How Does Homework Cause Stress?

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how does homework cause stress?

How Does Homework Cause Stress?

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Homework is given to help a child learn fast and to aid his development process. Whatever the student learns at school can be reinforced through homework. However, what if it is too much to handle? If the child feels stressed out due to extra homework, it can lead to mental stress both for the parent and the child. If you are still wondering how homework causes stress, check out these specific situations that you should avoid.

Six Specific Situations That Cause College Students Stress

Parental Expectations

Students feel overwhelmed when their parents have a lot of demands from them. This is one of the greatest stresses that most college students face. The parents unknowingly put a lot of pressure on the child in terms of performing well. Some parents think that coming first in class is the sure-shot way to success, and they pressure the child to work day and night to achieve this.

The student is deprived of any fun activities, which is important in the child’s overall development. There is no harm in seeking professional help when you think you cannot deliver good quality work. This holds especially true for students who have difficult subjects. For instance, if you are a finance student-facing insurmountable parental pressure, you should seek finance homework help to ace your grades.

Extra Assignments

Another stressful situation is when the student is asked to submit detailed project assignments. This kind of homework can lead to stress as most of the assignments require research, compiling data from different sources. Time is a great enemy for most students, and therefore excessive homework like this can cause undue stress and less productivity.

College students resort to unfair means and malpractices to deliver their assignments on time. Instead of showcasing their efforts in the project, students copy it from the internet or a friend’s copy. When the teacher spots plagiarism, either the whole assignment is rejected, and the student is asked to re-submit, or in most cases, the student is given a straight zero.

Hours of Homework

Too much homework causes stress that can be easily avoided if teachers are more considerate and empathetic towards their needs. Apart from project assignments, students are also given daily tasks to complete. Each class teacher thinks it is mandatory to give homework daily. After a hectic day at college, they have to give time to the tasks when they reach home.

If the homework can be completed within 10 minutes or less, it is quite helpful in retaining all the lessons learned at school. However, if you require hours to complete only one subject’s homework, it robs you of your creativity and personal development. Students become nerds and bookworms, not helping them in practical life.

Managing Personal Life Balance

If much time on homework is spent, then there is nothing much left to do. Students are unable to juggle between their student and personal life. A well-balanced personality needs to manage both study, relationships, and physical activity. All work and no play make Jack a dull boy is an adage. If the student’s time is consumed only in completing homework tasks, it causes unnecessary stress as the student cannot play his/her favourite game or spend time with family.

Poor Sleep and Dietary Habits

Sleep deprivation is a serious problem that has far-reaching effects. The student feels stressed out, but it can cause depression and anxiety, leading to poor dietary habits. If the teacher is giving extra homework that students can’t handle, then a lot of the precious time is spent completing it. A bad sleep pattern can affect both mental and physical health problems. Instead of learning more, you end up retaining less due to stress.

Organization Problems

Students also face a lack of organization and discipline. Stressful homework eats up most of the time, and the student is unable to strike a balance. There is no discipline in life, and due to lack of organization, the student can become irresponsible. Losing important documents, books, and coursework-related information is all due to the stress that excessive homework causes.

How to Deal with Excessive Homework Stress

Go For a Schedule

One of the most important tips is to go with a schedule. Don’t just spend time completing your homework. Give space and time to each activity. Reserve some time for rest. Play a game that involves physical activity in the evening and only with a fresh mind sit down to complete your homework.

Always Do The Easy Homework Task First

A great managing tip is to take one task at a time. Don’t be hard on yourself. Only do the task that you think you can handle well. This will help you complete your task one at a time. You should always do the task that seems the easiest first. This makes you feel accomplished. It has a positive impact on you, and the rest of the homework becomes less stressful to complete.

Just pick and choose the one that you think is easier than the rest. Allot a time to complete that homework. Leave the most difficult one for the end. Don’t be ashamed to ask an elder’s help to finish your assignment if you need help. You can also use the net to gather up sources. However, remember, you must write it on your own to ensure plagiarism-free work.

Break It Down Into Smaller Parts

Another effective tip that helps students ace their grades is to break down the topic into smaller parts. If the teacher has asked you to read the next chapter, then you can read some of it while going back home and the rest of it in the evening with a fresh mind. You should also make the most of your time. Instead of wasting your precious time on the school bus, you can take a quick look at your homework and complete the reading part while commuting back home.

Don’t Procrastinate

Procrastination is the worst enemy that causes problems in student life and professional and personal life. Don’t keep on thinking about completing the task. If the teacher has given much homework that needs to be completed within a week, don’t put it off until the last day. Alternatively, if it is a project assignment, then reserve a time slot for it every day. Do it bit by bit instead of doing it all in one go. Procrastination can cause even more stress. Leaving everything for the last day hits the panic button. You might collapse on the last day and submit substandard work to the teacher.

Organize a Homework Group

Don’t let the stress take you. You can ask for help from peers and friends. Make a group and discuss the daily tasks you get in the group with your friends. They are the best people to guide you since they are in it as well. When you organize a homework group, all the students and friends will also suggest how they delivered the assignment. If it is group work, then it becomes easier to collaborate and coordinate.

FAQs About Homework Stress

Will Homework Make Me Stressed?

If it can be done within 10 minutes, then it doesn’t cause much stress. However, hours of homework can lead to stress that can be easily avoided. To avoid stress, you may ideally stick to the easy life-hacks covered in this post.

How does homework lead to anxiety?

Excessive homework does! Homework can cause undue stress if it is too much. Feeling anxious all the time and not feeling accomplished are some of the signs of stress and anxiety.

Should I do my homework in one go?

A breathless endeavor can save you time. However, it will have you cut corners on quality. So, take short breaks, but don’t extend them to the point where procrastination may take over.

Does Homework Cause Mental Health Problems?

Yes, it can cause loss of concentration, hard-time memorizing and retaining information. Most students also feel depressed and unaccomplished.

How Does Homework Negatively Affect Students?

Apart from mental health problems, there are other behavioral problems. Students find it difficult to talk to other people, maintain relationships. It can also lead to poor dietary habits and sleep deprivation.

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