How To Write A 5 Page Essay In 1 Day

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5 page essay in 1 day

How To Write A 5 Page Essay In 1 Day

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At some point in your academic life, homework catches up with you, and you find that you have procrastinated doing the work up the very last day. Upon realizing that you can no longer afford to postpone it, you have to get your hands dirty to finish the work in a single day. Writing a 5-page essay within a day is a daunting task. It is possible to put down an interesting and top quality essay in less than 24 hours if you understand how to work it out. This article offers insightful tips on how you can write an essay in less than a day.

5 Page Essay in 1 day, step by step

1. Plan

To adequately prepare fully for the task ahead, plan how you will spend your day. Slot in each activity you need to do for the day besides writing the 5-page essay. i.e. Shower and eat to our satisfaction. Prepare a miniature timetable for the day, but allocate more time to writing the essay. Request for privacy from our siblings, roommates or parents. Slot in short breaks amidst doing your work. Failing to plan only quickens the already looming deadline.

2. Set up your working station

A working environment plays a critical role in writing an essay. A noisy, dirty room reduces productivity and performance. It is wise to clean and neatly arrange everything in the room, or better yet, find such a room. If working from your bedroom, request not to be disturbed and remove any distractions that could steal your attention and shift focus from writing the essay. Such distractions include games, electronics like TV, PlayStation, phones, etc.

Assemble all materials you need for the essay on the table. Use a comfortable chair and adjust proper lighting. The uncomfortable seat that strains your back and dim lighting that strains your eyes is the last thing that you would need for your job. Ensure the room is very quiet or has slow classical music playing in the background softly.

3. Choose your topic

Choose your topic wisely and the one you are most comfortable with, and you have extensive knowledge about it. Articulate each sentence and word to bring out the intended meaning. Choose an appropriate topic and word it in a clear, simple way. If your course instructor chose the topic for you, read and reread the instructions to understand fully what the essay requires from you.

4. Draw an outline

The outline is an important piece that can help a student to organize and create a logical view of ideas throughout the essay. The outline shows how each idea, topic or subtopic connect with each other. The author uses the outline to avoid including irrelevant information into the essay. It also guides you through the research to write your essay. The outline also sets the scope the essay is supposed to cover.

5. Research

Conduct an in-depth research into your topic. The outline must guide research, and you should make notes while going through the sources. Make a list of the sources and include them in your bibliographic record for your job. The internet can be a rich source of the internet though you must be very careful since no one is on the internet is credible and accurate. Synthesize the information collected through research to prepare a rough draft that can later be tuned to become the final essay. The draft helps to organize the content of the essay to flow coherently and logically.

6. Write the essay

The actual writing of the perfect essay must start with a good, interesting introductory paragraph. The introductory paragraph has to contain a well-crafted thesis statement that captures the attention of the reader. Ensure there is a smooth transition to the subsequent paragraphs. A 5-page essay has many body paragraphs, and they all should contain different ideas.

Each of the body paragraphs has to start with a hook in the first or second paragraph. Several support sentences should follow the hook. The body paragraphs contain most of the information about the topic, and they should be worded carefully to present the content in a clear, unambiguous and simple way. Ensure you cite properly all sources used in the essay and include a ‘work cited’ page at the end of the essay.

The conclusion paragraph should also be included. Rewriting the introduction can form a good conclusion to essay. Reassert the thesis statement in the conclusion paragraph and end with an interesting statement.

7. Editing to perfection

After writing it is important to go through your essay to correct your mistakes. Ensure each sentence and paragraph communicates the message you intended them to communicate. Check for grammatical mistakes, punctuation, spellings, mechanical errors, etc. You can also reach out to your friends or family to edit the document to perfection. Parents or older siblings can also help to improve the vocabulary of the essay.

Finally, format the document according to the course instructor’s guidelines. Crosscheck the essay requirements against the grading rubric and make necessary adjustments if any. Concisely, though it is a discouraging task to complete a 5-page essay, using the aforementioned tips and guidelines can demystify and ease the effort on how to write a 5-page essay in one day. However, this article doesn’t encourage homework procrastination, but however, it features skills that could save your grade in less than a day.

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