How to Write a Research Paper on Bullying

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research paper on bullying

How to Write a Research Paper on Bullying

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How to start a research paper on bullying

Start writing about bullying by creating an introduction. A writer should know that bullying is one of the most sensitive scenarios that we encounter in our modern society. Writing your research paper on bullying is important because it provides an idea about bullying that occurs in all kinds of backgrounds and areas around the world. You can research the topic on the internet, library, or by using scientific journals about bullying.

Tips on how to start

Before starting, you should introduce the topic of bullying. This includes discussing the meaning of bullying and the prevalence rate (if any) to a certain society where this type of scenario is considered as a disturbing event to the community. The rationale of providing an introductory paragraph is to allow the audience to appreciate the topic that will be discussed in the research paper.

Example of an outline

I. Introduction about Bullying

A. How negative is bullying

B. Who is affected by bullying?

II. Body Section

A. Factors affecting bullying

B. Consequences of bullying

C. Solutions against bullying

IV. Conclusion

A. Relating bullying as a story

B. Restating the thesis statement

Example of an introduction for a bullying research paper

Criminal elements have been known to bring risks in our society because it poses a greater risk of a safety threat, psychological suffering, and mental health problems. However, bullying is another term wherein law enforcement agencies fail to reconsider. The reason behind this is that bullying was not often reported by schools or households due to a lack of understanding of the scenario.

Example of a thesis

If a person experiences violence, verbal abuse, intimidation, and coercion on a repeated occasion, they are now being bullied. Bullying commonly takes place in schools where students become vulnerable outside their home, students who are out of reach by their parents. This research paper seeks to determine the outcomes of bullying which is responsible for causing irreversible harm to the affected population.

How to write body paragraphs for a research paper on bullying

In order to write body paragraphs, you should divide several sections in the body section of the research paper. You will have to set a paragraph intended to discuss the factors affecting bullying towards a certain household or school. Secondly, indicate the type of bullying addressed towards a group of victims or a single individual affected by the scenario. Third, the effects of bullying along with the corresponding management of this activity towards the affected individual will mitigate the risk of being bullied by the offending party.

Tips on body writing

  • Be consistent with the discussion of each sentence, phrase, or segment of the paper.
  • Use simple and concise words that are easy to understand by the readers.
  • Discuss directly to the point issues to easily target the main points of the subject matter.
  • Consider the target audience that is relevant to the main subject to allow readers to relate the discussion to their personal experience.
  • Discussing the research in shorter sentences prevents confusion for the readers.

The 1st body paragraph

Indicate the factors why bullying occurs in a certain area. You should indicate the specific place where bullying usually occurs. You can state several factors in terms of political, social, or security issues in the affected area. Factors determine several reasons why bullying occurs. This can be based on the lapses in laws that allow bullying to take over. The absence of parenting is also considered a reason because parents are the first teachers of humans at home to show the right way of treating others and knowing what is right or wrong.

The 2nd body paragraph

Describe the type of bullying that is usually inflicted towards the targeted victim. Indicating the place, time, and frequency of bullying that impacts the physical and psychological well-being of the individual. Bullying can be discussed by detailing the scenario of the story. The scenario narrates the way or the type of harm applied towards the victim of the abuse, which could present how it was applied by the offending party. This is to further explain more details about the scenarios on how this unacceptable behavior has been perpetrated by a person with violent intent.

The 3rd body paragraph

Discuss the impact of bullying towards the group or individual being targeted by the offending party. Identify the affected groups or organizations when bullying occurs at a certain period of time. The impact is usually based on physical issues wherein the victim sustained injuries that either minor or major depending on the condition or the type of harm applied. A psychological impact is a scenario wherein bullying has been impacting the emotional well-being of an individual that severely damaged their self-confidence or self-worth.

How to finish a research paper on bullying

Provide a piece of advice for a reader regarding helpful tips to protect anyone from bullying. Discuss the salient points or important ways to help individuals from any threat of harm by a group of individuals who were known to inflict harm towards others just to satisfy their anti-social behavior. And most importantly, you should have a conclusion to ensure closure for the research paper that determines your final statement regarding the issue of bullying that happens in school or in any community.

Tips on conclusion writing

  • Make a final statement about bullying that discusses the use of abusive practices applied towards an individual or group from a dominant party.
  • Discuss learning insight about bullying as it emphasizes the significance of issues that made a significant lesson for your personal perception regarding the incidence of this unacceptable practice towards others.
  • Establish commentaries and facts that are relevant towards the implementation of local government units or administration of the operating institution against bullying.
  • Initiate recommendations about bullying as it is important to know the most precise way of preventing bullying in the workplace that can help others learn more about bullying solutions.
  • Consider the negative implications of bullying, which concentrate on the impact of the victim’s physical, social, psychological, and security issues.

Example of conclusion for a bullying research paper

Bullying is a serious security threat that impacts the welfare of the society or household. This issue is normally reported worldwide in various social media and in multi-media networks around the world. The problem is that government institutions were not able to stop this practice due to a lack of evidence presented by the victims unless there are facts and pieces of evidence that point out the existence of the incident. Bullying cites several injuries, psychological damage, and mental degradation due to the infliction of harm towards the victim. Bullying is implemented when laws become serious enough to stop future incidents. Government institutions should install agencies that monitor bullying. If bullying practices are usually ignored, there will be more individuals affected by physical harm, psychological degradation, and mental stagnation.

Tips on revising a research paper

  • Check the format of your research if it is followed properly.
  • Proofread to detect errors on the paper.
  • Seek your adviser’s additional comments on the research then revise.
  • Scan your paper to scanning software to further correct errors on your research paper.
  • Allow your colleagues to check the paper for any changes that can be applied.
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