Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

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Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

Good Excuses For Not Doing Homework

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Students hate spending time completing their homework; many also try to get math homework help.

Not only do they feel it is a tiresome task, but they also feel like it is a waste of time and energy. Many students go around asking for excuses for not doing homework. It is a good strategy as one should always be prepared if the teacher suddenly checks or requests for the homework assignment.

You can’t repeat the same excuse. Otherwise, your teacher will realize that there is something fishy going on. You need to be creative with your lies and sound persuasive to make them convincing as if you tell the truth every time. If a student fails to achieve this, then no one can save them from their teacher’s wrath and a tremendous punishment in the form of detention or mark deduction.

To help you with the struggles of coming up with something that sounds honest and real, we have prepared a list of ten hw excuses that will help you escape the cross-questioning that your teacher can conduct.

I Thought I Had Kept It In My Bag

It might sound like a primary excuse that almost every student tries, but it can do wonders for you if you can act it out. Tell your teacher that you kept it in your bag and start looking for it in every zip and pocket. Seem a bit frantic when you do so and put on a confused expression. Keep repeating phrases like “I thought it was right here” or “I remember keeping it in my bag for sure.” Make sure you don’t smile when you do it or eye your friends to seem cunning in front of the teacher. And at no point should you ever admit to the truth or change your stance.

If you shuttle between two statements, then you’re gone. Nor will it help you get out of homework; neither are you getting an extension for submission. Work up a sweaty eyebrow and a few red eyes due to tears, and you’re good to go! Your teacher will indeed be convinced and will give you a deadline extension.

My Computer Stopped Working

Well, no one has control over a technical issue unless they’re experts in the field. Luckily for you, at your level of schooling, people aren’t experts at getting electronics fixed. Although it is new to the list of excuses for missing homework, it works like a charm! Now that everything is shifting on electronic devices and computers, even education. Lazy workers like yourself have a new excuse which is very much acceptable.

You can say that the software crashed, your display stopped working, or a pet or your little brother broke your laptop. You can also pretend that there was an electrical issue in your area or a power cut due to delayed bill payments. Try anything that seems convincing, and if other students back you up on this, it can be the icing on the cake! It is something you can use a couple of times to get out of doing homework. Try not to overdo it, though, especially if you are habitual of missing out on assignments. Your teacher will not buy it if you overdo it too much.

There Is Too Much Homework From Another Class

It is most likely to work as teachers know that there are many academic burdens that students have to deal with daily. It can result in a slight problem as the teacher might ask your classmates, and they disagree with you. Try to have a backup plan and talk to a couple of people in your class before you wing it. Missing homework might not be a big deal for you, but it is for the teacher. They might ask the other instructor. However, some teachers are easier to convince and might think that you have a lot of homework to handle. If your teacher is new and slightly inexperienced, then you’re covered!

You can practice a couple of good homework excuses this way now and then. It is best to keep this excuse reserved for when you don’t have any other option as it is a risky one!

I Did Not Understand The Homework Assignment

It almost always works. It is a valid excuse as teachers know that there are times when students genuinely cannot handle an assignment. It falls beyond their understanding, and since teachers are always busy and can’t cater to students individually outside the classroom, they always accept this excuse. It is one of the best excuses for not doing assignments.

All you need to do at your end is put on your puppy dog’s face and blink your innocent eyes. Start explaining how you didn’t understand and would love for your teacher to take some time to help you with it. Don’t sound offensive because of the teacher that you lack the understanding to such an extent. Take responsibility for the lack of knowledge and keep saying how bad you feel that you missed the deadline.

The teacher might contact the teacher’s assistant to see if you tried to understand it from them, so be prepared. It is best to remain on good terms with the assistant to avoid such situations.

My Pet Spilled Water Or Ate My Work

Who doesn’t love sweet and friendly dogs? Almost everyone. If your teacher is a pet lover, you can say my dog ate the assignment sheet. Sound apologetic and regretful. They might consider that you can’t kill your dog or punish animals for something they don’t know. It is an acceptable excuse as dogs tend to eat assignments and are almost always accused of it. They either love the taste of the paper or hate the fact that their owner spends too much time working on an assignment. Whatever it is, it works in your favor!

Try to cover your tracks by bringing other assignment papers that a dog has chewed on and show them to your teacher that your dog can be a beast at times than a loving pet. It can be one of the best homework excuses if your teacher considers dogs an angel. Always try to work with sensitive teachers!

I Got Caught Up In An ECA Or Volunteering Activity

Well, it might be good to consider the volunteering excuse rather than the ECA unless you desperately need to get out of it. Volunteering benefits others, and you don’t really choose the matter; hence it is more acceptable as the best homework excuse. You should prepare an emotional statement to hit the nail right on the head for it to work. Teachers are very particular with deadlines and often resent students who don’t finish assignments and constantly make excuses for missing homework.

To avoid the bad books, make sure you say that you were doing something for others’ welfare and even if you mention a sports activity, say that the contest was to finance the needy. You don’t want to fall from the pedestal you’re trying to place yourself on, so be careful with every word and don’t get caught!

I Fell Sick

Well, we all have used this excuse, and it is one of the best hw excuses ever because teachers don’t cross-question you on this. Even if they do, they forget about it eventually. You can submit your work to the Teacher’s Assistant. Say that you had a high fever and cough, which took a lot of energy out of you. You weren’t able to go a second without coughing, and the medicines got to the best of your capabilities temporarily. If you feel it is risky and your teacher might ask for a prescription, go with food poisoning and run from the assignment!

I Was Absent That Day

Students can’t attend every single class. Everyone is allowed to have a bad day, and so are you. Please take advantage of this and tell your teacher you were absent when they issued the assignment, and you had no idea about it. Say that you were so caught up with other learning forms like reading that you got no time to ask around about an assignment and its deadline. You can say that last night you were busy focusing on an article based on the topic that the teacher has been teaching to remain on par with the class. Teachers will grant you some time to submit the assignment, and you’re safe!

I Lost My Notebook

Losing your notebook is one of the best excuses for not having homework. Your teacher won’t even get a chance to check your notebook or your bag. Just say you misplaced it. The teacher won’t have time to check everyone’s bags and will move on.

My Friend Borrowed It And Forgot To Return It

A friend in need is a friend indeed. Say that your friend borrowed your assignment and forgot to return it to you. The teacher might ask why your friend borrowed it. Tell them that they didn’t understand a particular topic and needed help with it.


How Do I Get Away With Not Doing Homework?

You can come up with several excuses to help you get away with the fact that you didn’t do your homework. If you’re smart about it, you might even get an extension.

What Is An Excellent Excuse To Skip School?

The best excuse to skip school is to say that you were sick or occupied by a personal problem that you couldn’t avoid at any cost.

Can You Legally Refuse To Do Homework?

It is not legally mandatory for you to say no to completing an assignment. Schools have the absolute right to penalize you if you don’t do it on time. Sad news for all students out there!

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