What If I Can’t Write My Essay Before The Deadline

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What If I Can’t Write My Essay Before The Deadline

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Writing is the highlight of academic life. There are assignments and issues related to deadlines and tasks that they need to cover in a limited time. It takes more than just determination and will to write compelling essays and secure more than-average marks. There is no denying that writing an essay that can fetch good grades is a tough vocation to master. Many students find it hard to have the time and resources for the tasks assigned. They get stuck with the task and often submit below-average work.

In this blog, we will answer the impending question: What if you are stuck with writing your essay and can’t finish it before the deadline? We will cover the reasons behind the stalemate and then shed ample light on the process along with a pertinent solution.

Fear of Impending Doom

Writing pieces for the sake of homework is a big component of school and college activities. Instructors teach students the art and craft of writing and editing and then they have to use the knowledge and practice to produce original work. This is not an easy feat for a majority of students. Only a handful of writers can get to the finish line.

The fear of impending doom makes the students panic and make mistakes. They connect with peers and siblings to get the work done, or at least evaluated. In the end, it leads to poor marks in the finals that affect the whole academic career.

Process of Writing An Essay

An essay is a writing piece that is personal and relies on the observations and beliefs of the writers. The major rationale behind writing an essay is to convince the readers that the version of reality and events are indeed close to the reality that is presented by the writer. There are many types of essays that students write in schools and colleges, including narrative, descriptive, argumentative, and expository essays. The structure of an essay contains three main parts – an introduction, the main body, and a conclusion to sum it all up.

In this section, we will cover the major phases in the process of writing an essay.

Topic Selection & Title Creation

There is always a topic and title for an essay. The topic can be a broad area of focus for the writer and the title can be razor-sharped and pointed toward a specific issue. For instance, if the topic is poverty, then the title can be the discourse on how to alleviate poverty in the modern world. This is an essential step in the process of writing an essay as it helps with providing a certain dimension to the work. 

Research & Outline

No matter how adept a writer is in a subject or focus area, it is necessary to conduct some research and collect the necessary information before getting started. Picking on to the topic and title of the essay from the previous point, writers need to vet multiple primary and secondary resources to ensure that the data they will use in the essay is updated. The same goes for the outline as it offers a streamlined focus to the essay in terms of depth, scope, and reach.

Writing & Editing

This is where the action takes place. In the writing phase, the writer needs to use the collected data in the essay through paragraphs and descriptions. The best way to go through the writing part is by finishing it in one go. This not only helps them in keeping true to the direction but also ensures that there are no bottlenecks along the way. After writing comes to the editing and proofreading phase to weed out errors and inconsistencies in the text.

Possible Reasons You Can’t Write An Essay

Getting back to the core topic of our discourse, let us examine the reasons that can hinder a student from starting and hopefully finishing an essay for school or college. Keep in mind that we are basing our hypotheses on the research and data collected through credible sources. The actual reasons for individuals can vary according to their circumstances. However, the solution that we will cover in the end can cater to the needs of everyone, regardless of the nature of their issues.

Lack of Training

The most common issue behind delayed and poor essays in schools and colleges is the lack of training and tools. Students have yet to master the dynamics and mechanics of writing when they are tasked with writing original, in-depth writing pieces for better grades. However, they end up with lackluster marks and scar their academic careers with them. This could be avoided by the solution that we will suggest in the upcoming sections.

Lack of Will & Determination

There are many things, better things, to do in life than to study and write assignments for class. This is what students believe in and even the most promising students find just enough time to pass the bare minimum of a threshold. In these scenarios, it is too much to expect from average students. The lack of will and motivation results in poor essays with little to no research, structure, and cohesion.

Lack of Time

Classes, seminars, and other activities take up a lot of time in the day. When it comes to finishing the writing tasks, they hardly have the time to set aside and work wonders. There are other social and familial obligations that they need to attend to, resulting in missed assignments and tasks. Even those who end up getting finished by the students are not of a higher quality by any means.

Availability of Alternatives

There are many online essay writing companies available for students. They can take advantage of the opportunity by paying a meager amount and then getting a submission-ready essay. This is another reason that allows them to ghost the project for the longest and then place their orders just a day or two before the deadline. That’s why they spend much of their time sulking around and getting worried for no reason.

Tips To Start & Finish An Essay In Time

Since we have identified the issues that many students face, it is time to provide a clear remedy to the issues that we have promised in the previous sections. The solution is these tips that we will cover in this section. They are diverse in their range and scope and cover the issues of both types of students – those who want to start and finish their essays themselves or want a professional hand at the helm.

Research & Outline

We have gone through the phases of researching and outlining in the essay writing section. The research keeps you informed about the developments and provides you with the latest data to use in the essay. The outline, however, determines the direction and depth of the text so that you do not run into roadblocks while writing. The secret here is to do the two things at the same time. This will allow you to save time while learning the extent of research and usable structure for the essay.

Write The First Draft In One Go

After doing the research and outlining, there is no need to spend further time in the cold. Hit the nail while it is hot and make good time with the writing process. The outline and research are not often enough in the beginning and you will have to make amends as you move forward. If you spent too much thinking and planning, you would end up with a mere structure and not a finished essay. Writing the initial drafts in one go is the best way to get it completed.

Always Proofread Before Sending Your Essay

Whether a professional writer goes through the first draft or a student, there are always mistakes and errors in the text. They can be both grammatical and contextual, but they affect the quality and the ultimate grades of the students that they could secure from those essays. To ensure that they do not end up at the bottom of the food chain, students should proofread and edit the essays before turning them in. They can use online tools and get others to proof their essays.

Get A Professional Writer To Do The Writing

This is perhaps the easiest of the ways – getting a professional to do the writing for you. PerfectEssay is a leading brand that offers exceptional essay writing and editing services to its clients around the globe. We are working out of Canada with a team of highly skilled native writers. They can cover your essay within days, from research to writing to proofing and editing. Our pricing is nominal and we provide a money-back guarantee on the quality and genuineness of the text!


PerfectEssay is the best website for your queries about “write my essay”. The company has professional writers, modern tools and expertise, competitive pricing, and quick delivery slots. All you need to do is place your order and forget about the rest.

Following are some of the things that you can do if you can’t write an essay:

  • Find motivation
  • Get organized
  • Erect structures
  • Hire professional writer

The struggle for each student can differ. Some lack the necessary training and tools to write essays, while others have issues with time and availability. Whatever is your problem, you need to identify it and find the simplest solution for that. Otherwise, you will end up with no essay at all.

Writing an original piece of work can be a daunting task. There are many moving parts and you need to balance them with quality and dexterity to hope to achieve more than average marks. The reasons behind struggle can be issues with training, time, distractions, and more. 

The reasons for students struggling with essay writing are as follows:

  • They are not inclined toward learning and doing their tasks
  • They do not have much time to complete their assignments
  • They know they can always hire a professional to do the job for them

Yes, it is! Writing anxiety can trap even professional writers who are considered masters of their crafts. Doom and gloom sense that the person is indeed lacking relevant skills and muscle for the job. The sense of incompetency leads to poor writing and mental state.

Final Thoughts

The struggle of students to research, write, and edit essays on time for schools and colleges is real. They have to master many hurdles and best many hindrances to ensure that they get to finish the tasks on time. In this blog, we have covered the issues that either stop them from starting or make them get stuck midway through the process. The solutions are both internal and external. Those who have the time and willingness to mend their ways can do so by learning the craft. As for those who want to get a quick way out, a professional essay writing company is always at your disposal!

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