How to Write a Perfect Thesis

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how to write a perfect thesis

How to Write a Perfect Thesis

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What is a thesis statement

Essays or research papers always have the main idea, central message, or main point. All the discussions, arguments, and elaborations center on the main idea which captures the position of a writer. Therefore, a thesis statement is a view of an essay writer that captures the theme of the whole essay or research as well as the central message of the discussion. In most cases, thesis statements have one to two sentences that present the topic of the paper as well as comment on the position of the student about the subject of discussion. Therefore, it gives the reader a snapshot of what the paper is about besides giving guidance to the author to remain focused on the topic.

Key features of a thesis statement

The thesis statement is argumentative: when students write a thesis statement, they should bring out the contentious aspect of the central message hence should not have a factual statement that is irrefutable.
The thesis statement is specific: the central message of an essay or a research paper is usually specified what the essay is about for the students to elaborate and prove the argument adequately.
The thesis statement is engaging: students ensure that the central message of the essay usually attracts interest. Thus, the thesis statement is provocative and pulls the audience into the whole essay.
The thesis statement alludes to as well as supports the stand of a writer: writers indicate thesis statements that support or allude to support their points of argument. Thus, the statements appear to have some positive aspects besides giving a clear position of the writer.

Considerations before writing a thesis

Before writing a thesis statement, students should consider various aspects that entail a thesis. For example, students should be aware of the arguable claims that they are about to put across. Besides, students should consider the content of the paper that the thesis statement will control. Separately, authors should think of the best structure of the paper before developing a thesis statement. Elsewhere, writers delve in the best way of summarizing the entire paper before developing a thesis statement since the statement gives a summary of the whole paper. On another note, writers ensure that thesis statements appear in the middle of the end of the first paragraph. Besides, they provide that it is precise and clear, gives the purpose of the paper, and gives guidance to the journal.

How to write a strong thesis statement

Strong thesis statements have three parts that include the argument, the reason for discussion, and the opposing views. Consequently, it gives a research paper a clear direction and scope that the writer will cover. Also, it informs a reader of the items that the author will cover within the paper. Therefore, students ensure that a strong thesis statement is narrow, summarize the entire paper, and develop a claim. Besides, it provides the position of the writer, the reason for the position, and the opposite view. Also, writers ensure that the statement is complete, guides the writer on the essay, and peculiar to the length of the paper, and should be debatable.

Tips on how to write a proper thesis

Students who write research works are aware of the different tips when making strong thesis statements. Therefore, students should:

  • Break the topic into three portions namely the position of the writer, the reason for the stance, and the opposing view.
  • Students should ensure that the statement forms a complete sentence and summarizes the author’s view.
  • Ensure that the thesis statement captures the purpose of the essay and mentions the most important points that the author will discuss.
  • Students should elaborate thesis statement in a way that guides the paper.
  • Ensure that the thesis statement answers the question in the entire paper.

Revising thesis statement: Tips on thesis revision

When reviewing a thesis statement, writers should note that the statement is a complete sentence that is simple and meets the requirement of the assignment. Besides, it should answer the research question from either an explanatory or argumentative point of view and has a defined idea. Separately, students should ensure that the thesis statement challenges the reader to think and hold the attention of the reader. Also, they should make sure that the report gives new information regarding the topic and avoids mere announcements of the subject as well as stating an obvious idea.

Thesis sample (Crime and Punishment Essay Thesis)

‘At least 25 percent of the first-degree murder crimes committed in America pass death penalties’.

Example of a good thesis statement

‘American government should spend more than 30 percent of its budget on control of pollution, research on best alternative sources of energy gives a reason for the stance, is engaging and reforestation’.
The thesis statement is narrow and debatable, summarizes the paper, gives the position of the student, provides a claim on the solution, and highlights the scope of the paper.

Example of a bad thesis

‘Crime is detrimental to society.’

The thesis stamen is broad and vague. The reader cannot tell what is entailing n the category of offense. Also, the user is unable to understand how crime is detrimental. Besides, the author does not give clarity on the scope of the paper and the area whether it is in the USA or Canada, the statement is general and lacks engagement to the reader besides not argumentative.

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