Engineering Ethics Essay Sample

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engineering ethics essay

Engineering Ethics Essay Sample

Engineering Ethics Essay

Engineering plays an important role in our society because it is a profession responsible for creating a sustainable in terms of developing our community. Construction of facilities is one of the main issues that are currently being managed by engineering professionals as a way to ensure that the credibility of services as well as perspectives to improve our society becomes attainable. Engineers are responsible for constructing materials to provide an area for the community to leave and seek dwelling places to settle for a certain period of time. As an engineer, safety is an important ethical issue because the welfare of every resident in our community needs a specific measure to ensure that accidents and hazards will not occur within our household properties.

Ethics in engineering is reeled with safety issues, especially if the structure has been built with safety criticisms because it has been previously linked with accidents and hazards. The most concerning issue regarding engineering applications is when there are safety hazards because it risks the lives of engineers and construction workers while building a structure. Examples are falls from a higher elevation, smashed by debris, or trapped inside a fallen structure. Health hazards are also a concern because there are sites that expose engineers and its workers to chemical fumes that can cause respiratory or skin distress. Workers who are constantly exposed to radiation at work often develop cancer in any parts of their body. Basically, health and safety working environment or occupational safety and health is an important ethical consideration applied by engineers at their working environment. This is a process where engineers collaborate with the occupational safety and health program provided by their own institution as well as local government units.

In any case that some engineers fail to comply with the proper safety building codes or safety standards, it is likely that their projects fail to meet their goals. The reason behind is that there are safety regulations that were not properly mandated and implemented, leading to a risk in a safe working environment. Authorities are usually inspecting contractors because there are projects that are mandated by non-engineers, which are at risk of having their license to operate revoked. If there are previous safety standards that failed to operate or comply, it is likely that the contractor can be banned from being involved in future projects. As an engineer, it is important to have an operating license for the contractual firm as well as having a professional license. This is to properly represent the contracting company as well as to show the public that the company is operated by a group of licensed engineers.

As an implication, it has been learned that the essentials of ethics applied in the engineering profession, as well as its practices, should be consistently monitored by the regulating agencies. The reason behind is to monitor the quality of the products, proper subsidy of projects for the generation of projects, and the professional background of the engineers or contractors. This is to ensure that the quality of projects is always secured in a professional way by the approved contractors of the projects or any tasks. The ethical composure of securing the rightful engineers to operate to a specific project should investigate their personal and professional background as a way to ensure that accidents will not happen in the near future (Stephan, 2012).


Stephan, Constantin (2012), Industrial Health, Safety and Environmental Management, epubli, Berlin, 3rd edition, ISBN 978-3-7418-7478-9, pp. 70-71.

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