How To Write Business Essay

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How To Write Business Essay

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What is business essay?

Business essays are meant to present an argument about a topic within the business field. It should be narrowed down to a specific issue. They are meant to help the writers convey their professional views on different issues arising from the businesses. Business writing helps readers in adopting different viewpoints about issues in the business world. These essays contain writers stand on the issue.

List of topics for business essay:

  1. Marketing strategies
  2. Fund and asset allocation strategies
  3. E-commerce
  4. Narrowing the gap between the skills required by the industry and those currently available in college graduates
  5. How much does it cost to start a small business
  6. Who are the real businessmen?
  7. Employee social media privacy laws: dream or necessity
  8. Feminist economics
  9. Can African economies survive without the western influence?
  10. Surviving the world of uncertainties
  11. Marketing strategies
  12. Advertising
  13. Influence of Chinese on African business environment
  14. Would online companies be more successful than the regular ones
  15. Life savings
  16. Foreign currency fluctuation
  17. Life insurance

Example of outline for business essay

Outlining helps the writer to plan for writing the essay. Outline contains three paragraphs. The first paragraph is the introduction. The second and third paragraphs contain the first and second supporting points respectively. The last paragraph of the essay contains the conclusion. The outline serves as an essay draft.

Who are the real businessmen?


A large percentage of people living in this world are involved in some businesses. Without doubt it is universally agreed that successful businesses require a businessman. This therefore begs the question that who is a real businessman.

  • A good businessman is an honest person. This is crucial in winning customers trust and therefore customers are able to conduct business with them. He is straightforward and true to his words in his dealings resulting in a long successful business.
  • A good businessman is well knowledgeable in the business he is involved. He is knowledgeable in handling the business transactions and understands his customers. This helps him in earning respect and admiration among his peers and customers.


Among other qualities, these are some of the recognizable qualities of a real businessman. He earns the respect, trust and admiration among his peers and customers. In the long term these help in ensuring that his business is successful, a quality only attributed to real businessmen.

How to start business essay

  1. Clearly define your topic. You need to show your reader the meaning of what you are talking about in order for them to tell whether it is meaningful.
  2. Show the direction of your topic or point of argument. You need to show the readers which direction you are taking in arguing your points.
  3. Outline the extent of coverage. Clearly show what you are going to cover and if possible what the essay will not cover.
  4. Give background information. Give the readers background information that necessitates the writing of the essay or the origin of your arguments.

Tips on Thesis Writing

  1. Create a schedule. Create a time suitable for writing your thesis, so that it doesn’t interfere with your daily life;
  2. Develop an applicable thesis statement. The statement should be able to improve the readers ideas on the subject discussed;
  3. Don’t criticize. Avoid criticizing companies or its policies;
  4. Research thoroughly on the topic;
  5. Properly structure your business essay;
  6. Proof reading. Revise and correct the paper severally to make it sound and look good.

Tips on body paragraphs

The body of the essay makes up the largest portion of perfect assignment. The length or the number of paragraphs will depend on how much the writer writes about the topic chosen.

The tips for writing the body include:

  1. The topic sentence. Defines what the paragraph is all about.
  2. Introduce the sources or data. Outline the data, or sources supporting the mini thesis.
  3. Use facts. Use proven facts in the area you are writing on.
  4. Explain the facts and quotes. Explain the meaning of the facts and show how these support your stand and contribute to the topic under discussion.
  5. Relation to thesis. Explain the facts in relation to the overall thesis statement and to the topic you are discussing. Ensure that the facts are relevant and related to the topic.
  6. Transitional sentence. Use transitional words to transit from one paragraph to the next.

Tips on writing the conclusion

Conclusion summarizes the writer’s views. It is the last part of the business essay writing steps. Arrive at the final conclusion through logical reasoning and pulling the discussion made in the body of the essay concisely. State your viewpoint explicitly. If possible, express the recommendations for further activity and future actions.


Outline for the essay provide the writer with a work plan on how to plan for the writing. It introduces the readers into the writers thinking and help in introducing the points. The body contains the findings of the writer. The writing guide provides writers with a way of sharing their thoughts with readers. Following this guide is crucial in ensuring that the writer has a complete and logically organized work in the end as such business essay conclusion is an important part of the essay.

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