How To Write A 3000 Word Essay In A Day?

March 23, 2017 support
3000 word essay in a day

Is It Possible To Write 3000 Word Essay In A Day?

On many occasions, students find themselves struggling to beat an approaching deadline and deliver their essays within the stipulated timeline. While many manage to deliver, few accomplish or achieve as per their strength dictates.

Lateness comes about because of different reasons and the most probable ones include:

  • Procrastination – postponing things is almost like a disease which infects many people and in most instances is the main hindrance when you are looking to write your perfect essay in less than 24 hours. This habit contributes to students losing a lot of marks and never living up to their high standards. While some students are simply lazy and thus prefer to do other things when they should be working on their assignments, others lack the time or are involved in other activities that take up most of their time. Whichever the situation, procrastination greatly contributes to students being late with assignments, especially those that involve essay writing.
  • Having to choose between other deadlines – at any time in college, students find themselves with a lot of assignments but less time to deliver. In such situations, some seek the help of professional writers, and others make coffee their closest friend as they try to finish their essays on time. Whichever the option a student opts for, at a certain point, they will find themselves behind the schedule.

Regardless of the reason why people find themselves behind the schedule, panicking as some of us resort to is never the answer. As a matter of fact, panicking while late leads to one delivering a substandard essay or job. Students need to learn to keep calm and focused on the task ahead if they are to beat short deadlines. A task such as writing a 3000-word essay is indeed quite huge, and while it is not advisable to leave it to the last minute, in case it happens, students need to understand that it is indeed possible to finish it in 24 hours. This article is not in any way encouraging students to leave their assignments to the last day, but only letting you know that if you ever find yourself in such a situation, it is indeed possible to finish such a task.

Actions That Can Help a Student to Write 3000 Word Essay in a Day

The question how to write a 3000-word essay in a day is quite common among students. However, finishing a 3000-word essay in 24 hours is indeed easy, but doing a good job while at it might present the biggest challenge to students. However, this article outlines some actions which, if embraced, can help you achieve both.
Here are the actions to help you deliver a high quality 3000-word essay in 24 hours:

1. Plan

Having a plan is a key to a good essay. Lecturers always ask students to plan and prepare a study timetable to help them manage their time well. However, few take them seriously and therefore end up being late for almost everything within the school curriculum. Planning helps you to factor in everything and allocate ample time for all of your assignments.

In 24 hours, you can do a lot of things, and it begins with the kind of breakfast you take. A healthy breakfast is indeed essential in this case. You need to have the right brain food to help your mind to relax and to distress yourself. Heavy breakfasts are, therefore, discouraged and snacks like fresh veggie sticks, nuts, asparagus, coconut, come highly recommended. Other fruits such as berries, oatmeal, bananas, dried fruit, etc. are also recommended. You need food that will help to lower your stress levels and the above are some of the most preferred.

2. Select your place of work

Distractions contribute to you spending a lot of time doing very little. The place you decide to select as your working station should be quiet and allow you to work with minimal distractions. Whether it is at home or the school or local library, quietness should be the first factor for you to consider and it is closely followed by the how comfortable the place is. Choosing a place that is uncomfortable will contribute to your tiring fast and losing focus easily.

It is also essential to be organized and always have things like bottled water, enough research materials as well as some snacks.

3. Minimize distractions

The Internet is currently the biggest distraction at least for most people. When faced with a tight deadline, however, it is important to avoid all distractions and focus solely on the task at hand. Students spend a lot of time on social networks, but if on a tight schedule, avoiding them or even temporary deactivation of the accounts might help you focus.

4. Set yourself short-term goals

If left with 24 hours to complete an assignment, time management is indeed essential to finishing it. Setting short-term goals is indeed necessary, and before beginning the writing process, it will be important that you set yourself some achievable objectives. While most of us tend to leave out breaks, they are a necessary inclusion, and it is essential to include them.

5. Selecting the right topic or question and approach to the assignment

If asked to select an essay topic or question from a number of topics or questions, pick the one you are familiar with. This will help you avoid researching a new topic or question later. Take time to decide on your approach. The approach chosen will help you tackle the essay fast.
The next step involves preparing an outline and including the key points you wish to have in your paper.

6. Writing the introduction

Writing the introduction is the most challenging bit of essay writing, at least to most people. However, when under pressure and with less than 24 hours to go, the focus should not be on writing a perfect introduction but on including the necessities within it. You should, therefore, introduce your argument first and then include a relevant thesis statement.

7. Research

Research should be focused and only be tailored towards a specific point. When going through the different topics within the selected reference materials, it is prudent to only skip to the chapters that are relevant to the topic under review. Be sure to paraphrase all of your arguments to avoid plagiarism issues which could render your work and effort useless. Use of resources such as Google Books is also advisable because it will help to increase your essay’s credibility.