How to Write a Research Paper on Career

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write a research paper on career

How to Write a Research Paper on Career

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How to write a research paper on career

Preparing a research paper on a career is a quite complicated process that should be done step-by-step. Before writing such a paper, a student needs to assess their skills, talents, and knowledge and then provide it with evaluating career through a research paper study.

How to start a research paper

A good start will require a thorough assessment and analysis in choosing his/her career. It is a detailed orientation of the article being discussed. This will clearly put into consideration the good definition of the career.

Tips on how to start

Follow the basic rules and format requirements for making a research paper. These rules regard plotting an outline, writing an introduction, body, and conclusion.

Example of an outline

I. Introduction

a. Giving an aim and facts to capture readers.

b. Statement of the problem (thesis statement).

II. Body Section 1

a. Central idea (career choice).

b. An in-depth explanation about a career choice.

III. Body Section 2

a. Provide stories, facts, or statistics about the potential career.

b. Cause/effect (What is the positive outcome of the chosen field? What is attractive about it?)

IV. Body Section 3

a. Actions to be taken (What is your edge in obtaining this? What preparation to be needed in order to get it?)

b. Overall opinion on the research topic

V. Conclusion

a. Relate back to an introduction for an analytical summary.

b. Restatement of the thesis – thesis reworded.

c. Recommendations.

Example of a thesis statement for a career research paper

A thesis is a statement of purpose. A good and strong thesis statement surprises the readers with something new. It should be focused and thus it should not be broad. Also, it should be debatable in order to appeal to the readers and inspire them to continue reading. It should have supporting information. Remember that it is the main idea you are going to support. Get straight to the point.
Sales Professional is a great career for me since it matches my interests in selling products/services. It is already in our family to sell things and I am already preparing for this career.

Example of an introduction

The aim of the introduction is to introduce to the reader the purpose of your research paper. This is the manner where you will situate the key of your topic. Necessity and significance are important to this area.
As the advent of competition and the status of the economy, these days are unpredictable, a career should be determined and planned properly. The condition of employment differs from every country and region but according to news around the world, employment is widespread. On the other hand, many professions are to be chosen out there and the demands are available. But, an issue of a solid career we are going to choose and to commit to is in question. Do we know our career goals? Am I going to love my career? These are just some of the questions to ponder within choosing a career to achieve. There were mistakes that happened after a person graduated from an academy. This is the reason why a person needs a career research paper to weigh and measure the choices. Currently, there are more studies that present the positive side of making a career research paper. This research paper will define the career I want and the steps to follow in order to obtain it.
You can use additional statistics and thesis in the introduction to present applicable data that proves your point. It will create credibility and significance of the main idea of the composition.

How to write body paragraphs of a research paper on career

The body paragraphs are the most important content of the research. This is where you can explain the nature, roles, responsibilities, qualifications, and challenges of the career you have selected. In most cases, you will be discussing the level of difficulty and challenges of pursuing the career. You might consider expecting the package or remuneration you will receive from this occupation. In order to satisfy your thesis statement alone, you can use related studies also on why this is the best career you have singled out.

Tips on body writing

  • Give examples for guidance
  • Include the statement or argument to freshen up the readers
  • Provide stories and facts to prove your points
  • Improve the body by stating the methods to achieve the outcome
  • Don’t forget to cite the actions to back your methods
  • Make sure to phrase everything and break your paper down into a series of related points to support your statement
  • Remember the characteristics of a paragraph, there should be unity, development, and coherence.

Example of the 1st body paragraph

The life of a sales professional is a very rewarding and satisfying job. You can be a boss or an entrepreneur with financial destiny. According to Somen Mondal, a CEO, he told to his students that a career in sales should be the first job in a career.
Explain what it means and why it is important. You must be sure what you are saying in 1-2 sentences only.

Example of the 2nd body paragraph

My skills and knowledge are applicable to a salesman career. I have speaking skills, confidence, energy and I am a result-oriented person. Sales are everywhere, as the author mentioned. It is one of the foundations of every successful career. Moreover, it is already surveyed from business leaders that the rated strong sales skills are top critical skills of today’s employment.
The second body paragraph is not as complicated. It only supports the statements you are giving. Additional details like salary can be included.

Example of the 3rd body paragraph

Explain your argument to prove what you are trying to deal with. It can be opinion-based. This would entail what you will need to do and what you’re doing to get this career.

I graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from a recognized university in the country. I have done my internship in P&G as Sales Associate under Corporate Business Development. I have learned skills in sales, marketing, and business development. Therefore, I believe that I will be able to start my career in Sales as they can be able to review my asset as a contributor to their organization. I am currently sending resumes and preparing certificates for a credential.

How to finish a research paper on career

Finalize everything you mentioned about this topic by wrapping up the whole research in the conclusion.

Tips on conclusion writing

  • Include stating the entire study by summarizing the relevant main points
  • Make it short and do not put excessive details
  • Provide next steps
  • Universalize (compare to other career situations)
  • Suggest results

Example of a conclusion

In a nutshell, the sales profession is a rewarding and satisfying job. This occupation is backed up with top critical skills of today’s employment and exciting occupation. Therefore, a person needs to have the appropriate educational background, skills, training, and knowledge in order to attain this profession. Lastly, the sales profession can be the main job in a person’s life and also can be just a step in a solid career path.

Tips on research paper revision

  • Examine the paper by reviewing the whole research from the start.
  • A review of the thesis statement is credible to make an important point.
  • Check the pattern of your paper if it follows everything.
  • Evaluate also the information if the facts are all accurate.
  • Reorganize the information if necessary and remove any misleading statements.
  • Check your conclusion if it ties up the paper together.
  • Read the paper aloud and see how it will go.
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