How Much Is A 2000-Word Essay Worth?

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How Much Is A 2000-Word Essay Worth_

How Much Is A 2000-Word Essay Worth?

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It is safe to assume that if your classmate asks you what a 2000-word essay looks like, you can say a lot! Simply thinking about churning out this many words can give sleepless nights to school and college students, and we are not including research, editing, and proofreading into the mix. That’s why it is natural for students to seek outside help from essay writing companies and professional writers working as freelancers.

In this blog, we will cover the thought behind writing a 2000-word essay, the structure of an academic essay, and the factors behind the pricing of academic essays. In addition to this, we will also take a look at the process through which writers produce excellent essays.

Writing A 2000-Word Essay For A Client

As we have established in the opening section, it takes more than determination and resources to write a 2000-word essay. So, students seek external sources to make up for the task. A professional writer or a writing company completes the task by dividing it into multiple parts. The first obvious step is choosing a topic if it is not already provided by the client. Then, it is about collecting all the relevant data and information regarding that topic and using it to map out the whole essay. Map out is another word for outlining, nothing fancy. After that, they need to write the essay, and edit and proof it before the deadline.

This is a time consuming process so the pricing will be commensurate with the task. For academic essays, writers can change somewhere around $180 to $200 for a 2000-word essay. The pricing will ultimately depend on the scope, depth, and level of research as well as the delivery time for the assignment.

Structure of An Academic Essay

To understand the mechanics and dynamics of a thing, it is best to explore it further through the individual components of its structure. This is true for essay writing too as an essay is made up of different parts of sections. This section is dedicated to giving a sneak peek to the students on what is a 2000-word essay and how different sections support one another to produce a riveting piece of writing.


The opening paragraph or section of a 2000-word essay starts with a hook. A hook can be a question, a statistic, or a bold or factual statement that can let the readers into the essay. It is a literary device that is used by seasoned writers in both fiction and non-fiction. Right after the opening hook, writers provide background information or context to the main topic of the essay. This is to familiarize the readers with the subject and fill them in on the details. Once this is done, it is time to move on to the thesis statement which is the gist of the writer’s stance in the essay. This section leads to the main body of the essay.

Main Body

As the name indicates, this is the meat and bones of any essay as it is where all the action takes place. In the case of a narrative essay, elements including characters, setting, conflict, and resolution all play out in this section. For a descriptive essay, the writer reserves sensory experience and figurative language for the description of the subject for this section. In the same way, expository and argumentative essays are played out in the main body as it has the extent of word count and space to cover the bases. In a 2000-word essay, around 1200 to 1400 words are allocated for the main body and its subsections.


The closing section of a 2000-word essay is perhaps the most difficult to get right. The major thing that it needs to do is to summarize the main points that were developed in the body of the essay. That’s why many professional writers believe that a conclusion should have a structure of its own. It should have an opening sentence or two, a body, and closing sentences to sum it all up. The opening starts by indicating the fact that the essay is about to end. The main body should provide the gist of the main body. In the end, the essay should sign off with catchy lines and phrases that can make it more memorable and appealing to the readers.

Varying Factors In Pages And Word Count

When it comes to finding the right essay-writing company and placing an order, it is necessary to go into the details of the deal to know how much you are getting in the end. We have seen the process from a student’s point of view, it is time to shift the focus to the seller. That’s why this section is dedicated to helping students understand how professional writers price their services.

Charging According to Pages

This is the simplest and most basic pricing method. Before accepting the offer, the writer or the company will ask about the number of pages that you want to get. Then, they will provide a basic pricing estimate based on that. Rarely, do they provide the details of the page except for the number of words that will be roughly on the page. For instance, PerfectEssay charges around $13 for a page that contains around 250 to 275 words.

Single-Spaced Pages

The pricing for a page will be different based on its format and structure. If a page is single-spaced, then the pricing will remain standing as the number of words it can house will be in the normal category. Students can confirm this fact before placing their order as it will make all the difference in pricing. For reference, many companies write single-spaced essays by default unless they are instructed to do otherwise.

Double-Spaced Pages

Since there will be more blank spaces on double-spaced pages compared to their single-spaced counterparts, it is necessary to understand the pricing for these formats. One thing is clear – these pages can house less content and so the page count will increase in these essays. Some estimates put the number of pages to double. If a student has agreed to pay according to page count, then the pricing should be revised to save them from paying more.

How To Write A 2000-Word Essay

The process of writing a 2000-word essay is the same as that of any other essay. However, the scope and depth of the topic will be different since the writers have more space to work with. Also, it takes more research and consolidation of data to make sure that everything is right on the mark. 

In this section, we will cover the process of writing a 2000-word essay. If students are interested in learning the craft, this is the best resource for them.

Creating A Title

In many cases, teachers provide the topic or the area of interest to the students. This is not where they can start researching and writing for them. Instead, they need to turn it into a title that further narrows down the focus and ensures that writers can work on a specific thing. This is necessary before getting started because otherwise, the focus of the essay will be off.

Research And Outline

Research and outline of the essay is the key to making good time and content. Many writers believe that they can tackle a familiar topic in a 2000-word essay. This is a misunderstanding because it takes more than just know-how to formulate a thesis and then outline the whole essay around a specific topic. That’s why research and outline are important aspects of the process and should never be skipped.

Writing And Editing

This is the most obvious part as writing is about getting the collected information on paper most properly. Many students make the mistake of delaying this process which can lead to further frustration and lost time. Instead, finish the first drafts quickly so that they can edit and proofread the whole essay later on. They can use online tools and software to speed up the process.

Submission For Review

In this phase, the writer needs to submit the essay for peer review. Peers can be siblings and classmates that know writing and editing. They can mark the essay to help students identify the issues and errors in the text. No matter how good you are with writing, there are chances that you could have left mistakes or potential for improvements. This is the gap that peers fill.


According to, it takes around 8 pages to write 2000 double-spaced words. Still, this is either an estimate or an average and the results from your essay can be different in real life. The best way to learn how many pages your 2000 words will take is by writing those words.

It is considered that handwritten words are twice as large as compared to typed pages in 12 points font size. Then, by this formula, we can say that handwritten 2000 words will take around 8 pages. However, the results for different projects can vary.

It is at the discretion of the writer to set paragraphs in a 2000-word essay. It can either be a 100-word paragraph or stretched to 200 or 300. On the other side, the experts have estimated that it takes around 13 to 14 paragraphs to write a 2000-word essay.

If we set the average length of a sentence at around 15 to 20 words, then it will be around 100 to 150 sentences in a 2000-word essay. Students should also keep in mind that essays with formal language and structure have longer sentences meaning a few sentences.

We are not sure how the math added up but some sources claim that single-spaced 2000 words can be stuffed into 4 pages. In our practice, we have seen that it takes around double the pages to accommodate these many words. Still, individual results can differ.

It is a common practice in schools and colleges that Times New Roman is the default font style and 11 points size is the default size for the essay. But when the teacher forgets to mention that in the essay, you can take advantage of Cambria, Bangla, Courier New, and other font styles to make your essay appear longer and take more pages.

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