How to Write a Self Critique Essay

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how to write a self critique essay

How to Write a Self Critique Essay

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Writing a Self-Analysis Essay

While writing any essay, it is indeed crucial to understand what you are writing about. Many students find essay writing rather challenging due to the difficulty of comprehending what the task necessitates. Additionally, essay writing requires you to be well-equipped with effective writing skills. Different essays serve different purposes and for a student to be able to handle any paper, there is a need to first understand the type of paper they are writing. This means, one ought to understand the structure of a paper, the goal or objective, and the topic. Thus, this article seeks to explain how to write a self-critique essay.

What is a self-analysis essay?

First of all, one needs to understand what a self-critique essay is as well as its features. A self-analysis essay is a type of writing which requires you to think logically and honestly about yourself and your work. This essay necessitates that you critically reflect on yourself and your aptness as a writer. Although writing a self-critique essay may pose a challenge; its features are similar to that of any other essay. These include:

  1. The introduction: this is where you basically introduce yourself to your audience. Moreover, this is where you also come up with the central theme of your paper.
  2. The thesis: it carries the argument or your topic of discussion.
  3. The body: this is where you clearly and briefly explain to your audience your objectives, strengths and weaknesses, and your accomplishments. Additionally, you can state your passions.
  4. The conclusion: this is where you briefly produce a summary of your article.

How to start a self-critique essay

When writing a self-critique essay, it is indeed important to know its main features. This makes it easy for you to familiarize yourself with what you are writing about. To start writing a self-critique essay, consider the following tips.

Tips on how to start

  • Select a topic. To start writing a self-critique essay, you first need to select a topic. This will enable you to know and understand what you are to write about.
  • Create a clear outline. This simplifies the writing process and enables your essay to have a smooth and easy flow.
  • Develop a strong thesis statement. This carries the argument in your paper and guides your audience through the rest of your essay.

How to write an outline

Writing an outline for a self-critique essay is much easier if you clearly comprehend what your assignment exactly requires. Having an outline simplifies the writing process and therefore, developing one is important. It makes your paper have a consistent flow. An outline of an essay entails an introduction, a thesis, the body and the conclusion.

How to write a thesis for a self-critique essay

A thesis statement is indeed important when writing a self-critique essay. Establishing one is fundamental as it presents your topic to your reader(s). Moreover, it carries the argument in your topic. Through the thesis, you inform your audience how you have performed in your recent work other than just talk much about yourself. Additionally, a thesis helps to guide your reader(s) through your entire essay.

How to write an introduction

To write the introduction, begin with a strong hook which seeks to capture the attention of your audience. This makes them motivated and want to read more about your article. Writing the introduction of a self-critique essay is much easier if you fully comprehend what the topic requires.

Tips on how to write an introduction and a thesis

While the introduction familiarizes your audience with your article, the thesis statement seeks to carry the argument in your topic. To learn how to write the introduction and thesis for a self-analysis essay, put the following tips into consideration.

  • Begin with a strong hook. This helps capture the eye of your reader(s) and make them want to read more.
  • Be clear and specific in your introduction. Your audience ought to know that you fully comprehend what you are writing about.
  • Have a clear and precise thesis statement. This helps present your topic to your reader(s) and also guide them through the entire essay.
  • Establish a thesis statement which clearly shows the progress of your work to your audience.

How to write body paragraphs

The body of a self-critique essay is essential as it seeks to provide your audience with detailed information about yourself. Moreover, this is where you build up your thesis. Below are some tips to consider when writing the body of a self-critique essay.

Tips on body writing

  • Begin each paragraph with clear and precise sentences. This makes it easier for your reader(s) to read your writing and also comprehend and familiarize themselves with what you are writing.
  • Outline detailed information about yourself and what you do. For example, a student. This will enable your audience to know much about you.
  • Outline your strengths and weaknesses. This helps your audience know much about you and the hardships you encounter.
  • State your objectives. This seeks to inform your audience what you are striving to accomplish.
  • Use transitional sentences. This enables your audience to understand that the next paragraph talks about a different thing.
  • Mind your choice of words. This will enable you to formulate sentences easily and make the writing process much simpler.

How to finish a self-critique essay

When concluding a self-critique essay, it is crucial to note that you are briefly summarizing the information on your paper. Providing too much information can make it difficult for you to come up with a conclusion. To easily develop a conclusion, ensure the information you have provided in your paper is clear and precise. To write a conclusion of a self-critique essay, consider the following tips.

Tips on conclusion writing

  • Restate your main point.
  • Provide a summary of your main points and focus much on the stronger one(s).
  • Conclude your article with a statement which poses a challenge to your audience. This makes them think much about themselves and reflect on your statement.

Tips on revision

The vitality of writing a perfect essay is that you provide your audience with quality work. Going through your paper once you are done with writing is important as it helps you correct some of the errors you made. The revision phase helps you to modify your article and make it unique.

Below are some tips to consider when revising your self-critique essay:

  • Certify that the information you have provided is about you and what you do.
  • Ensure that your introduction begins with a strong hook which captures the attention of your audience.
  • Confirm that your body paragraphs begin with clear and brief topic sentences. Ensure that they also provide the required information to your audience.
  • Guarantee that your conclusion is brief and poses a challenge to your reader(s).

Self-critique essay sample

How I developed as a writer

Since I joined high school, I was very eager to finish and join college. Life in college seemed much interesting since my peers used to enjoy themselves however they could. This made me yearn to join college more and more as the days went by. When I finally did, my enthusiasm came to a standstill. At first, I thought that it was a dream but I later realized it was the reality. Life in college was not that simple as some of my friends had made it appear to be. Though there is a lot of freedom, assignments usually keep on piling up. Moreover, essay writing was an obligatory task and each one of us was expected to be well-equipped with the necessary writing skills.

This posed a big challenge to me since I did not have a passion for essay writing. In high school, essay writing was not a compulsory task unlike in college. At times, the remarks I would get from my professor made me feel like I would not make it out of campus. The only option that hoarded my mind was quitting. However, I sat down and decided to think about how I would make it in college and how I wanted to enjoy my college life. Varying options kept presenting themselves and I had to decide on which ones to settle for.

Once I had noted down my goals, I resolved to take essay writing as a challenge. Additionally, it is through challenges that one modifies themselves. The remarks I got from my professor did not deter me from achieving my goals but rather persuade me to try much harder and to never give up. This instilled in me the urge to achieve. With time, I came to improve and my professor was quite impressed with my progress. However, I still needed to improve or develop in some other areas.

Slowly, I grew and developed as a writer. My professor became impressed with my writings and even asked me to assist other students. This made me feel a bit satisfied with my advancement. Then, I even started writing for an essay writing company. While in college, money is an essential commodity and asking for it from our parents is often beyond us. Therefore, my essay writing skills helped me to cover some of my expenses.

In conclusion, a journey that began with so many challenges soon became easy. I can surely say that I have grown in not just my writing but also in other aspects of life.

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