Personal Ethics Essay Sample

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personal ethics essay

Personal Ethics Essay Sample

Personal Ethics Essay

As a person valuing your personal activity is one of the best ways to ensure that you are deciding the best actions that satisfy your interest as a human being. This is because having a correct decision prevents your own self from getting into undesirable actions and scenarios in the future. Personal ethics is one way of becoming a responsible person at all times.

This is a process where you are always responsible for your actions and decisions that make you a better person while you value your actions to become functional in the long run. As a person, it is important to ensure that your actions and decisions benefit your interest as well as having the capacity to improve your plans in the future. Personal ethics is important because it shows how a person fully respects their decision and actions that are relevant to their professional and personal practice.

Personal ethics represents how a person is always responsible for their decisions in their personal and professional affairs. As a person, the significance of allowing capabilities to become functional enhances the credibility to ensure that there is something positive that can be applied in order to elicit positive attitude and vibes with the involved party. Responsibility comes with an efficient way of delivering an action that is acceptable to other individuals.

This comes with an activity that engages in a functional way of delivering thoughts of becoming a disciplined person. Showing a sense of discipline allow a person to prevent committing mistakes in the future because they are aware of the acceptable and unacceptable actions that portray interesting knowledge and skills to satisfy their goals.

Personal ethics is usually affected by a person’s personality because it is where the character comes out to any situation and activity. The character of a person reflects their views and interest that conveys an important measure to determine their emotional well-being. Attitude is the main basis to identify a person’s interest by means of allowing an individual to become reliable with their practices.

The personality of a person determines their personal gesture, which has been responsible for encouraging their actions to reflect their belief and activities that translate their relationship with their ethical norms and values. If a person shows a strong personality towards others, they are observed to establish a poor interpersonal relationship with other individuals. The reason behind is that their strong personality might not be compatible with other individuals with a weaker personality either at home or at work.

The implications brought about by personal ethics are the ability to adjust with other individual’s attitude or character. Reflecting the character of a person reveals that they are able to know the things that are either appropriate or inappropriate. Character reference reveals a person’s personal ethics by means of detailing their attitudes by describing their personality towards other individuals. As they say, your friends act as mirrors of your personality that meticulously describe your behavior towards other individuals or groups in any circumstance.

If there are issues that concern other people, they describe your personality as strong and inappropriate for other individuals. However, having a nice personality can be described by other individuals to have positive vibes over other individuals or groups to have similar intuitions and objectives with any belief of activities (Sim, 2015).


Sim, May (2015). “Why Confucius’ Ethics is a Virtue Ethics”, in Besser-Jones and Slote, pp. 63–76.

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