How To Write The Perfect Essay

April 7, 2023 Usman

How To Write The Perfect Essay

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Essay writing has never been easier for writers, whether they are just starting or considered professionals in the field. Apart from the known variables that can be balanced in the text, there are many other things that are even hard to explain, let alone ace in the writing. Still, students in schools and colleges produce excellent essays and go on to become professional writers

There is always a demand from novice writers for a well-researched guide on how to write a good essay. That’s why we have dedicated this post to chalk out the whole process of writing a riveting essay. We will start with the importance of learning the craft and then go through the steps to make things crystal clear for the students.

Importance of Mastering The Craft of Essay Writing

Much of the learning process in schools and colleges revolves around writing about the subject and new topics. Since this will be the case with all the subjects, students should learn the craft of essay writing. By doing so, they will be more able to illuminate their points clearly and not only earn a higher percentage but also improve their understanding of concepts.

That’s the reason many institutions have creative writing courses where they go through all the steps of writing good prose, including researching, writing, proofing, and editing it to the best of their iteration.

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How to Write An Essay Perfectly

Since novice writers and students are often on the lookout to master the craft, it is necessary to provide them with a practical guide. Many online guides are more about theorizing the process without providing insights to the readers so that they can become better writers. We have taken the most practical approach with our guide. Each step is explained in detail so that there is nothing left for the students to go through hit and trial.

Pre-Writing Phase

Even when you have ample knowledge about a subject, it is necessary to go through the pre-writing phase. It involves some writing, no doubt, but it is not directly connected with the finished product.

Understanding The Assignment

First, students must understand the assignment. Many make the mistake of rushing in the beginning, only to realize late into the process or never. For instance, many confuse an expository essay with an argumentative one. So, to avoid any issues down the road, understand the assignment.

Researching & Outlining Simultaneously

While collecting necessary information, writers should start outlining the essay. This is helpful as it will eliminate an additional step from the process. It will also help them better streamline the scope and focus of the essay without much effort.

Organizing Thoughts & Ideas

Apart from core outlines and notes, there are often side notes and checklists that can help them speed up the process. So, organize your thoughts and ideas, both about the subject and the process of writing beforehand. When this is done, it is time to move on to the writing phase.

Writing Phase

Instead of taking some rest before putting pen to the paper, it is best to get started right away. If you ask professionals how to write better essays, they will always refer to the initial spark or nascent potential or the motivation. Heeding their counsel, let’s dive deeper into the writing phase.

Opening With A Hook

To grab readers’ attention right from the beginning, it is necessary to set up an effective hook. A hook can be a question, a bold or shocking statement, or anything that can make things interesting for the readers while connecting them with the subject of the essay.

Context Before The Thesis

It would not be fair to the readers to smash them with the core subject right away. Instead, ease them into the main topic by providing background information or context about the title. This is also called literature review in some circles but it helps them familiarize themselves with the subject. The closing lines of the introduction can have the thesis statement.

Main Points & Arguments In Body Paragraphs

This is where all the action takes place, no matter which type of essay students are writing. In terms of word count and length, this takes a lion’s share of the introduction and conclusion paragraphs. Still, they should make every word count to ensure quality trumps quantity.

Making All Elements Play

Each essay type has its own set of elements. Without them, writers can’t hit the mark. That’s why they need to make the best of the main body paragraphs in essay writing so that readers are well-satisfied with the arguments and counterarguments before moving on to the concluding paragraph.

Concluding All The Main Points

The conclusion is a very important section of the essay because many readers only go through with it. It should restate the thesis to circle the essay and revisit all the main points from the body of the essay. There is no need to add new dimensions or any other information in this section.

Editing & Proofreading Phase

There is another mistake that many students novice writers make while acting on the writing strategies for essays – submitting an essay without proofreading and editing. No matter how meticulous and finicky you were in the writing process, mistakes are bound to happen. These might not be clear to you but they will be seen by the teachers from miles.

Identifying & Eliminating Grammatical & Contextual Errors

The first order of business in this phase is identifying and eliminating grammatical errors. This is another hit or miss for many writers as they are learning the ropes of writing. Either they can go through the essay manually or they can use an online grammar-checking tool to speed up the process. Grammarly is almost a default tool for many writers to identify issues with grammar and get suggestions on how to resolve them.

The next case is about contextual errors so they should be dealt with through patience and diligence.

Aiming For Solid Sentence Structure & Flow

An essay attempts to explain a topic or a subject to the readers while adding a new dimension to it the writer. To achieve both goals, the writing must be fluent and effortless. Many writers use long and boring sentences with no real value for the readers. Again, it is the job of the writers to identify these sentences and optimize them in such a way that their meanings and value multiply.

Ensuring Compliance With Requirements

In the pre-writing phase, we started the guide by understanding the assignment. This is the end of the guide and we are going through the step once again. After fine-tuning the whole essay, students need to check it against the requirements prescribed by the teachers, since they will evaluate the essay based on them. If there are still any issues with the essay based on those points, this is the time to resolve them for good.

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Final Thoughts

It would be an understatement to say that writing is hard. It is one of the toughest vocations because of the known and unknown variables surrounding it. In our guide to writing perfect essays, we have gone through the importance of learning the craft, along with the pre-writing phase to help students set up with the task. For the writing phase, we have chalked out all the steps with clear instructions and goals. In the editing and proofreading section, we have identified common issues with essays and how to resolve them before submitting them for evaluation.

We hope that this blog will help students in becoming better writers and score higher to achieve their goals in academics.

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