How to Write a Research Paper on Obesity

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research paper on obesity

How to Write a Research Paper on Obesity

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How to write a research paper on obesity

A paper on obesity is dependent on the intended audience. If the audience is well familiar with the subject and the research paper is meant to reinforce certain key aspects of the subject, then the format is slightly different. The structure and format of the introduction may be also different depending on the preferences of the instructor. Therefore, depending on the audience and preferences, you may need to define some key terms about obesity and elucidate on how the contents of the essay are relevant to them. Thus, it is important to seek clarification from a lecturer to understand what he/she expects about the essay. However, here are some general tips that can help you nail a good introduction for a perfect essay on obesity.

Tips on how to start. Introduction to an obesity research paper

  • Define the term obesity exhaustively.
  • Include some statistical data that talks about obesity but consistent with your arguments.
  • Briefly discuss the statistical information.
  • Include famous quotes on obesity that can hook your audience.
  • Include a thesis statement.

Example of an outline

The essay on obesity is a 5-paragraph essay that seeks to address what the community can do to combat obesity in the country.

  • Introduction
    a) Hook: A quote/Statistics
    b) Some statistics on obesity
    c) Who is affected
    d) Why we need to combat this epidemic
    e) Thesis statement.
  • Body. Paragraph 1
    1. Topic Sentence: what can families and communities do to address obesity?
    2. 4-5 Support sentences (include statistics or any evidence where appropriate).
  • Body. Paragraph 2
    1. Topic sentence: Role played by the community, schools, and education sector in curbing this menace.
    2. 4-5 Support sentences (include statistics or any evidence where appropriate).
  • Body. Paragraph 3
    1. Topic sentence: Steps on how we can address obesity.
    2. 4-5 Support sentences (include statistics or any evidence where appropriate)
  • Conclusion
    a) Recap
    b) Short summary of all main points expressed in the essay
    c) Restatement of the thesis

Example of a thesis

The thesis statement is dependent on the area the essay seeks to cover. Obesity is a huge topic, and therefore the author must write a thesis statement that captures the scope of the essay explicitly. Following the afore-described outline, a simple thesis statement of the essay can be as follows:

Consumption of fast foods is a leading cause of obesity and other preventable health issues such as diabetes and heart diseases that are likely to attack them later in life.

Example of an obesity research paper introduction

More than one-third (35.7 percent) of adults in the US are considered to be obese. This is a genuine call for prompt action that can reverse or end this trend. Many diseases and health complications stare at the future of a great nation if not addressed early enough. Being overweight or obese is a sign of an underlying lifestyle issue. Fast foods play a leading role in obesity. Consumption of fast foods is a leading cause of obesity and other preventable health issues such as diabetes and heart diseases that are likely to attack them later in life.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on obesity

The body paragraphs are dependent on what type of essay it is. If it is an expository essay, argumentative essay, informative essay, the structure of the body paragraph may vary slightly. However, there is a general format you can use to articulate your points in the essay.

Tips on body writing

  • Start with a topic sentence that carries the information you want to develop in the rest of
    the essay.
  • Write 5-7 support sentence that elucidates on the topic sentence.
  • Maintain smooth transitions between the sentences.
  • Include evidence and cite information drawn from external sources accurately.
  • Have a logical flow of sentences through the paragraph to ensure coherence.

Example on 1st body paragraph

Raising awareness of the dangers of obesity can spark a change that can reverse or end this obesity menace. Creating awareness about obesity would inform more people on ways to avoid becoming overweight or obese. The awareness program teaches healthier living like exercising, reduced fast food intake, drinking water, reduced sugar consumption, etc. These are proven methods that have helped obese people lose weight and live normal lives whilst preventing millions more from becoming obese or overweight.

Example on 2nd body paragraph

Psychological issues have also been attributed to overweight and obesity. People experiencing stress and depression may respond by being anorexic or increased appetite. Increased appetite can lead to obesity. Therefore, people should be wary of their eating patterns and ensure they maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid obesity. Obesity requires a holistic approach and people should practice healthy living by exercising and helping their friends and family to inculcate diet discipline and a healthy living lifestyle to avoid being overweight or obese.

Example on 3rd body paragraph

The community, schools and the government need to come together and address this problem collectively. Each of these parties has a critical role in eradicating this problem, and it should not be left for the people or families of obese people to address it. The government can pass policies that help fight obesity and overweight. Communities can help by creating awareness and collectively participating in activities that seek to eradicate this problem like sports. In schools, students can be taught how to live healthier lives and ways to prevent obesity, and the health challenges it tags along with. Therefore, obesity and overweight can be fought on many fronts to reduce its prevalence on the land and beyond borders.

How to finish a research paper on obesity

As you draw to the conclusion of the essay on an obesity essay, it is important, to sum up, all the points and reconcile the information presented in the essay. Obesity is a negative phenomenon, and therefore you can offer a few logical ways through which it can be addressed. Reconcile the audience to agree with your standpoint and recap the main points discussed in the body paragraphs.

Tips on conclusion writing

  • Restate the thesis statement
  • Summarize the main points discussed in the essay
  • Include an interesting sentence about obesity and call for action
  • Use a rhetorical question or a quote
  • Challenge the audience to be agents of change in fighting obesity.

Example of a conclusion

Concisely, obesity is increasingly becoming a challenge around the world. It is a problem that can be addressed by proper awareness of healthy living and conscious decisions to secure the future. All the aforementioned factors that have can alleviate this problem need to be cumulatively used to fight off this menace. Everyone wants future generations to be healthy, isn’t it? Therefore, it is the responsibility of everyone to do what is within his/her power to fight obesity and encourage others to join us in the quest for healthier future generations. For we all know, united we stand, divided, we fall.

Tips on research paper revision

Research paper revision requires thorough scrutiny on the areas highlighted by the course instructor as erroneous. However, there are areas where students often make mistakes. References and citations are often cited without following standard formats thus leading to revision. When doing corrections, focus on the format and content and ensure it is coherent and relevant after the revision. Thesis statements and topic sentences must be coined explicitly and objectively to help communicate their intended message. Grammar and punctuation are also areas students often overlook but that carry the significant weight of the paper marks. To avoid revisions, ensure you proofread the research paper keenly or ask a friend or a colleague to proofread it and help make necessary corrections.

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