How To Write An Essay For Middle School

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How To Write An Essay For Middle School

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In the debate of whether good writing is a natural talent or a learned craft through discipline, we always side with the latter. It is an observable fact that children can be taught the art and science of essay writing in simple and gradual steps. 

So, the idea of writing an essay in middle school is not outrageous because students have been doing that for a long time. Of course, you do not expect them to become extremely better at it but they become able to express their points in a simple yet effective manner.

Challenges In Middle School Essay Writing

Middle school essay writing is not an easy proposition. Students have transitioned from elementary schools and they are not often not ready to learn essay writing heads on. There is not enough academic and creative base to tame their ideas and hone them to be presentable.

Here are the challenges that mentors face in middle schools while teaching students essay writing:

  • Students seldom have ideas about the fineness of propositions
  • They are not aware of the technical terms that are supposed to be given at the higher academic levels
  • There is a cap on what you can expect from students at this level
  • Churning out an essay of a few hundred words is not possible for them

Due to these challenges, essay writing in middle school is a miniature of its grander self that students in high schools and colleges produce. It might have all the elements, but the level of inquiry and the scope of writing is understandably shallow.

Seeking Professional Help

Still, essay writing is a thing in middle school. Students are assigned essays and papers to finish on time. As we have gone through the challenges in the previous sections, many come up short on either their ideas or their execution. Even when students at middle schools think that there is no way around it, actually there is. Excellent essay writing services online can help middle school students with their essays. Contrary to them, they have professional writers with years of experience and know-how to write exceptional essays for them. The pricing for essays is competitive and placing an order is just a breeze.

Writing A Middle School Essay 

The above-mentioned way of writing a middle school essay is desirable for students because there is no hassle and exceptional results are guaranteed. On the other side, if students are determined to write one on their own, there is a workaround for that too. We have come up with this guide that will help students in understanding the requirements of each step or section of essay writing. In addition to this, there is a checklist in the closing sections of this post that will help them track the necessary elements and see how they are doing.

Professional Essay Writing Tips For Middle School

Middle school students have their strengths and weaknesses as we have taken a look at the challenges that mentors face at this academic level. Still, students are given assignments and they are provided with guidelines and deadlines on how to write and submit their essays. In this section, we have come up with essay writing tips that will help students to learn the art and craft of writing and put the knowledge into practice right away!
Select The Right Topic

We cannot stress enough the importance of the right topic. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to the “right” topic because it is a subjective matter. Students should look for their personal preferences, likes, and biases. Also, they can look at current trends to see how their likes fare against the current scenario of the knowledge world. Writers should only choose a topic that they care about and for which they can find enough information to write an essay.

Use Outline For Organized Structure

Outlining is the first pre-writing step that can set all other phases in motion, or make them come to a halt. There are many approaches to outlining but we suggest students research data and outline the essay at the same time. This will allow them to set the right direction and scope of their essay right in the beginning. For research, writers should always rely on primary and credible sources to avoid any frustration.

Develop A Thesis In Bold Sentences

A thesis or a thesis statement is the summation of the main idea or argument of the essay. When a student is writing a narrative or descriptive essay, it is about sharing the gist of the whole essay in a single or a couple of bold and brief sentences. It is understandable if students have a hard time writing the thesis in the beginning, so they can work on it after finishing the text. Just be sure to remember that!

Write Major Sections

An essay consists of three major sections, namely: the introduction, the main body, and the conclusion. While writing the major sections or paragraphs, students should keep in mind their purpose and limitations. For instance, the introduction or opening paragraph is for the hook, some background information, and the thesis statement. The main body covers all the other elements of the essay. The conclusion summarizes the talk and ends the essay.

Fine Tune Your Conclusion

The conclusion ties all the loose ends for the readers. It is read in the end so it must have the ability to leave a lasting impression on the readers. Some of the don’ts of writing or fine-tuning a conclusion are adding new information or introducing a new dimension to the discussion. Also, the conclusion should have catchy language and expression to hold on to the reader’s attention.

Proofread & Review Before Submission

This is a common mistake that even seasoned writers make so we can expect middle school students to do the same. Proofreading and editing are important aspects of writing an essay. It allows writers to find their mistakes and strengthen their weak points. Students can also use online applications like Grammarly to find out mistakes and get suggestions for improvements.

Checklist For Middle School Essay

After going through the guide on how to write a middle school essay, you might be wondering, I have everything I need to start writing an essay, but something is missing. You are right. For writing at this level, you should expect and get everything you need. In this light, here is a checklist that will help you keep track of the essay and its necessary elements. Although you can also use the guide as a checklist, this is more convenient.

No Grammatical Errors

As we have covered in the last point of the guide, grammatical errors are common in essays when they are not properly edited and proofread. As a writer, it is your responsibility to ensure that everything is accurate, especially sentence structure, the right use of grammar and punctuation, and so on. Otherwise, you will not be able to make an impression on the readers and end up with an inferior essay.

Focus On The Topic

As human beings, we have disruptions in our attention spans and we take detours from core thoughts. This is evident in many middle school essays. Students can move away from their topics to explore other peripheral ideas. Through this checklist, you will be able to critically evaluate your essay before submitting it. This will help you get the focus back on track with no issues in the end.

Clear & Bold Thesis Statement

A thesis statement is what makes an essay complete. An essay can’t be complete without one. In the guide, we advised students to write the thesis statement at the end. This is ideal because they will have a better idea of the whole essay after finishing it. However, they should remember to write it and then refine and review it for the end.

Solid Formatting

The formatting or structure of an essay depends on its type and the focus of the writer. For descriptive and narrative essays, there is no need to stick to a rigid structure. But for argumentative and expository essays, it is necessary to have a clear structure with multiple sections and logical transitions between them. Students should never ignore formatting because it can make all the difference.

How Essay Writing Services Help With Your Middle School Essay

We have suggested this before, and we are suggesting it now. Professional essay writing services are always at your disposal to write exceptional middle school essays for a fraction of the price and with complete confidence. PerfectEssay provides excellent middle school essays to its clients with quick delivery options. You can set the delivery time on the homepage of the website and it will calculate the price that you have to pay. Also, we have highly trained and skilled writers that can prioritize tasks with no errors or inconsistencies in the text. You will find the company reigning in the online space for its customer trust due to reliable services.

By opting to hire a professional company, you will be able to focus on other things knowing that you will have a submission-ready essay before the deadline.

Essay Writing For Middle School

It is safe to conclude that essay writing for middle school can be scary for both teachers and students. It is because the former needs to teach the latter and expect quick and glorious results. This is a far cry from being safe and conservative. For students, it is best to get a professional writer on board for writing and editing. However, if they are up for the challenge, we have covered a detailed guide and the checklist in the blog. It covers the whole process of writing and editing as well as the other aspects of the pre-writing and post-writing phases. We have also added a nifty checklist for students so that they do not miss out on essential items. 

We hope that they will be able to navigate through tricky waters with the help of this resource to get superior grades!

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