Environmental Ethics Essay Sample

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environmental ethics essay

Environmental Ethics Essay Sample

Essay on Morality and Ethics in Corporate World

In the corporate world, there is a large group of people who are hired to perform their skills and responsibilities as employees and investors. There are rules and policies that are indicated from the contract that has been drafted and applied by the corporate world in order to ensure that the quality of ethical responsibilities is followed.

Discipline is important in the corporate world because it values the trust and the dignity of every employee to ensure that their services and product campaign are essential to value the cooperation of the target markets. In this case, it enhances the credibility of each employee to essential render their service efficiently and accurately to prevent any conflicting interests that might challenge the productivity of the corporate world.

The principle of morality in the corporate world is valued by the influence of a firm leadership application; it is valued by managers and a head of a company. The reason behind is that leaders have the authority to apply their styles towards their employees to prevent any risks or hazards caused by ineffective skill management to a certain function or operation. During training, moral values are always insinuated by the training officers of the company because every employee should be responsible with their actions when rendering their service to the operating institution.

As a result, the influence of an effective management procedure enhances the credibility of the institution to improve its values and trust with their target markets to establish an efficient way of promoting their professionalism. In the corporate world, the value of personal and professional ethics plays an important role to promote the essentials of morality towards other stakeholders.

A productive corporate world is sustained by an effective and aggressive leader by leading change to the stakeholders to move in an upward trend, indicating an improvement with the assets and investments of the company. It is a strategic campaign to bolster the fundamentals of the company’s marketing values and interest. The result of having an effective leadership moves the company forward by means of generating an increased revenue status that improves credibility in the corporate world.

This means that having an effective leadership generates a positive change within the corporate structure of the company. Respecting the house rules as well as the provisions provided by either national or international regulating agencies engages in a harmonious corporate structure to protect and safeguard that interest of the public.

The ethical consideration of the corporate world is adapting to diversity applicable towards employees and consumers. In the corporate world, basic human rights are always waived to all stakeholders because it values the integrity of every human being while transacting and rendering the services of the institution. This involves respecting the race, the gender, sexual orientation, ethnicity, social class, educational attainment, and age.

In this case, the corporate world values the integrity of every individual by means of preventing actions against racism, hate speech, and discrimination of any actions made by its employees or a company. Respecting the rights of anyone is a major goal of the corporate world to sustain and implement its morality and ethical values. At the end of the day, a company influences the interest as well as productivity by means of engaging in a humane way of operating the company to both local and international markets (Churchland, 2011).


Churchland, Patricia Smith (2011). Braintrust: What Neuroscience Tells Us About Morality. Princeton University Press. pp. 7–9. ISBN 978-0-691-13703-2.

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