50+ Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

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50+ Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

50+ Funny Argumentative Essay Topics

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Joking on A Serious Note

Essay writing is primarily used in schools and colleges to gauge the research, writing, and most importantly, thinking capabilities of the students. Teachers provide lectures and impart insights regarding the art and craft of writing. At the end of the semester, students need to show how much they have learned to retain and have been able to put into practice.

Many students believe that the tenser, and academically inclined topics they choose, the brighter their chances will be to score good marks. This cannot be further from the truth as teachers hardly regard topics, but the structure, thesis, and overall format of the essay. That’s why you can joke on a serious note!

Outlining Your Argumentative Essay Before Writing

Argumentative essay writing is one of the common types employed in academic institutions to gauge the capabilities of the students. It is different from narrative and descriptive essays because it follows a logical sequence of arguments and sticks to a rigid structure and organization. There are many types of argumentative essays, but they rely on starting with an argument and then gathering evidence to support its soundness.

Outlining the argumentative essay from the beginning provides a clear heading and discernible scope to the essay. Students will know which resources to scour and which evidence to earmark for further use. If a writer fails to outline his argumentative essay from the start, he will have a hard time keeping up with the deadline. That’s why we have added this step of writing in our guide on writing an argumentative essay in the concluding sections of this blog.

Can Funny Topics Become Controversial?

Argumentative essays can be written on funny topics or ideas that seem preposterous to the school and college professors. As we have mentioned earlier, what matters the most is how the execution of the essay is done by the writer, not the solemnity of his topic.

There is always a chance that when students go this unusual way, they might face controversy and criticism from the teachers. In a way, this is about argumentative essay writing. You can develop an argument no matter how absurd it may seem. You can work on it by gathering the necessary information, developing a thesis, and then moving on to the writing part. If it sticks in the face of scrutiny from both peers and professors, it is right. The controversy is not always bad, especially when it leads to new developments in human thought.

Funny Topics For School And College Students

Students love to joke around the campus. The pranks can go too far, but the comedy and hilarity in writing show more than just jokes. Writers who can write witty punch lines with impeccable timing can score well in their academic writing too. All they need to do is learn the ropes of academic writing.

In this section, we will go through some of the best funny topics that students can explore in their argumentative essays at different levels, from college to middle school.

Fun Argumentative Essay Topics For College

The college provides much more artistic freedom to students and young writers compared to high school and lower academic echelons. Since there are dedicated programs for writing, they can learn and apply the knowledge of writing across their studies. This not only helps them in broadening their academic horizon but also helps them to explore a novel side of writing. Here are our topic suggestions for college.

  • Cigarettes are a great way to break the ice with strangers
  • Dating apps are a disaster for romance and intimacy
  • Freedom of expression should have a cost
  • Is it teachers or parents that are to blame in the end?
  • The Middle East is a ripe ground for democracy
  • Fast food companies provide cheap and healthy food
  • Global warming helps us keep warm in winters
  • The world will be a better place without religion
  • Organic food is over-rated
  • Marketing gimmicks are the norms 
  • Conflicts should be welcomed in healthy relationships
  • Why lecture attendance is a problem for lazy students
  • Taxing the rich is the best way to help the poor and the needy
  • Sex education is harmful to young adults
  • Paying for music should be compulsory

Hilarious Argumentative Essay Topics For High School

For many young writers, high school is where their love for writing and learning starts. It is where they see the possibilities in restraints. Funny topics are not welcomed in school because of the conservative approach toward learning. Especially the topics that can incite controversies are avoided at all costs. Still, there are grey areas that students can explore in their search for a funny argumentative essay.

  • Facebook is the best place to know your teachers 
  • If companies cannot outsmart their competitors, they should copy it
  • Internet should be highly censored, especially for comedy and fun content
  • Customer complaints are the best source of learning for businesses
  • Energy drinks should become mandatory in schools
  • Social media is the best source to learn the truth
  • There is no racial bias in the police system of the US
  • People can end their lives as it is their right
  • Terrorists should be treated with clemency
  • Mind or body or body over mind – a simple discourse
  • The court system today has no flaws at all
  • The radical redistribution of wealth will eradicate poverty
  • Guns should have rights to own people
  • There is no need for gender inclusivity 

Funny Argumentative Essay Topics For Middle School

Middle school is not the place where students can have their say in picking a funny topic for an argumentative essay. Teachers provide topics and even detailed guidelines on how to develop an argument and then crystallize it through a thesis statement. Still, if students get a chance to write on the topic of their choice, one of these funny argumentative essay topics will be great.

  • Vegetarians are destroying plants
  • The internet is the bane of human being’s existence
  • The death penalty should be revived for economic purposes
  • Governments should pay their citizens
  • Governments should not provide free medical services to people
  • Political activism is a mess
  • We are now farthest than ever from World War 3
  • Public surveillance cameras are for security purposes
  • The sky is the limit for space exploration
  • Marijuana is the wonder cure for all maladies
  • Overuse of smartphones is not bad at all
  • There should not be any educational limit for the police force
  • Nature is killing us by default
  • Illegal drugs are not bad for us at all
  • The right to vote should be banned in democracies

Amusing Argumentative Essay Topics

Irrespective of the level of academics, funny topics come and go on campuses. There is always empowering for students to be able to pick up a topic and do justice to it, whether it is funny or serious. Argumentative essays often carry a serious countenance but they can act as perfect tools to make a joke – even on a serious note. Here are some more great suggestions.

  1. Employees should be allowed to use social media at work
  2. Companies are obligated to send birthday presents to their clients
  3. Staying at home all day is better than staying at an office all day
  4. Shakespeare plagiarized all of these plays from obscure writers
  5. Internet slang should be included in the dictionaries
  6. Full-day kindergarten is better for parents
  7. The English language is not simple at all
  8. Kids should be paid to draw on walls
  9. Music is a therapy for the rich and the spoiled
  10. Modern schools are better off without the internet
  11. Online classes are better than in-person classes
  12. Medical practices in primitive cultures were not evasive
  13. Hospitals should employ placebo treatments to save real drugs
  14. Innovations are making us agiler and healthier
  15. Bosses are the oxygen of modern corporate culture

How To Ace Your Argumentative Essay

After going through the best funny topics for your argumentative essays, it is time to take a look at how to approach writing one. Students know what an argumentative essay is and what its characteristics are, but they may find themselves at odds while sitting down to write. This is where this little guide will walk them through different steps.

  • Start with sifting through multiple ideas. Just because an idea came into your head at a fortunate moment did not mean it was the best one. Try numerous ideas before settling on one
  • Arguments need to be blasted out of the ground – figuratively. It is hard to have an impeccable argument readily at the back of your head. You may have to work hard to nurture one
  • We have already discussed the importance of outlining your argumentative essay in the opening sections. Suffice it to say that you can easily complete your write-up quickly if you heavily outline it in the first place
  • After all these preliminary steps, what’s left is to sit down and write. No need to get worried if there are any errors or inconsistencies in the essay. They can all be weeded out in the editing and proofing stages


Fun argumentative essays can help writers work through controversial areas with ease. Since they are cloaked in humor, they can easily “get away” with certain things. Here are some areas that can add a twist to the topics:

  • Commentary on social norms and issues
  • A witty take on systems
  • Issues with politics and economy
  • Discourse on the human condition

It takes serious writing to compose funny essays – pun intended. Writers need to research a lot and make sure their points are made across without being died down in the process. The best thing that writers should do for fun essays is to employ literary devices such as satire, similes, metaphors, and so on.

Argumentative essays have the primary purpose of persuading the readers. Here are some of the characteristics of good argumentative essays:

  • Rational in approach
  • Neutral tone and voice
  • Reliance on empirical evidence
  • Well-structured

Interesting arguments need to be novel in their content and approach. They should explore new angles and ideas, especially when connecting the dots for the readers. Any argument can be interesting if it is well-founded and backed by evidence.

High school essay writing is important because it helps writers to gain the necessary knowledge. This vocation readily helps them in getting admission, among other things. If you want to know some good and funny essay topics for argumentative essays in high school, this blog post has plenty.

Fun and comedy can garner controversy. But as long as you stick to the research and arguments backed by empirical evidence, there are few chances that your funny argumentative essay will not meet controversy.

Funny Academic Essay Writing

Narrative and descriptive essay writing are considered the easiest because they allow writers to showcase their angle on the topic or the problem. An argumentative essay is often backed by evidential information with heavy reliance on proofs. But you can explore different hilarious topics in argumentative essays, as long as their nature remains intact and it checks all the boxes.

This guide has covered major parts of essay writing along with some topic suggestions for writers. While writing argumentative essays with a twist, will help them a lot.

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