How to Write an Essay on Personal Philosophy of Success

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How to Write an Essay on Personal Philosophy of Success

How to Write an Essay on Personal Philosophy of Success

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Personal Philosophy of Success

General guidelines

Personal philosophy success is based on inner ability that is portrayed outside after someone takes a single step. Personal philosophy contains strategies for achieving the success that the essay writer demonstrates to the reader with various considerations. It also contains extensive support by giving experience, examples, and evidence. Personal philosophy paper should also include the writer’s commitment and how the preparations were undertaken for the forthcoming success.

How to start

One can start a personal philosophy essay by demonstrating three or more strategies for your success. For instance, these can be classwork, reading magazines, listening to motivational speakers, or even having a mentor. For each and every strategy give a clear detail of how to achieve it. Secondly, have a well-composed paper as this will enable the audience to consider your points valid and achievable.

How to create the outline

An outline composes of the items to be discussed. One can start by introducing the strategies of success and then give a clear thesis statement. The body will contain the storyline of success as well as the evidence or examples of success. A conclusion is the last part when one has handled the content very well.

How to write the thesis

A thesis statement gives the whole picture of the body. The thesis statement contains the topic or the heading; for instance, self-motivation or personal responsibility. When the thesis statement gives the whole concept of the body, it is followed by the main points of success.

How to write the introduction

A good introduction contains sentences that will catch the attention of the reader. A personal philosophy essay should contain an introduction that includes well-planned strategies of success. Secondly, it should reveal some information about a motivating factor for the success as well as a brief story of oneself. One can start by using a personal narrative that will enable the reader to have background information about the writer.

A perfect essay on personal philosophy contains details on ideas and the main points that lead to success. One introduces him or herself with a brief background story and with what might have pushed him or her to lay a strategy for success. The thesis statement will highlight every point to be discussed in the body. One also should give valid details about success.

How to write body paragraphs

A body is the center of an essay as everything is discussed mainly in the body. What transpired to the success is well elaborated in the body. A personal philosophy essay contains relevant means or ways in which one uses to succeed. One may have been in a difficult situation but the strategy you use will determine your success. You need to highlight all points from major to minor. Discuss every point while giving relevant examples or evidence that support your main points

How to conclude

A personal philosophy essay needs to be finished in a way that the audience or reader is satisfied with. You can provide the story and the strategies you use for succeeding. All the points are summarized in the finishing paragraph. The summarized points need to be well written and well-phrased in order for the reader to be fully satisfied with your strategy.

Essay revision

Revising your essay is vital. Check the grammar, tenses and make sure that all the sentences are well structured and they are able to give clear ideas. One needs to ensure that the essay brings sense to the reader.

Personal Philosophy Essay Sample: Personal Philosophy of Success

I view the personal philosophy of success as hope or dream or away one has a dream but is not fulfilled due to several circumstances. For instance, one has a degree in a certain field but his or her desire is to have several degrees. Such kind of a person has a personal philosophy that he wants to fulfill. Another good example is when a person does not have anything that he/she has achieved but has several ambitions in life.

This person has a personal philosophy that will enable him or her to find strategies for fulfilling their dreams. You and I can be one of those people having nothing or something, for instance, a degree, but our motivations come in when we have a well-laid strategy of fulfilling our wishes. Some time back, I used to question life-like “Why things happen the way they are?” Why was I created? What is my purpose in life, what does the future hold for me? This question led me to gather my mind together and have a well-laid structure of doing things in life.

I came from a humble background that really helped me realize my full potential in life. Looking back to those who gave effort for me to be the way I am is a great motivation. My dream was to become a doctor who will save lives in various ways. This dream was driven by the fact that my grandparents died in front of my eyes just because of poor medication. It really caught my heart in surprise because at that time I believed that a hospital was the place for the sick to be treated and not die.

I always wanted to be the person that saves the lives of others and also cure several diseases that have troubled the human race. The second thing that really drove me was to be the role model for the young generation to come in the near future. Because of my dream, I gave the way to good things that would support my dream rather than those that will kill my dream; for instance, alcohol, drugs, immorality, and more so peer pressure.

The three factors gave me the way to my dream. Where I am today is because of the well-laid strategy of achieving goals. One of the strategies was to read smart and finish schooling up to the masters’ level. Paying attention in class, reading quality books, watching motivational speakers on television are the things that gave me the light. Later, I graduated with a doctorate degree in medicine because of the strategies I laid.

My mother was my motivator. She once told me that “Success is something anyone in this world can achieve if he or she loves and is fully devoted because anyone can achieve a given dream when the strategies are well put.” If one has a dream, just go for it and do not look at anything. That discouraging part is when you lose hope and lose focus on your way to achieve your dream. Always be focused on everything. I am now a doctor because of the dream. You can also achieve your dream by having a strategy and a commitment to your dream.

In conclusion, every dream is achievable when one loves his or her goals. Success comes with full responsibility for everything. When one is committed to achieving a certain goal in life, one mind is filled with several aspects of success. Young people need to have dreams that are achievable. People have achieved several dreams in life, not because of luck but because of commitment. Personal philosophy of success comes with full strategy and commitment, plus the right focus.

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