How to Write A Last Minute Essay

April 14, 2021 support
how to write a last minute essay

Is it your assignment deadline tomorrow? Moreover, you’ve left with much writing to do? Many students face such situations. This is a typical student life scenario. Just relax and keep reading. This piece will guide about the dos and don’ts for last-minute essay writing.

5 Mistakes That Most Students Make When They Start Writing an Essay in a Hurry

Writing urgent essays can lead you to make several mistakes that can harm your scores. Thus, we have put together five common mistakes that you should avoid when writing a last-minute essay.

Mistake 1: Jumping into writing

Take your time. Schedule your writing sessions. Make sure you have a good amount of research work done before finally writing the essay. Due to deadline anxiety, many students tend to make this very basic mistake. Your mind needs proper research or know-how of the topic beforehand. Writing is not an easy task. Please do not take it lightly. After all, your grades and reputation are at stake. Be different from the lot. Remember, your writing skills work when you have enough data to process in your mind.


Mistake 2: Being all over the place

You know that you have already messed up a lot. Being in a hurry means a lack of focus. Undirected energies lead to chaos and trouble. In this mindset, you are not even sure about the outcomes. It is obvious you planned nothing; the results won’t be fruits.  Students end up fatiguing and hence commit mistakes. This whole idea of delaying things is absurd. Only a well-planned concentrated effort will yield desired results. You need to calm down and stay focused on the task.

Mistake 3: Ignoring the ownership

Frankly, leaving tasks to the 11th hour is risky. You are simply inviting trouble and nothing else. Your thesis paper or write my essay requires a logical thinking session. Students skip a lot of essential steps involved in essay writing when doing it at the last moment. They do not own the essay. They miss out on creating the fundamental outline. They tend to bypass the brainstorming part, too. Remember, good research is the backbone of the essay; lack of ownership will lead to low college grades.

Mistake 4: Being Hasty

Essay writing is not something everyone can do. You have to work hard to get that required quality. The higher the quality, the better the grades. Students tend to compromise on the quality of the paper in a rush. Haste makes waste. Hurrying will affect the writing process. It will jeopardize the research work, and the results will be nil.

Moreover, you do not want that to happen to you. So, do not be hasty even if you have only 24 hours to complete your paper. Do not put off tasks to the last moment. Make sure you have enough time to plan and execute your thesis paper or essay.

Mistake 5: Writing poor introduction and conclusion

The most vital part of your essay is the introduction. This is where you grasp the reader’s attention. Messing up with the introduction is a common mistake made by students when in haste. It would be best to be scholarly accurate with what you do in your essay and specifically in the paper intro. Many students also screw it up and end up writing a baffling conclusion. Remember the conclusion is equally important as the introduction. The conclusion is what leaves the all necessary impact on the reader or professor. Many students fail to grab the reader’s attention in the opener, and many fail, leaving an impact with a concrete conclusion.

Techniques to Write an Essay at the Last Minute

So, how to write a last-minute essay? Here are six techniques that will help craft an exceptional piece.

Technique 1: Allot Time Slots

Scheduling your time and allotting time slots to various tasks help you manage time and complete the work in time. If you have a half-day to complete your essay, even then divide your time for different tasks such as researching (30 minutes), generating ideas (15 minutes), creating an outline (5 minutes), Writing intro, body, and conclusion (depending on the total word count), proofreading (10 minutes). Once you know how much time you have for each task, you will automatically speed up when the task time is running out. Hence, you will complete the entire essay within the set time frame.

Technique 2: Take Notes While You Do the Research

While you are reading various sources to gather sufficient information on the topic you’re writing on, keep noting key points. Also, keep track of all sources. Any source that you know you will be using to back up your arguments should be emphasized. This will help you save a great deal of time when citing sources and pricing examples. As a result, you will not have to find references in the end or look for shreds of evidence to support your arguments.

Besides, noting down your sources with critical arguments related to them in the brackets is also a good idea. It will help make the entire writing process way easier than you’d expect.

take a notes

Technique 3: Outline Your Essay

Outlining the essay may sound unnecessary to many students. However, doing so is key to crafting even a last-minute essay perfectly. Creating an outline helps sort your ideas. As a consequence, you don’t miss out on any crucial points and arrange your ideas logically. Additionally, it will also keep you from losing track while you write. After all, handling the nerves of last-minute pressures is not easy. You can easily forget essential ideas that you had before you started writing. Alternatively, you may start going in the wrong direction without even noticing. However, if you have an outline in front of you, it will ensure you are on the right track.

Technique 4: Formulate a Thesis Statement

Make sure you know what your thesis is going to be before you start last-minute essay writing. A thesis statement is what your essay revolves around. Furthermore, it usually appears at the end of the introductory paragraph. Creating a thesis while you’re doing the research work will help recognize what arguments you should use. Further, it will help you write your body even if you can’t think of an introductory statement. A thesis is a framework for the entire essay.

Technique 5: Write Body First

Sometimes, students waste too much time thinking about how to give the best first impression. Starting with a hook can be a tough challenge at times. So, leave it for the end. When you write the entire paper, your brain will naturally develop great ideas to start your essay. This is because after finishing, you will have a better comprehension of the topic.

Furthermore, since you already wrote the thesis statement, it does not matter if you write the introduction at the end of the beginning. You already know the framework of your paper. Just make sure you incorporate the thesis statement at the end of your introductory paragraph.

Technique 6: Editing and Proofreading

You would not want all the hard work to get wasted. Proofread your assignment like a pro. Make sure you are done with the grammar checks. Check your essay for plagiarism. Be careful with the flow of the paper. Double-check all the paragraphs and the sequence. Make a concentrated effort in the final touches. Your small mistake might cost you big. Remember your little detailing will take you a long way. Good marks are guaranteed for error-free content only. No lunch is for free.

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What is a good way to end an essay?

Ending an essay by summarizing the key points and providing food for thought, in the end, is a great way to impress the reader. For instance, give your own opinion in an interesting statement or include a statement question such as ‘after all, who can imagine life without technology?”

How to write an essay in minutes?

Writing a paper in minutes is not as difficult as it may sound. If you know the structure and your ideas are there in your head, nothing can stop you from finishing your essay within minutes. However, even if you feel stuck, you can choose to look for professional writing help.

How long does it take to write a 3000-word essay?

It depends on how much time you spend on research and idea generation. If you can do that quickly and create an outline, you will be able to finish a 3000-word essay probably in 3 hours.