How To Write A Good Classification Essay

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good classification essay

How To Write A Good Classification Essay

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What is a classification essay?

Many students find classification essay writing challenging. The readers require the author to sort or organize some elements into particular categories using a particular principle. It is organized in a manner that each of the elements must belong to a particular group which shares some common characteristics. The introduction highlights the purpose and feature the sorting principles. The author can also elaborate the sorting principles in the introductory paragraph. The primary purpose is to break a subject into smaller parts which are more manageable and specific. This article is going to explore tips on how to write great classification essay.

For those who find writing task challenging, this article contains guidelines and tips for dummies and experts on how to write a classification paper.

Classification essay topics

The following are some examples of good classification topics for practice:

  1. Computers
  2. Movies
  3. Lecturers
  4. Music
  5. Economic activities
  6. Roommates
  7. Universities
  8. Pets
  9. Political parties
  10. Websites
  11. Programming languages
  12. Hobbies
  13. Video games
  14. Schools
  15. Sports
  16. YouTube videos
  17. Ways of quitting alcohol
  18. Talk show hosts
  19. Reality shows
  20. Roads

More topics can be found in books, the Internet, media, etc. The aforementioned topics coupled with the tips discussed in this article can help someone improve his/her writing skills.

Classification essay outline

When doing a classification paper, determine the categories for sorting the elements under classification. For each element in the writing, classify by a single thorough principle and ensure each element fits in a particular class. The categories used in a writing must be thorough to avoid leaving some elements unsorted.

For a good article, an outline is indispensable. The author can put down a classification essay outline to be his/her yardstick. The outline is the author’s guide throughout the writing process. The outline becomes the template the author needs to fit the content. The outline is based on the thesis statement. Outlining is best handled during the preparation of the essay draft.

Outline example

Top Three Hobbies for Girls


  • Background Information
  • Thesis Statement


  • Topic Sentence
  • Explanation
  • Examples: Poetry, Magazine, Newspaper, Novel


  • Topic Sentence
  • Description
  • Examples: Decorating, Topping, Garnishing

Jewelry Making

  • Topic Sentence
  • Description
  • Examples: Earnings, Bracelets, Etc.


  • Summary of the Aforementioned Divisions

Structure elements of classification essay


Classification essay tips are insightful methods and tactics on how to write a great article. The introduction should be captivating, compelling and interesting to ensure the reader’s attention is captured to continue reading. After capturing the attention of the reader, it is important to create a smooth transition for the reader into the subsequent paragraphs. Therefore, the introductory parts of the should capture the attention of the reader and introduce the subsequent paragraphs. Start is a critical step that must be well articulated to capture the attention of the reader. The introduction should elaborate the topic and connect it with the sorting principles. It is important to prepare a draft to guide you through the writing process. Classification essay prompts the author to find good classification principles that place each element in at least one group.

Classification essay thesis statement

Thesis writing is an important step and should be carefully framed to communicate the intended objective. The thesis is quite significant and instrumental in implying to the reader what to expect. Thesis primarily consists of the topic and how it is classified. The thesis should be in the introductory paragraph to make known to the reader what to expect. Thesis statement typically includes the topic and how it is organized, classified or categorized.

Body paragraphs

Body paragraph harbors the main content of the work. They can be tweaked to fit into tables. Tables demonstrate the categories better as dictated by the sorting/classifying principles. If the content is organized in continuous prose, then each paragraph can hold elements of a particular group. Either way, the body paragraphs should demonstrate the differences each element has from the other according to the sorting principle. The paragraphs should also be organized in a manner that each one of them is independent of the other albeit stemming from the same topic. Body paragraphs also need examples at least for each category. These tips for a classification essay writing can be instrumental in understanding how to prepare, organize and write a great article. Tips for a classification essay writing help students improve their writing skills if practiced regularly.

Classification essay conclusion

The categories and classes of classification used in the article determine how to conclude a classification paper. A classification essay conclusion can be a recap of the classification principles and categories. The conclusion for a classification essay should wrap the content of the entire paper. The author can hook by reintroducing the thesis statement and the classification principles. The conclusion does not need to be long, but it should bring together the classified elements by invoking its classification principles and connecting it to the topic.

Finalizing steps

If the article was written by professional writers, the client is entitled to free revisions from the writer. For those who write their articles, they can form groups for peer revisions to iron out any errors and enrich the content. It is also important to proofread the work to pick up on any grammatical or syntax mistakes that can downgrade the quality of the work. Proofreading is a critical step that can make a difference between a good and a great essay.

Citations also need to be included bibliographic information to avoid plagiarism. The citations can be included at the end of the work and their corresponding inclusions inside the article properly inserted and cited.

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