How Much Is A 1000-Word Essay Worth?

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How Much Is A 1000-Word Essay Worth_

How Much Is A 1000-Word Essay Worth?

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Essay writing is at the heart of modern academic activities. Instructors teach students lessons in different disciplines and then check their understanding, research, and learning by getting them to write essays. These essays can be either narrative, descriptive, argumentative, or expository. While narrative and descriptive essays are rather more straightforward, that is not the case with the other two types.

This is where students look out to other sources for help. They need a person or company that can understand the guidelines, act on them, and produce an original piece of work that can fetch them higher grades and admiration from teachers. This is where an essay writing company comes onto the stage!

Freelance Writing Fees

Before we move on to the average per-word rate of essays, let us go through the background of freelance writing fees. In both schools and colleges, it is a custom that around 1000-word essays are assigned to students. Since it takes more than time and understanding of a chosen topic to write it, they see other, more professional people do the job for them. Freelance writers, or dedicated registered companies for online essay writing and editing, comes to the fore as they have the tools and training to oblige the distressed students. However, these services come with a price tag.
Freelance writing fees for a 1000-word essay can be very different, depending on the scope, depth, and level of the assignment. However, we can set a bar through an average. For reference, students need to pay around $13 for the well-researched page of the essay, around 250 words. We are talking about a company that does this work professionally. By this calculation, it will take around $100 to get a well-researched, exceptionally-written 1000-word essay.

Average Rate Per Word For Essay Writing

If students are willing to dig deeper into the market to learn about average pricing per word for essay writing, this section is dedicated to the cause. However, it is always in their interest to choose a person or a service for their 1000-word essay who is willing to do the project-based work. It is because it will ensure that the fluctuations in research and number of words will be accommodated by them.

Now, on to the average rater per word for essay writing! According to recent market data, it takes around $0.1 per word to get a well-researched, custom essay. PerfectEssay is a leading brand in this category as it offers excellent essays with guaranteed zero plagiarism. The best thing about PerfectEssay is that the pricing is just where the premium writing market starts. So, students can have exceptional work for a fraction of the price!

Three Types of Pricing For 1000-Word Essay Writing

When a student is searching for a potential essay writing person or service in the market, he is sure to encounter people who are offering the same work for different parameters. Some will ask for per-hour pricing while others will insist on either per word or per project system. In this scenario, students must learn how all of these things fare in the pricing and quality of the finished product.

Per Hour

When you get to pay the company or the writer on per hourly basis, it is best to get clear things from them. Usually, it takes around two hours for a professional essay writer to write a 1000-word essay, including research and editing. In that case, if they are asking for $100, you can push them for the delivery time and ensure that you have your submission-ready essay before the deadline.

Per Word

In the case of per-word pricing, the price may remain the same but the additional burden can be on the client. For instance, if a 1000-word essay is stretched to 1100 or 1200, which is natural, the burden of pricing for those words will be on students. However, you can be sure of quality and dedication from writers because they can set flexible delivery dates and work at their natural pace.

Per Project

This is the best bet for students if they have multiple essays to get written and submitted. In this scenario, they need to share the details of the project with the essay writing company or person and they will come up with a price that is roughly based on the number of words or the hours it would take them to complete the project. In the case of any fluctuation in the time or number of words, you would not have to pay more.

Determinants of Rate For 1000-Word Essay

Whenever you go through the internet to find the best essay writing service, you see multiple companies with varying offers. Some charge extortionist prices whereas others are more toward the well-rounded edge of the market. Apart from different sellers, there are other forces at play that can determine the pricing for the finished product.

In this section, we will take a look at some of the major determinants behind the rate for a 1000-word essay.

Experience of Writer

The writer’s command of language and composition is one of the major determinants behind the pricing. If a writer is experienced and understands the nuances of the process, it will take him fewer hours to research, write, and edit the essay. This is not the case with more young or untrained writers. Professional essay-writing companies have multiple experienced writers on board so that clients do not have to ask for multiple edits and reviews.

Research Needed

Writing an essay is not about sitting down and churning out a 1000-word document with no errors or inconsistencies. In reality, it takes more than just that! Research is the reality of writing an essay. No matter how well-versed and excellent in a discipline or a topic, you still need a strong research phase to make up for the task. Otherwise, it will be more of a personal discourse and lack the objectivity and focus that is required for academic essays.

Delivery Time

As a thought exercise, go to any website of a professional essay writing company and they will have a price calculator embedded in their header. Feed in 1000 words for the length of the essay and change the time slot to see drastic changes in pricing. If you set the delivery time around a week, the pricing will be different from that of when you set only a day or two. This is another thing that students should keep in mind.

Type of Writing

Students need to clearly state the type of writing and editing they seek from a professional company or a freelancer. If a company is charging you $100 for a 1000-word narrative essay, there are chances that it will charge you more for an argumentative or an expository essay. It is because they are more research-intensive and have no room for personal discourse that can help writers fill the spaces. So, they need to specify the type of assignment in the beginning.


As a freelancer, you can set your rates for tasks and assignments. Typically, the pricing for a 1000-word essay is around $100. However, you can change it according to the specifications of the order and other factors, including research needed, delivery time, and so on. 

The time it will take for a writer to finish a 1000-word essay varies from one writer to another. Many trained writers can only require two hours to do so. They can research a topic in a couple of minutes and then take around an hour to write the 1000 words. The rest of the time is spent editing and polishing the essay so that it ends up as a refined product. 

There is no single best way to set the rates. Many writers go for per hour or word side. These are best for them because any change in the basic premise of the contract and the pricing will fluctuate a little. However, in the case of per-project pricing, the pricing will remain the same no matter how much word count is strained or the time has been stretched.

If a student needs to have a 1000-word paper that is backed by research and laden with references and citations, it will take around $100 to $150. Of course, the pricing will differ based on the amount of research and collection of data as some topics require copious amounts of fact-checking before turning them in.

As a freelancer, you can charge around $150 for a 1500-word article. Still, there is a common practice in the market where writers drop some of the prices at the top for the clients’ sake. For instance, instead of charging $150, asking $140 and the customers will appreciate the discount.

A 1000-word article for a website is different from a custom-written essay. That’s why pricing will be different. On average, writers are charging at least $30 for an original piece of article for a website. The pricing will go up as the quality, research, and delivery time will change for the benefit of the client.

Final Thoughts

It is hard to come to a singular conclusion with essay writing services. The main reasons behind the fluctuations are the levels of research, the time it takes to write the essay, and the overall quality and finish of the product. In this blog, we have explored the premise of writing a 1000-word essay from both the writer’s and the customer’s perspective. This will help students in understanding the pricing mechanism and enable them to cut a better deal for them whenever they need a custom essay.

PerfectEssay has been a major player in the game since its inception. We offer excellent essays with a money-back guarantee. All students need to do is place the order and we will cover the rest!

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