This section has covered every aspect of our academic services that once could be confronted. Below we have answered every possible question to help you comprehend our services.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How can I place my custom essay order?

You can place your order at PerfectEssay while following a few simple steps;

  • Press the order now button given on the left side.
  • Here submit all the required information.
  • Review your submitted information and hit the “submit” button.
  • Now make a secure payment using PayPal Or Credit Card.
  • Now you will receive your accomplished task via email on the deadline.

How can I get an account with PerfectEssay?

When you hit the “Order Now” button, it will automatically ask you to create an account! Fill out all the required information using your credentials, and it will create an account that you can access anywhere at any time.

Is it important to write my original phone number?

Yes, it is important to keep a quick contact with you, especially when we are in urgent need. In case of any questions regarding your order, our customer support team will connect with you immediately.

Can I get a discount at PerfectEssay?

Yes, we offer a special discount to students with a limited budget. Moreover, you also held an allegation for our 15% discount to our first-time customers. You need to enter “first15” in the promo code, and the discount will be applied at your payment time.

What types of writing are you able to do at PerfectEssay?

PerfectEssay is the one-stop-shop for students from all grades and disciplines! Whether you are a college or a university student, we at PerfectEssay can cater to the academic needs of students from every background across the globe.

How will I know that my paper is completed?

You will be notified via email having a link to your accomplished work. You can simply download that link. If not, log in to the PerfectEssay account using your credentials, and there, you can then download your complete paper.

What if I miss my notification?

You don’t need to worry about it, as we have notified you several times! Moreover, if we find it unloaded or unseen, our customer support team will directly contact you via the phone number you give us during the process. Or, if you have missed several notifications yet, you can visit the website and download your copy of the paper at any time.

What do I pay for?

We only charge for the work you assign to our writers, which means that the reference or any kind of sample work that we give you is free of cost.

Can you guarantee my full confidentiality?

Yes, PerfectEssay ensures you 100% confidentiality of your data or any other information you share. In addition to this, we have a secure database where we store your personal information. Therefore, hiring PerfectEssay won’t let you face any issues regarding data breaches.

What if I don't like my completed order? What should I do?

If you are not satisfied with the work, you can simply ask for a revision. PerfectEssay, the most reliable and credible source, will always be on board to assist you if some fixes need to be done.

How do I apply for revision of my paper?

Applying for revision is quite easy; all you need to do is,

  • Login to your PerfectEssay account.
  • Find the order number that needs revisions.
  • Your order will have a revision Request button.
  • Hit the request button and submit all details.
  • Select the deadline for your writer.
  • Hit the offer button, and you are all done!

When will I receive my order?

We usually have deadlines from 6 hours to 30 days! But our writers make sure that you always get your accomplished task within the deadline or even less. In addition, our writers strive to deliver to you before the deadline so that you always have sufficient time for revisions.

How can I submit if I have additional information for my already-processed order?

With PerfectEssay, you can easily upload any additional file any time after you have placed an order. For this;

  • Visit the PerfectEssay and log in with your credentials.
  •  Here click on the show order list at the menu list.
  • Now click on the order number.
  • Here you can find the “upload file” option under the additional file section.
  • Here you can add as many files as you want.

Don’t forget to mention to us your additional files via message. If the process is a bit complicated for you, you can directly email us other files at support@perfectessay.com.

How do I contact the writer?

If you want to leave a message for the writer working on your project, then our process is quite simple for this;

  • Log in to your account with credentials.
  • Here you will find an order list with a message link.
  • Hit the message link, type your message and send it.

I cannot find the Subject Name for my assignment. What to do?

You can specify the subject at the time of order placement, and here you can pick the most appropriate category. For instance, if your task is an accounting dissertation, you should better opt for Business & Marketing.

Do you have a money-back option if I am not satisfied with something?

Yes, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee, which means that if our work is not up to the mark, you can simply apply for an instant refund. But we always deliver high-quality work, which means that you will always get quality work.

Will I get a plagiarism check on my order?

Yes, we always pass each assignment through profound plagiarism checking tools to remove the privacy if found. Moreover, we always deliver you a plagiarism report that you can cross-check or even submit to your client.

Why is your service better than other online writing services?

We are the most reliable, affordable, and sustainable academic source for students across the globe. Our longest-standing and top-rated services are enough to make us the top pick for students of all backgrounds.

What guarantee will I receive after I pay for my order?

We ensure you 100% plagiarism-free high-quality work that you will always get on time. In addition, we make sure that you always get good grades in your exams.

How qualified are your writers?

Writers at PerfectEssay are highly qualified and experienced in their respective fields. Moreover, we hire them after passing through a strict hiring process. Thereby hiring a writer from us would always deliver you professionally written work within the deadline.

What are the main advantages of dealing with PerfectEssay.com writing service?

  • We balance price + quality.
  • We maintain the deadline.
  • We offer 24/7 customer support.
  • We offer free samples.
  • We offer discounts.
  • We have qualified writers from reputable universities.

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