10 Best Narrative Writing Templates In 2022

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10 Best Narrative Writing Templates In 2022

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Writing is a hard job and there are no two opinions on it, even from the most talented and gifted writers. It is because writing is easy, but writing good prose that can connect with readers and fulfill the premise it intends to capture is hard. That’s why writers from all groups and scales, especially from schools and colleges are always seeking advice on how to write better and faster.

First of all, there is no shortcut to writing success. It is a slow-burning process that requires patience, grit, and skills to master. Still, many insights can help writers to save time and speed up the process. This blog post is a part of that ongoing search.

Narrative Writing In School & College

Narrative essay writing is a big part of the learning process in schools and colleges. A narrative essay is usually an account of a personal incident or experience that a writer had faced in the past that influenced the succeeding course of events. It has a standard structure with three main sections, including an opening or introduction to set the stage, the main body to explain all the elements, and a closing or conclusion to tie all the loose ends. The essential elements of a narrative essay are the plot, theme, characters, setting, etc.

Teachers employ narrative writing to gauge the student’s ability to think, write, and understand faster and better. That’s why students spend extra time learning the art and craft of narrative writing.

Why Narrative Essay Writing Is Important

Even for those students who do not wish to pursue creative writing in college and professional life, it is worth their time to learn to write narratives. Since a narrative is a story with the main character who wants something, either physical, metaphysical, or both, learning how to provide necessary details to make it stand can open many doors. Fields like marketing, copywriting, sales, and more can be a great playfield for writers who have complete control over the elements and can whip up an anecdote at a party or terse prose in a corporate email.

Another thing that makes it an absolute must for all students is the deeper control over the mind and thinking that writing narratives offer. When students are tasked to think and go down memory lanes and come up with ideas that can help readers connect with the believable characters across the spectrum.

Exceptional Personal Narrative Writing Templates

Personal narrative writing revolves around the experiences and incidents that the writer faced and left a deep impact on him. Often, they lend valuable moral lessons to the readers or they can draw parallels from the theme and other elements of the essay.

The Most Depressing Moment In Your Life

When a student decides to write about the most depressing moment in life, it is necessary to take into account the status quo, the normal depression-free life before that moment. Also, it is worth taking into account the causes that led the writer to the moment. In most cases, these moments are about losing a person, a place, or control over circumstances that led to extreme helplessness and depression. There are cases when physical elements had little to do with the inner state of the mind and more about the inner battle with demons.

The Best Day In Your School Life

School life is cherished by people, most of the people depending on how they were treated and how they remember the days. No matter what the whole experience was for someone, some days can be ranked as the best ones. Among that ones, you can pick out the best one and provide rich context that can help readers see why it was the best day in school. Keep in mind that the reasons are often not obvious, so you need to do an extra effort to highlight the good ones and suppress the bad ones.

The Time You Helped A Stranger

Strangers are a mixed bag when it comes to narrative writing, and literature at large. Depending on the plot and theme, strangers can be the true incarnation of evil on the earth or they can be the saviors that the narrator or protagonist was looking for. But, when you helped a stranger out of need, either of his or yours, it is best to show reciprocity of the act. Like, if the stranger took help from you, then he also helped you to have the peace or solace of helping a fellow in need.

Cultural Narrative Essay Templates

Cultures play a very important role in our personal and social lives. When you want to write about culture, many things can impact life and the things surrounding it. Here are some great examples of cultural narrative essay templates.

Unique Family Traditions And How They Impact Lifestyle

The simplest definition of a lifestyle is the way a person lives. Taking a closer look, lifestyle and culture are extremely connected as it affects how a person dresses, eats, often behaves, and the overall outlook toward the world and life. Family traditions are often a cornerstone in the upbringing of a person so they are bound to impact life and lifestyle in a big way. So, whatever your family traditions are or what you have experienced, you can house it in a narrative.

How A Culture Defines A Person

Defining a person is one of the hardest things that we can do from the outside. But when we put ourselves as the second or third person in the narrative, we can see how certain culture and traditions define a person, from how he behaves and act to how he embraces life changes and connect with others.

While writing a narrative essay on that topic, you can compare that person with another from the same tribe to better represent the picture.

Importance of Culture In A Diaspora

Diaspora happens when people are forced to leave their homelands due to the fear of persecution, hunger, war, and more. They seek out refuge and asylum across other regions and often carve out a new life for themselves. There are two distinct phases of culture in this life. In the first one, they are more concerned about getting connected with the adopted culture and becoming one with the hosts. Later, they long for the homelands and their traditions and take a step back to remember and connect with the roots.

Influence of Pop Culture & Media On Traditions

Pop culture is ubiquitous and there is no escape from it. The mediums are growing with each passing year and it has influenced the most impregnable cultures and traditions. No matter how stiff and resilient the guards on those traditions were, the response was different. Some took the element of change as a necessity and even welcome it in the inner circles of their culture.

Others resist it to the point of irrationality and make sure that things stay pure and unadulterated.

Top Narrative Writing Templates On Experiences & Emotions

Apart from measuring life in years and decades, another potent, yet subjective, way of gauging life is to compare it against experiences and emotions that a person had. It makes even more sense when you emulate the life on paper that you lived or wanted to live. Since it is a narrative, it carries a deep footprint of real life without you even knowing.

Riding A Bicycle For The First Time

Riding a bicycle is more than just sitting on a contraption and pedaling away. It can be a symbol of control and power and to go to places that your legs could not carry to. Many emotions and experiences pop up in people’s heads when it comes to cycling. The memories can be bitter, sweet, or a bit of both. What is important is to make the experience come alive on paper.

Playing At The Beach

Few places and experiences offer more fun and elusive picture than the sight of a beach where people can tan, dance, play, and swim. The best part about this is that playing at the beach does not require any specific age or class because it is extremely fun and enchanting for everyone. People playing at the beach are also prone to accidents and injuries but it is all in a light mood and fun.

Ending A Long Relationship

This could be a traumatizing event for the parties involved. A relationship that is cherished and preserved as long as it can be, but they inevitably break up and things take an ugly turn. It is necessary to show the good, the bad, and the ugly in the context of getting people and leaving them. Ending a long relationship is also about looking for a new person that can heal wounds from the past and bring happiness in the future.


Narrative writing comprises a diverse range of writing. It is everywhere where you can find a story with characters, conflicts, and an embedded theme across the story. The most popular examples of narrative writing include an essay, short stories, a novel, and many more.

While looking for suitable topics for your narrative writing assignment, it is necessary to look for incidents, accidents, and experiences that cast a deep shadow on your personality or the circumstances immediately following them. The more impactful they are, the more potent your narrative writing will come out. The best topics for narrative writing in terms of impact are, tragedy, loss, meeting someone for the first time, or losing a lifelong partner.

The four major types of narrative writing in literature depend on the way a story is told:

  • A linear narrative is a chronological account of the experience and how it affected the succeeding course of events
  • The non-linear narrative breaks down the chronological thread by moving in and out of sequence to tell the story employing flashbacks and other literary devices
  • Conquest narrative shows the extreme desire of the protagonist to achieve something, either physical or spiritual, and to endure challenges along the way
  • Viewpoint narrative is extremely subjective and often leads to an unreliable narrator

The standard format of a narrative essay has three distinct sections. The opening or the introduction sets the stage with a hook and closes with a thesis statement. The main body explains all the elements of the narrative essay including the setting, theme, characters, and conflict. The closing or conclusion reflects on the moral lessons learned from the story.

A narrative essay is a personal account of an incident or experience that the writer endured and that significantly affected him. On the other hand, a descriptive essay is about an account of a person, a thing, a place, or an event using sensory details and figurative language.

Mostly, universal facts and obvious details are excluded from the narrative essay because they can hamper the progress of the narrative and make it drab and dull for the readers.


In many cases, students need to start from scratch to complete their school or college assignments. Instead of going through the trouble of searching or coming up with a unique topic, we have made the process easier by going into the details of some of the best narrative writing templates. They will provide a rallying point for students to kick start their narrative essay with ease and secure maximum marks.

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