50+ Unique Argumentative Essay Ideas

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unique argumentative essay topics

50+ Unique Argumentative Essay Ideas

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What Is An Argumentative Essay?

An argumentative essay is a type of essay where a writer showcases an argument or claim based on empirical evidence or facts. The readers can be of a different opinion from the writer and should be convinced at the end of the essay. It follows a clear and rigid structure to present information easily.

It is different from narrative and descriptive essays because there is more objectivity and less personal inclination of the writer toward a specific point or a claim.

Many argumentative essays are balanced as the writer presents both sides of the claim and then concludes with the one that aligns with his understanding.

Argumentative essays have three major sections, just like other essay types. The introduction covers the hook, the background, and the thesis. The main body expounds and explains all the major arguments and claims of the writer. The conclusion sums up the discussion and ties all the loose ends before signing off.

Types of Argumentative Essays

Like expository essays, there are different types of argumentative essays, based on their focus and approach. Students should learn different types and ensure that they have complete command over the chemistry and mechanics of each type. Also, teachers do not specify the type that they might have to write and they may have to figure that out on their own.
Persuasive Essays

Persuasive essays, as the name indicate, put forward an argument and then try to convince the readers that that side is the right one based on proof and evidence. These essays should open with a clear stance of the writer so that readers may know what they will find in the succeeding sections. While discussing other sides, the writer should endorse his point of view to persuade the readers.

Research Papers

Research papers do not allow authors to take sides. In these essays, external sources for citations and references are employed, in contrast to logical or reasoning-based arguments. Writers should devote equal evidence to both sides of the argument to present a balanced and non-partisan stance. The conclusion should reflect the unbiased approach and merely reiterate the points discussed in the body.

Analysis Essays

When a writer studies the arguments of other writers and analyzes them to understand their soundness, it becomes an analysis essay. Some of the most important elements of analysis essays include persuasiveness of the contents, evidential information to support or discard arguments, clarity and logical flow of writing, and so on. The author needs to make a clear case of what he supports and what he does not make the essay relatable for the readers.

Best Argumentative Essay Topics 

This section is dedicated to the best argumentative essay topics that are unique and novel. It is understandable if students cannot come up with topics that are not intriguing or interesting enough for the readers. Since they lack training and knowledge in making topics interesting, we can help with a wide array of topics. These are divided by the scope and areas that can be harnessed in argumentative writing.

Sports Argumentative Essay Topics

Sports is a phenomenon larger than life, especially these days. People are interested in learning deeper secrets and mechanisms of sports, including the athletes who take part in these. Sports are also considered an important part of adult development as people learn discipline, control, and teamwork through these. That’s why this section is dedicated to pointing out some of the best topics or angles in sports that students can explore in their argumentative essays.

  • Are college athletes dumb?
  • Is the depiction of college athletes as illiterates true?
  • Should we consider video games as sports?
  • Why should we consider video games as sports?
  • Is American football a sham?
  • Why is rugby superior to American football?
  • Do stereotypes and racial segregation exist in basketball?
  • Can we eradicate gender discrimination in sports?
  • Do sponsorship harm sports more than it benefits?
  • Are sports college scholarships fair?
  • Why the government should support athletes financially?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Academics

Even the field of academics is not free from controversy. Both policies and their practice have garnered opposition and dissent from students and other stakeholders. If students want to research issues related to campus culture, pedagogy, and institutional shortcomings, there are many areas that they can explore to ensure they have a solid argument, evidential information, and solutions at their hands. Here are some topic suggestions on academics that can help you get clarity.

  • The recyclable nature of modern pop music is a detriment to its nature
  • When does inspiration become a rip-off in literature?
  • The act of language filtration in modern and classic literature
  • Is Banksy a real artist or a glorified graffiti spoiler?
  • What is the utility of libraries when the internet is everywhere?
  • Do teachers need more salaries to be productive?
  • What is the morality behind displaying nudes in public spaces?
  • Why do aspiring artists need support from the government and the wealthy?
  • How can you define art as timeless?
  • Does the quality of classic paintings justify their price tags?
  • Does rap count as music and art?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Social Media

Social media is a force to reckon with. Currently, there are more than 4 billion active users that are influencing or being influenced by others without physically getting in touch with one another. It is always thought-provoking to uncover the underlying realities and truths about social elements that are drawing both praise and controversy from all quarters of life. Here, we are suggesting some argumentative essay topics and ideas on social media.

  • Why is social media making people more self-serving and indifferent?
  • Banning women’s nipples from social media?
  • What are the adverse effects of fake news?
  • The role of social media channels in education
  • Online bullying and the regime change in social media
  • The cost of anonymity on social media
  • The loss of language and expression with the rise of the internet vernacular
  • What is the cost of privacy while using social media?
  • The need for a dislike button on social media platforms
  • Employees can be fired for their inappropriate social media presence
  • Why is political tension always on the rise on social media platforms?

Argumentative Essay Topics On Technology

Technology is a leviathan that we cannot escape in this space and time. Sometimes for better, for worse, it has changed our lives and transformed our outlook for the future. There are many angles or areas that students can explore of technology and its application in their argumentative essays. To speed up the process of starting and finishing one, here are some great ideas for argumentative essays on technology.

  • Are we dehumanizing ourselves through technology?
  • Is technology a cure for all maladies?
  • Can we resurrect ourselves as moral animals through technology?
  • What is the reality behind climate change?
  • Are we going extinct with technological advancements?
  • The role of technology in aging and slow-aging
  • Changing the human body with science, is it alright?
  • What is absurd in technology?
  • The role of technology in combating the pollution it created
  • The future outlook of humanity based on technology
  • Becoming better or worse with the help of technology

Picking The Right Unique Argumentative Essay Topic

Simply learning and understanding a topic may not yield ideal results. Students need more than simple discourses on the introduction or application of ideas to write unique argumentative essays. In this section, we will touch on some of the bases that will help students pick the right topic for their argumentative essay in school and college.

Your Interest And Current Trends

It is hard to do any work when your heart is not in it. This is true for writing an essay more than anything. Before choosing a topic, make sure that you find it interesting and are ready to invest time in it. Also, current trends and preferences should keep in mind if you want people to read your essay. To do that, research the internet, especially blogs and forums to see what you or your potential readers are interested in.

Narrow Down Focus On Subject

Your essay will become generic with no value to offer if you do not have a focused subject in it. It is best to start with a broad category, but you need to narrow it down to be able to add value to it. The best way to do so is to dissect the category into different parts and then pick one part and dissect it further. The result will be razor-sharped and cover all the bases on academic points.

Access to Primary And Credible Sources

There is no point in choosing a topic if you cannot access primary sources of information and evidence. Before taking on a topic that is unique and effective for the readers, it is necessary to scour sources and collect as much data as needed for the completion of the essay. The best sources are publications by notable authors. Then comes online journals and essays, then down the line. 


Interesting argumentative topics can be generated through both inductive and deductive methods. To do that, you need to pick a category and then either expand it or narrow it down to develop a thesis. 

In 2022, there could be more than one good argumentative essay topic for writers. The best way to find the right topic is to see the changes taking place as well as the current trends. Here are the areas you can explore:

  • Technology and its application
  • Sports
  • Politics and Economics
  • Religion

If you are looking for only three good topics for your argumentative essay, this is the definitive list:

  • What is the role of social media in political awareness and activism?
  • How is religion defines the social aspects of people’s lives?
  • Can we have a world in the future where there is no war or hunger?

Choosing the right topic is the preliminary step toward writing a good argumentative essay. The following things should be kept in mind if you want to have a unique argumentative essay topic:

  • Current trends
  • Personal interest
  • Access to primary sources
  • Scope and reach of the topic

Many students confuse the topic with the title. In reality, they are different things. A topic is a broad category that writers choose to explore. The title, however, is a focused, razor-edged take on the topic to develop arguments and find evidence. Good titles are inviting and do not reveal much, but only prick the interests of the readers.

There is more than one good controversial topic that writers can choose for their essays. A good controversial topic for an argumentative essay should be thought-provoking and invite other authors to comment and write on it.

In Search of The Best Topic

The search for the best topic does not end for writers. They always have new summits to conquer and bring quality and dexterity to their writing. In this post, we have shed ample light on the best and most unique essays that writers can write their argumentative essays on. They are diverse and far-reaching in their nature, including sports, technology, social media, and so on.

Whenever students need help in their argumentative essay writing, we will always be at their service to oblige!

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