Genetic Engineering Ethics Essay Sample

August 14, 2017 support
genetic engineering ethics essay

Genetic Engineering Ethics Essay

Genetic engineering is the integration between biological and engineering applications that the population does not recognize up to this day. This is because it is a profession that does not show their process in the public due to the issue of morality and ethical jurisprudence. However, most companies utilize genetic engineering as a way to modify the food source to become productive. These are companies who are engaged in the production of food products to supply the growing number of consumers with perishable items. Genetic engineering is considered important because of the functionality and existence help to sustain the survival of organisms such as humans and animals. The practice of genetic engineering is widely applied to manufacturing plants where they integrate the use of technology with biological life.

You may not be aware that the food that you consume on a daily basis is manufactured using genetic engineering applications. One example is instant foods that are packed in plastic, box, or cans that are usually available in supermarkets or grocery stores in your area. Processed meats are also considered genetically engineered because it used numerous experimentation applications by scientists and researchers to improve the quality of taste as well as its effect on the body. The reason behind is that companies want to prevent any risk for safety for all consumers who want to try their product. Fast food companies are heavy users of genetic engineering because the majority of their food is genetically engineered by their production facilities. One reported scenario is when there is one fast food chain that is producing chickens with three pairs of legs to ensure the growing demand of the population around the world.

Genetic engineering has been under criticism due to their practice of modifying organisms. The main critic is the church, which rejects the practice of genetically modified organisms because it violates the principles of morality. Modification of organism for food has been questioned because it portrays the credibility of the company for promoting products that are naturally grown. In this case, the value of modified organism that is sold for food or items that support physical activity is sometimes denied by conservative government institutions. All organisms should not be artificially grown because it destroys the essence of promoting a product that is made up of artificial mixtures. Sometimes, companies who are involved in genetic engineering practice to their products are summoned for inquest proceedings by the lawmakers of a certain country to determine if there are laws that were violated for modifying products with artificial materials.

In the present era, genetic engineering may not be a comfortable topic for the general public because it generates debate. This is because conservative groups reject the concept about modifying the natural elements of our environment. However, with the rising population and the growing need for space, genetic engineering helps to sustain humanity’s survival. This is because genetic engineering might be the answer for the growing scarcity of resources that are responsible for depleting the food supply around the world. Underdeveloped countries are unable to provide food for their community due to the lack of natural resource to feed its population. With the existence of genetic engineering, it can help save our environment by allowing an additional source of food supply to prevent hunger and famine that impacts the health and longevity of the population (Pollack, 2015).

Genetic engineering is applied in the pharmacological industry wherein medical practitioners are aiming to find a cure to a certain disease. Vaccination is a clear product of genetic engineering because it values the significance of finding a new solution to improve the quality of life for every patient. When there are new medications that are now being processed, medically tested, and approved, it becomes a commodity in the market so that people can have an access to the newly formulated medication to improve their health care status. In medicine, the creation of modified structure through the creation of new medicine aims to prevent the spread of a disease that is considered deadly and potentially hazardous to the population. Although it is challenged by the warriors of conservativism, genetics still continue to incorporate scientific studies and experimentation to benefit the interest of the population.

In order to understand the mechanics of genetic engineering, it is important to learn more about the function of this particular application. The reason behind is to orient the public regarding the benefits of this application that can provide a justifiable functionality in the future. Genetic engineering is a product of human’s critical decision-making process to ensure that the safety of the public is always ensured. The general goal of genetic engineering is the sustainability of every individual to live a longer life. Even if there are challenges that are stressed by interest groups, genetic engineering still proves that there is more beneficial impact that it produced rather than risking the lives of the public. If there are violations committed by companies using genetic engineering to their consumers or interest groups, then the local government unit can apprehend the situation.


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