Ethical Treatment of Animals Essay Sample

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ethical treatment of animals essay sample

Ethical Treatment of Animals Essay Sample

Ethical Treatment of Animals Essay

Animals are literally the humanity’s best friend because it is the closest being that is able to establish a relationship with their human counterparts. This is because animals provide comfort with their affection and presence whenever they are with their human counterparts. Most households around the world have a pet as a companion inside their households. There are individuals who are glad to have their animal counterparts because they believe that animals should be treated with respect and dignity while living with their human masters at home. The only problem is when humans become violent towards animals that occur at home, in the community, or in the wild. This means that humans are also responsible for causing life expectancy disruption with animals anywhere in the world.

One major issue about animals is the threat of their ecosystem because humans are now competing with their settlements against the natural habitat of animals. Increasing number of housing facilities has been responsible for depleting natural resources that should have been applied for animals. In this case, the number of animal population in the wild has been decreasing over time. This is brought about by the hazards of building construction facilities across communities that are populated with wild animals. When there are new housing facilities that are established, humans often exterminate all animals that they see in the wild to pave way for the creation of new houses that are essential to improve their housing units. The only problem is that displacement toward animals causes a competition with the territories in the wild as well as depleting their food supply due to growing number of settlements across the area.

In a household, humans who are suffering from emotional disabilities are likely to cause violent impact towards their household pets. At some times, pet owners do not regularly feed their pets, which is an offensive remark against the welfare of animals that should be treated with respect in their own households. As a result, pets become aggressive towards other individuals that usually cause attacks such as bites that are sometimes infectious. Training animals for a variety show are also a sign of animal cruelty, violating the essentials of animal treatment ethics. It may seem to appear entertaining, but animals are forced to do things through force, making them uncomfortable. Their body usually becomes exhausted after being forced repeatedly to accomplish certain tasks that should not have been applied to them in a fair manner. Laboratory experimentation for animals is also an indication that there is an animal rights violation. Ethical treatment of animals is usually violated when companies use animals for their experimentation of their products.

One example is the cosmetics companies that use animal experimentation to determine if it is safe for humans. In some zoo around the world, animals are often underfed and physically harassed by zookeepers to keep animals from becoming aggressive. From this position, animals have been treated unfairly in the modern society due to the competitive advantage of humans to improve their lifestyle while segregating animals as the lowest form of being in the world. This is because humans are the supreme organisms on the planet, having the ability to think, feel, and act together to accomplish one specific goal such as to rule the world and make a difference to the whole civilization (Evans, 2015).

Reference Evans, Woody (2015). “Posthuman Rights: Dimensions of Transhuman Worlds”. Teknokultura. Universidad Completeness’, Madrid.

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