How To Write An Essay About Perfect Boss

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essay about perfect boss

How To Write An Essay About Perfect Boss

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Topic Actuality

Essay writing takes into consideration a few basics that make a paper stand out. In this case, the topic to focus on is The Perfect Boss. It deals with the characteristics typically associated with a perfect boss that is, an employee’s superior at the place of work. It elaborates on the behaviors of a boss whom an employee or junior person can want to emulate. A boss is someone who portrays power and influence. The topic and general paper should paint or portray this fact effectively.

How to Start an Essay about Perfect Boss

To write an essay about a perfect boss, one will follow a few steps. The author will first define what a boss is. There are different types of bosses at different places of work. The definition has to capture the fact that a boss mainly relates to the place of work. The introduction should also clarify that no boss is perfect, just as no human being is perfect. All employers have faults. However, a perfect boss is one who meets most of the expected behaviors of a good manager or employer. The expectations are to be pointed out in the subsequent paragraphs.

How to Write Thesis for an Essay about Perfect Boss

Given that the topic is already identified and the extent of the content determined, the next thing one has to do is identify and clearly point out the thesis statement. A thesis statement, the last sentence found in the introductory paragraph, is a short statement that illustrates the position that the writer intends to pass across. The thesis statement should give the reader a hint about the characteristics of a perfect boss. For instance, the thesis statement should summarize the main features of a perfect boss such as honesty, being a role model for employees, hardworking, understanding, smart, among others. Alternatively, the thesis statement can also highlight the summary of what a perfect boss should be. For instance, it can read, a perfect boss will not only be hard working, strict, and act as a role model to employees, but will also show deep and sincere concern for employees.

How to Write Body Paragraphs for an Essay about Perfect Boss

The body of the essay is to be about three paragraphs. The first paragraph will enumerate a few examples of bosses who have been acknowledged by employees as perfect bosses. Examples should be drawn from a variety of sources, industries, and sectors. For instance, the essay will mention globally recognized and feted managers and directors. Typical examples of perfect bosses to be emphasized include Mark Zuckerberg, the Chief Executive Officer of Facebook, among many others. The first paragraph can also recognize less known, but revolutionary individuals who have played a leading role in the success of their industries and sectors through role modeling.

The second paragraph should elaborate the fact that a boss is a manager hence his or her management style determines whether or not he becomes a perfect boss. It will draw attention to the main features of an employer or manager who can be considered a perfect boss. Some of the key features to be pointed out include leadership by example, where the boss sets high ethical standards and follows established rules and norms, and motivates employees to follow the same rule. At this point, the essay should point out how the leader’s behavior and that of employees relate. Another characteristic can include effective communication. The writer should elaborate that an effective boss communicates in a timely and clear manner. Transparency, valuing employees, deep knowledge, respect, and sensitivity are other aspects that can be discussed in detail.

The essay should also accentuate that a perfect boss recognizes the effort and makes the employees feel appreciated. Positive reinforcement works well on employees and encourages them to continue with good performance.  The fact that a perfect boss gives feedback should also be underscored. In this regard, the essay should state that feedback should be prompt and should be given with a positive attitude. It should be encouraging, and meant to correct rather than rebuke. A great boss, the essay should note, has to sit down with employees and discuss with them. Then he or she has to set clear expectations and motivate employees to attain the expectations.

The third paragraph can highlight how the relationship between employees and their boss directly affects the performance of an organization. It will also state the fact that perfect bosses are loved by employees, they are self-motivated, and they yield results. The last part of the third paragraph will explain that a perfect boss inspires other bosses or managers at similar or higher levels to emulate him or her.

How to conclude an essay about perfect boss

A perfect essay is one with a short but clear conclusion that reiterates the features of a perfect boss. The concluding paragraph will also note the link between the performance of an organization and the management style.

Outline Sample

Introduction – What is a perfect boss?

Thesis statement – Nobody is ‘perfect’

Body – Examples of perfect bosses

  • Effect of management styles
  • Features of perfect bosses
  • Impact of the relationship between employees and bosses on performance

Conclusion – Reiteration of main ideas

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