not need to panic. There is a simple three-word solution for you to use: essay rewriting service. This service employs professionals who will take your essay and rewrite it to make sense, and plagiarism will not be detected.

How Do They Check Your Paper?

Working on an assignment, everyone thinks about how do teachers check for plagiarism after all. Due to the wide range of information accessible to students, there is always a risk of plagiarism. To cater to this, teachers have adopted several options to detect it. Some of these are as follows;

1. Using plagiarism software:

If you are a college-level student and ask what do teachers use to check for plagiarism, then chances are your professor will use a university’s software. The use of these types of software is becoming the norm. They are designed according to the requirements of the university. For example, many universities accept a certain percentage of plagiarism in assignments due to references and quotations. The software will accept your assignment if the plagiarism is within that range; otherwise, it will flag it. The software will access your work against all sources available online and other students’ assignments, so you cannot reuse a previous student’s work. The most common software used by universities are;

a) Turnitin plagiarism detection system;

b) EVE plagiarism detection system;

c) Glatt plagiarism screening program.

2. Using plagiarism detection websites:

Some teachers and professors use independent websites for plagiarism checking. Although, using these websites is more tedious than using the software. Websites are readily accessible and usually have none of the lag issues associated with the software. Moreover, these websites are usually free and provide detailed reports to the teachers. There is a diverse variety of detection websites and their services at the teacher’s disposal. A teacher needs to upload your paper on the online platform, and any plagiarism is instantly highlighted. Three popular plagiarism detection websites are;

a) Grammarly;

b) Dupli checker;

c) Small SEO tools.

3. Using google to scan:

Teachers are usually experts in their subjects and fully grasp the topics they assign for papers. If you are wondering how do teachers know if you plagiarize, then the answer is simple. They read it. If any point seems too similar or too articulate for your academic level, they will copy and paste it on google search. It will scan the particular sentence or paragraph and bring up similar documents. If it is too similar, your professor will know that it was plagiarized. It is a very straightforward approach but is an effective technique. Google has access to millions of documents; therefore, it can easily find matches.

4. Using cloud-based plagiarism detectors:

Professors and teachers may use cloud-based plagiarism detectors. These are different from the internet-based detection software as they can find similarities in even references. It works in all formats like APA and MLA. Cloud-based detection software combines the benefits of both websites and internet-based software, and they can detect and provide reports.

What Website Do Teachers Might Use to Check for Plagiarism?

There is a multitude of options online to help teachers detect plagiarism in their students’ assignments. Some websites will answer whether it is plagiarized or not. Some other websites may provide a detailed analysis of the plagiarism percentage and what part has been copied. When teachers check for plagiarism, they usually prefer detailed analysis websites. Some of these are;

Article checker

It was a free checker for both students and teachers. It also offers services like grammar checking and the percentage of plagiarism without paying for a premium account. Using the article checker website makes checking papers easier as it allows for unlimited usage.


Grammarly is a popular website accessible to everyone and is highly user-friendly. They offer a multitude of services, but plagiarism is a premium service. To access it, you have to create a premium account by paying a small fee. It detects everything from passive voice to sentence structure.


Plagiarism check. Org is very popular in Europe and is slowly spreading in the US as well. Your professor will use it to see if your paper is plagiarized. It will highlight any areas that are plagiarized and provide a detailed description.


It offers many services such as deep scanning, highlight duplication, AI-based technology, and multilingual support services. A unique feature is multiple upload options for teachers. They can upload the assignments, websites or even copy and paste the content onto the Dupli checker website to spot plagiarism. It allows for up to 50 scans per day for a member.


Small SEO tools are used by teachers. Similar to Duplichecker, they have multiple upload options. What sets SmallSEOTools apart is their ability to run a plagiarism test on different types of formats like APA, MLA, and many more. They even allow teachers to download the report. Although, it cannot detect plagiarism if the words are slightly altered.


It is critical to write a plagiarism-free assignment to secure a good grade. You do not have to submit the paper and wonder if it passes the plagiarism test. You can use any of the websites your teachers may use to check your paper beforehand. It will help you get the upper hand in your research papers and class assignments.

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