Christian Ethics Essay Sample

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christian ethics essay

Christian Ethics Essay Sample

Christian Ethics Essay

In our day to day activities, we always strive to meet and satisfy our needs and wants. To many, our opinions come fast but to others, it’s vice versa. Many people fear being judged by the society at large due to their prestige while others care less about what people say about them. Every society has its standards and acting against such often warrants ridicule. What people fail to realize is that harsh judgment in the society can lead to dire casualties such as loss of lives due to depression and peer pressure. That said, people also ought to live lives that are purposeful to them since the society is not responsible for what happens to them. Biblically, we ought to live a life that is pleasing to God more so since He is the giver of life. In a Christian perception, moral principles can help us greatly in living such a life.

Unambiguously, Christian ethics helps a lot in trying to solve our life situations. The Bible is also an important entity which is a key in helping us to grow morally. Utter use of the moral values found in the Bible helps a lot in sorting out our life issues. The Bible states that faith without action is dead. We ought to show God that we have faith in Him and that we trust Him with our lives. Mere practice of showing that you have faith is not that pleasing in the eyes of God but one ought to practice the morals being communicated.

Violence erupts in many societies but it is our key responsibility to ensure that peace prevails. We must fight against all odds to live together in harmony. We should always be willing to offer a listening heart to our fellow society members. The Bible teaches us to always treat our neighbors how we expect them to treat us. We should also love our neighbors as much as we love ourselves, but majorly we should love God most. Such a command is quite influential especially to Christians who are, therefore, expected to love and put others before them.

Many people do not know what the word of God says. Christians should share the word of God with those who have lost hope in life, those who lead a life that is not pleasing to God and those who choose to be pressured by the pleasures of the world. Ethically, God is pleased when His word is spread all over and more souls come to Him. Introducing new souls to the church also helps in making them understand the word much better. Abiding by the church laws morally is also a major virtue of Christian ethics. By winning souls for God, Christians learn to be servants which is also a command and one of the moral principles of being a Christian.

Christians are also expected to abstain from drugs or any other thing that may tempt them to act in evil. The abuse of drugs and falling into temptations does lead to major casualties. The Bible calls our bodies are the temples of the Holy Spirit. Using drugs interferes with our being pure and as Christians we ought to teach ourselves and others to practice self control. Abstaining from drugs and temptations makes us not sin before God. At times it is hard to do so but through consistent prayers, we can ask God to step in and give u strength to overcome the temptation to sin.

Knowledge of the scripture is an important virtue of Christian ethics. People are usually undecided on whether what they are doing is right or wrong. Some people end up doing the wrong thing due to lack of knowledge of what is expected. However, Christians need to immerse themselves deeply in the Bible and understand what God expects of them.

In conclusion, Christian ethics is relevant today because it fills a void that no material moral system can manage to fill satisfactorily. Christian ethics helps us learn how important is God and how important are His word and His creations.

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