How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

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how to motivate yourself to do homework

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

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Finding the motivation to do homework is a dilemma that students of all ages face. With the increasing number of distractions around you, it is not surprising. Do not worry! This guide will provide you with effective tips and tricks you can incorporate into your daily routine to accelerate productivity and reduce procrastination.

How to Motivate Yourself to Do Homework

Top Tips for Staying Motivated to do Homework 🧭

Feeling you have no motivation to do homework lately? The tips below will come in handy:

Eliminate Distractions

The most important and decisive moment will be when you will change your habits and eliminate the things that may potentially disturb you from doing assignments.

One of the most common reasons why people, especially students, tend to procrastinate is because of the habits and things that potentially cause distraction. These can be in any form. The advancements in the technological sector can be considered as the number one reason among youngsters for becoming lazy and delaying academic work. Are you guilty of scrolling through your Instagram feed for hours and hours aimlessly? Has trying on all the latest fun Snapchat filters become a daily routine? Do you wake up and pick up your phone to check the notifications the first thing in the morning? You will be lying if you say no.

You Are Not In This Vicious Addictive Cycle Alone

Your phone and the interactive social apps on it can make anybody lethargic. Turn it off while you are at work, and keep it away from you until you are done with assignments. You can also seek online assistance when the motivation seems low such as professional help with accounting homework.

Choose a Convenient Place

College students studying together in a library

To motivate yourself to do homework, selecting the right location for it is a very crucial factor. If you are searching for what is the ideal place to improve work efficiency, there is no universal rule. What might work wonders for others might be of no good for you. You need to dedicate time and experiment with different settings to figure out the best place and to surround it with fostering your creativity and getting you motivated to take on your assignments.

A tip that works for the majority of the students is to find a place where silence is observed. If you are one of those people who can only work well where there is pin-drop silence, a nearby library might be your go-to place. You should also consider factors like lighting and the ventilation of the room.

Goal-setting for Motivation

Setting goals prior to starting work is a great way to find the motivation to do homework. Let’s say you set objectives like improving the math grade from C to a B this semester or becoming the head of the new debating committee. With a goal in sight, it becomes easier to find the motivation you need. If you have no ambitions or goals, you will not find a good enough reason to put effort into your work.

So, take out time, analyze yourself. Understand what you want, where your interests lie, and the strategy to reach these goals. With these in perspective, you can consider it half the battle won already. Everything will feel easier and logical. Allocating resources will become possible, and you can do so effectively and efficiently. An excellent way to stay on track is to use to-do lists, calendars, diaries, and even post-its to provide you with a daily reminder and a dose of motivation every morning when you wake up.

Finding Something Interesting

School classes and assignments can be monotonous. Sometimes, you have to force yourself to do homework, which is not a good way to improve your productive capacity. If you look for it, it is quite possible to find several cognitive and interesting things that you can incorporate in your study session to make it less boring. For instance, if you are required to read through pages and pages on World History, try making it a tad bit more exciting by finding enjoyable ways. Like checking out fascinating facts during that time period or looking up pictures to make more sense of the text.

Healthy Competition

For many people, a sense of competition can skyrocket their output levels. Consider yourself working alone, completing a 2500 words assignment; after a while, it can become overwhelming. On the other hand, betting on the least time taken for completing it with a friend can improve speed and help you get motivated. If you consider yourself risky and adventurous, this might work wonders for you. Pick a friend and challenge them on a higher grade for the next assignment. You will observe how your performance improves with this friendly competition.

While doing so, choose somebody who is academically and intellectually at the same level as you or even higher. It will motivate you to push yourself and do even better. There is no winner or loser in this; both of you will be striving to become a better version of yourselves. It is a win-win, right?

Combined Study

Doing the same activity alone can become tedious and exciting when there are more people to tag along. Finding answers also becomes easier when more minds combine. You are opening yourself to new ideas, ways of learning, and techniques to improve motivation. Also, seeing people in front of you completing their work can lead you to be motivated to do the homework yourself. To save time, utilize your school libraries for combined studies. There are often facilities available to aid the studying process like computers, LED screens, HDMI cables, conference rooms, and more.

Music to The Rescue

student listening music

Research proves that music tends to help you concentrate better. With that said, you might find it a distraction, but it is worth a try. Pop on your earphones and play a melody while starting your math homework or completing your science project. By music, not all genres of music can do the trick. Download soothing and calming tunes for this purpose.

A good tip is to avoid songs or music with lyrics. Words might distract you. An instrumental song is a perfect choice to make when you intend to listen to music for studying purposes. Try to keep the volume low so that you absorb all the information you are reading and do not hinder the thinking process. Symphonies from Beethoven, Tchaikovsky, and Bach are a few excellent options.

Keep Consequences in Mind

If you are looking to learn how to get motivated to do homework, keeping the consequences in check is an excellent way. You should understand what the result of your actions might be. The tension or the fear of failure can become motivational forces for you. Do you plan to disappoint your parents? Do you understand that a poor grade in chemistry will lead you to repeat this year? Is losing your self-esteem worth this care-free behavior? Probably not; hence, dedicate a specific time of your day to complete your pending assignments and stay in line with the rest of your class.  Remember, you snooze, you lose!


Here are the answers to some of the most asked questions when you need the motivation to do my homework.

How do I motivate myself to do homework when tired?

Sleeping is your best friend. Even a power nap can be enough to give you the energy boost that you need before starting your lengthy assignment. However, make sure you do get an average of eight hours of sleep every day to maximize your working potential. But what if you are short on time and you can’t afford to doze off? Coffee is a good option to avail. Coffee, and especially the black kind, is known for endurance enhancing, fighting fatigue, and enhancing productivity. Besides, it also boosts your short-term memory. So, the next time you feel low on energy, grab this drink.

Another way to tackle your tiredness is to take short breaks, even if time is short. Trying to complete your work in one sitting will exhaust you way faster, and the probability of deteriorating the work high. These do not have to belong. A fifteen-minute break between each hour is perfect for breaking the monotony. During this time, indulge yourself in something you find enjoyable.

How do I stop being lazy and set to do homework?

Rewards are the best incentive for you to keep yourself motivated. Try splitting complex tasks into smaller components. For each of them, decide on a way you will treat yourself on achieving them. This can be anything small, like a ten-minute break after finishing a chapter, or fifteen minutes on social media after completing a section of the assignment. A reward system will keep you going. 

How can I get the energy to do homework?

If you are feeling low on energy, it can be due to a combination of various reasons. Being a student is not easy. Juggling tons of school work with extra-curricular and finding time to manage your social life; can become quite challenging. Other than sleeping, what might help you to restore energy is a well-balanced diet. Food is the biggest source of energy, and you need to make sure you are consuming the right time of food daily. Try incorporating veggies in your meals, have nuts for snacking; meat can be an excellent source of protein. Fruits like bananas and berries are known to provide you with an instant energy boost. Make eggs a staple breakfast item. Bring these changes into your daily routine, and you will soon observe yourself to be working for long without getting tired easily.

The key to success is trial and error. With these tips laid down, try checking which one works the best for you. Finding motivation among so many sources of distraction can be hard, but it is not impossible. Start working on yourself today!

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