How to Write the Perfect Persuasive Essay

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how to write the perfect persuasive essay

How to Write the Perfect Persuasive Essay

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Essay writing is a challenging but mandatory task, and college students are expected to be well equipped to handle different types of essays. Essays are written for different purposes. A persuasive paper is written to help persuade, convince, influence or motivate the reader about a particular idea. The purpose of a persuasive essay is to inspire your readers to agree with your perspectives or viewpoints.

How to start writing a persuasive essay

When writing a persuasive paper, it is essential to keep in mind that the claims you present ought to persuade and convince your readers. Below are some tips which can help you learn how to start your perfect essay.

  • Select a topic. Before you start a persuasive essay you need to select a topic. Pick a topic which you are familiar with so as to enable you to have points which are for and against the topic.
  • Choose a position. When you have a firm stance, you will not only sound authoritative but also present your claims easily.
  • Have a clear outline. A clear outline enables your essay to have a smooth and easy flow. Moreover, it enables you to easily jot down your ideas.
  • Choose a stout, defendable stance for your thesis statement. Your thesis statement needs to take a strong active stance on the subject matter. This shows that you have a firm position and that you fully support your arguments.
  • Conduct ample research. Sufficient research enables you to have enough material to substantiate your arguments.

How to write an outline

To learn how to write the perfect persuasive essay, you should have a clear and precise outline detailing your main points or arguments. Developing an outline is fundamental because it simplifies the writing process. Below is an example how you can develop a clear outline.

TOPIC: Should college education be free for everyone?


  • Generally explain the state of college education in the country.
  • Free college education does more harm than good.


  • Free college education will lead to the quality of education being degraded.
  • The essence or value of education will depreciate.
  • Schools will also lack enough funds to develop.


  • Restate the thesis statement.
  • Summarize your main arguments.
  • Emphasize on your position in the topic. Free college education is indeed bad for everyone.

How to write a thesis for a persuasive essay

A thesis statement is vital in writing a persuasive. It presents your topic to your audience, affirms your stance on the topic and enables you to have significant reasons to support your arguments. To learn how to write the thesis for a persuasive essay, you ought to understand your topic and have a clear stance or opinion on the topic. Additionally, a strong thesis statement should be brief and specific. This enables your audience to understand what your argument is.

How to write an introduction

The introduction of a persuasive essay should capture the attention of the readers in the first sentence. The reader(s) should be motivated and convinced that your argument is indeed weightier than the counter-argument.
While the introduction of a persuasive essay motivates and influences the reader(s), the thesis statement shows your position and perspective on the topic. To learn how to write the introduction and thesis for a persuasive essay, ponder on the following tips:

  • Start with a hook. A hook captures the attention of your reader(s) and makes them interested in reading more.
  • Have a clear and specific introduction. Readers need to know that you have a firm position and therefore, have something straightforward.
  • Have a clear and precise thesis statement. This indicates your position in the essay.
  • Include some of your supporting arguments in the introduction. This will help convince your reader your position.

How to write body paragraphs

The body of an essay is what builds up the thesis statement. It enables you to present your arguments which support your assertion in the introduction. Additionally, it is in the body where you convince your audience that your position on the topic is the most viable.

Tips on body writing

The body of an essay outlines a detailed explanation of your claims. When writing the body of a persuasive essay, it is essential to consider the following tips:

  • Use clear and concrete direct topic sentences to begin each paragraph. This enables a consistent flow of your arguments. When you use a direct topic sentence, ideas keep on flowing which makes it easy for you to write your essay.
  • Have brief, well explained and clear paragraphs. Having long paragraphs can lead you to over explain a point which makes your audience easily lose interest in your article.
  • Use specific examples. Providing examples shows your audience that you understand your arguments.
  • Use transition sentences. These empower your article with a simple and systematic flow.
  • Have clear and precise sentence structures which will enable your essay not to have prolonged sentences leading to lengthy paragraphs. Lengthy paragraphs often lead to loss of focus.

How to finish a persuasive essay

When writing the conclusion of a persuasive essay, it is essential to note that your arguments are strongly supported and backed up by solid reasons. For your audience to be fully convinced and moved, you ought to have all your arguments well supported.

Tips on conclusion writing

In order to learn how to write a conclusion for a perfect persuasive essay, it is essential to put the following tips into consideration.

  • Restate your main argument.
  • Provide a summary of your main arguments and focus on the strongest one(s).
  • Conclude with a statement which calls your audience to action.

Tips on essay revision

PerfectEssay writing requires the provision of quality work. Revising your paper enables you to correct the errors you come across so as to modify your article and make it exceptional. Below are some tips to consider when revising your persuasive essay.

  • Ensure that your position is well presented and that your arguments are supported by appropriate specifics.
  • Certify that your introduction is appealing to your audience and that it keeps them reading.
  • Have clear and brief body paragraphs which offer strong and convincing evidence to support your arguments.
  • The transitions between sentences ought to show your reader(s) that you fully comprehend your position.
  • Ensure that your conclusion expresses the significance of your position and that it urges your audience to meditate and act.

Persuasive Essay Sample

Should college education be free for everyone?

he state and quality of college education in the country is indeed in good condition. People often argue that free college education will benefit the less fortunate students and enable them to go study. However, the truth is that free college education is more disadvantageous than it is advantageous. It will do more harm than good. It is my belief that the introduction of the free college education will degrade the quality of education.

Schools develop and support themselves from the fees that students pay. Money from state and federal governments is honestly not enough to ensure that schools are able to cater for themselves. Introducing free college education will strip schools off the funds which they are currently using to support themselves.

The essence of education will also reduce or be destroyed. The free college education provides an opportunity for everyone to go to school. However, the real value of education will be lost in the way as everyone will afford to go to school even if they do not work as hard for it.

In conclusion, the essence of a perfect persuasive essay is to demonstrate that certain claims are more valid than others. Perfect persuasive essay writing necessitates that your arguments motivate and convince your audience that you have a firm stance and urges them to think and act. We hope you will find this article helpful.

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