Marketing Ethics Essay Sample

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Marketing Ethics Essay Sample

Marketing Ethics Essay Sample

Marketing Ethics Essay

Marketing has been an aggressive culture for companies and organizations to promote their products and services. In this way, employees are tasked to advertise their products that are available on the market to be purchased by interested buyers. For this reason, the asset and the liability management of the operating institution enhance the credibility of the marketing accessibility of the company to become more efficient. An advertisement is visibly seen in mass media platforms because every organization wants to increase their product or service exposure to their target markets, which seeks to ensure that the value of their commodities is highly trusted by the potential consumers. Regulating marketing practices is one way of controlling unethical practices with regard to advertisement because it values the trust and mechanism of the government to become functional.

Ethics in marketing is involved with the fair advertisement of products and commodities to the target market. In this case, companies should be aware that they should promote their product that does not cause offensive remarks against the public. Examples are profanity, pornography, hate speech, discriminatory, derogatory, and illegal actions that corrupts the minds of the viewers or the target markets. There are numerous regulating agencies around the world that are monitoring the advertisement campaigns of companies promoting their product. This is to ensure that the quality of the product is seen to be trustable by the target markets, which makes it interesting for the target markets to try the product. Any unacceptable advertisements are usually taken down by the mass media in order to prevent conflicting interests that degrade the dignity of the consumers or the target markets due to inappropriate promotional strategies of the company.

In order to regulate a certain campaign, monitoring agencies and authorities collaborate with each other to ensure that there is a fair promotional campaign for companies who want to promote their product. There are set of rules and regulations mandated by both local and international regulating agencies for advertisers to limit their campaign so that it will not cause any invasion of interest and conflicting of ideas to the consumer. Marketing campaigns have limitations with regard to the time of exposure. This also applied to social media websites wherein there is certain duration for every product that is promoted by the advertisers to ensure that the interest of the target markets is ensured. A company needs to show their interest by means of displaying acceptable photos, videos, and content to the public that promotes an acceptable advertisement campaign.

Since competition in the market is now becoming stronger, advertising agencies offer lower prices for companies or individuals who want to promote their product to their target consumers. Pricing strategy is an important ethical structure because it values the price that is compatible with the pricing structure and the quality of advertisement that is offered to companies or any interested party. In this regard, the structure of target marketing using acceptable ethical norms will guide advertisers and consumers to ensure that their product is promoted in a legal and ethical way. Products are categorized according to their function because it prevents confusion and a conflict of interest to the target markets whenever they are looking for a product or service to render. In this case, having an acceptable marketing campaign becomes relevant for every consumer who wants to try the product (Cools & Gielen, 2014).


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