Ethical Dilemma Essay Sample

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ethical dilemma essay

Ethical Dilemma Essay Sample

Essay on Ethical Dilemma

If You Saw Your Best Friend’s Cheat on a Test, What Would You Do?

Always remember that when you cheat or planning to cheat, then you always lose. This is especially when you are going to cheat on your exams because you are attempting to outsmart your professor or teacher by means of violating the rules. If you happen to see your best friend cheating, it is important to remind them that what they are doing is inappropriate. Cheating is not acceptable and therefore anyone who is caught cheating will face punishments from the teacher. The teacher is not the only one who will provide punishments because the school is expected to apply the same. This is because cheating is the most unacceptable form of offense at school because it can generate a public scandal to the community.

As the best solution, it is important to approach your best friend and inform that their recent action is unacceptable. Getting caught could risk their academic status, especially if there is a proof to show to the school administration such as the principal. Promoting awareness regarding the consequences of cheating is implied because the best friend will soon realize that the value of honesty. As a best friend, acting as a guide is important because it shows how concerned you are to your friend who is drawn into an action that is not acceptable. This is instead of reporting your best friend to the teacher or school administration that he cheated on a certain activity such as exams. In this way, your best friend will feel that you seriously care for them and are now willing to follow your advice not to repeat the same mistake for the next school assignment process.

The only concern is to know what is going on inside the head of that particular best friend. This is because they think that they are offended by the situation. Some best friends argue when their action is seen by them as the rightful thing. There are numerous reasons to consider because there are factors that influence a person to commit such behaviors, which forces them to commit such actions. Criticisms are sometimes not the rightful way to approach your best friend to take such actions. In this case, the relationship between friends is at risk for being strained. Telling your best friend that his act was wrong during the exam should be treated with a proper approach to ensure that you are going to tell them using the right approach as well as using the right word.

Cheating is the mortal sin of education because it is an act of taking advantage of the subject matter against the practices of any academic institution. When a person cheats, they violate the policies of the school where they are currently learning. Students who commit such acts are usually suspended from school because it negatively affects the performance of the school. Disciplining the student in a right manner ensures that the response becomes subjective, relevant, and appropriate to prevent similar offenses in the future. Always remember that there were students who were expelled from the school because they were caught cheating in their previous classes by their teachers and school administration. Every offender offends the moral and ethical values of learning because they are taking advantage against the law’s implementation that could lead them to a humiliating consequence after committing an unacceptable action (Blumenthal, 2013).


Blumenthal, William (2013). “Models for merging the US antitrust agencies”. Journal of Antitrust Enforcement. Oxford Journals. 1 (1): 24–51.

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