How Long Does It Take To Write An Essay Of 1000 Words

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How Long Does It Take To Write An Essay Of 1000 Words

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No matter the task you are doing, it is always necessary to manage your time and other resources accordingly. This is true for essay writing which has been the part and parcel of academic learning for decades. The process of writing an essay still needs to be explored and myths need to be shattered. 

With that in mind, we have dedicated this whole blog to answer one not-so-simple question: how long does it take to write an essay of 1000 words? It may seem simple as a math question where you multiply the number of words written with the total words, but it is different. Today, we will explore different angles and bring answers with different metrics.

1000-Word Essay

When we graduate from the 500-word essay territory, things start to make a new turn. A 1000-word essay is not any different from its 500-word counterpart, but for obvious reasons. Word count and length of an essay are often a part of the guideline, which means that students need to follow the limit.

One of the biggest highlights of a 1000-word essay is that it has ample space to introduce, explore, and conclude a point. That’s why it is the best practice when it comes to writing argumentative and expository essays.

A disadvantage to this format is that students often need to stretch the narrative to meet the guidelines. This leads to poor quality of prose and fluff in the content which is not ideal for academic writing.

Time For Writing A 1000-Word Essay

This is another subjective thing that can change drastically from one person to another. It is hard to calculate how much time it will take for a person to write a 1000-word essay. Typically, if a person is an average typist, it takes around two hours to type 1000 words. When we factor in at least two hours more to research, collect, and consolidate the data to base the essay on, it will make it to around 4 hours. We all know that simply writing an essay is not enough. It needs to be honed and polished through rigorous editing and proofreading sessions. These will take another 30 minutes to an hour.

By going with these calculations, we can assume that students should at least have 5 hours on their hands if they want to conceive an idea and turn it into a 1000-word essay.

Factors That Affect Finish Time

These estimates are subjective and based on different assumptions. When we are talking about finish time, individual performance can suffer a lot. In this section, we will explore some of the factors that contribute greatly toward completing a 1000-word essay. Students should keep in mind that they can always divide the full task into several sub-tasks and this will take the pressure off of them and help them see things.

The complexity of the Topic

This is a no-brainer because the time it will take to write a 1000-word essay is directly proportional to the complexity of the topic. If a topic is not much complex with little to no need for intensive research, the finish time will almost be cut in half. However, if that is not the case, you can imagine the hours stacking up before even starting the writing phase.

Level of Research

Research is done through both primary and secondary sources. Depending on the quality and level of academics that students are targeting, this can take a toll on time reserves. In high schools, students can do all the research they need by carefully conducting web searches. But, things are different when college or university students need to do research.

Accuracy of Initial Drafts

Writing is hard but writing well the first time is nearly impossible. That’s why seasoned professionals set aside time in the first place for editing and proofreading. Still, the time it will take to finish and polish the initial drafts is the accuracy and their truthfulness to the form. So, writers should go about the initial drafts quickly but with accuracy in mind.

Time For Proofreading

This point is in direct relation to the previous one. The more accurate and true your initial drafts will be, the less time you need to proofread the text. If students can see the picture forming, it is that each step is somehow connected to the one preceding and succeeding it. After proofreading, students should share the finished product of a 1000-word essay with peers for reviews.

How Can You Write A 1000-Word Essay Fast?

We have set a rough benchmark of 5 hours to write a 1000-word essay in the previous section. But this is not it. It was based on assumptions and variables that can be different for different people. Or we can say that they will be different for those who optimize their tasks and ensure that they are using their time according to their need.

In this section, we are sharing some of the top tips that can help students minimize their overall time writing a 1000-word essay.

Plan Before Starting

There is no point in going in blind without mapping your steps beforehand. This is the problem with many students as they believe that they can overcome the issues they might face in the process through sheer imagination or will. Instead, they end up abandoning the task and shirking it for a long time before completing it at the last minute. There is no need to guess the quality of writing and editing.

Understand Essay Question

There is always a question in the essay assignment that students need to answer, whether it is obvious or implied. In both cases, it is necessary for students to understand the question before starting to write. 1000 words are not much for the prepared and initiated ones, but those who have not planned their moves can get a hit from the process. That’s why understanding the assignment is a must.

Spend Time On Outlining

Outlining is one of the most important aspects of the pre-writing phase. Many students dismiss it for being anti-creative. This cannot be further from the truth as it is based on creativity and ensure that you are not hit by a roadblock down the road. That’s why outlining from start to finish will save time and effort for the students. If they need to do some research, they can accommodate that in the same segment for more optimization.

Understand Essay Question

Editing can be strenuous and take a lot of time. In many cases, students are not qualified enough to know the difference between proofreading and editing. Still, they need to optimize a 1000-word essay. This is where online tools can make all the difference in the world. Software such as Grammarly and Hemingway Editor can save time and pinpoint issues in your text without you actively looking for them.



According to some estimates, it takes around 2 to 3 hours to complete a 500-word essay. This includes researching and collecting information from sources, using it in the essay, and then editing the essay to cover all the bases.

If we base our answer on the premise of the preceding question, we can assume that students need around an hour and a half to complete a 250 words essay. Again, it may take a little more or less depending on the scope of the research, topic, and editing.

It is difficult but doable. All you need to do is excel in typing and then leave other tasks outside the one-hour constraint. It is natural for good typists to write even more than 1000 words in an hour after doing research.

Again, if you are a good typist and have conducted all the research for the essay, you may hit the mark in 2 hours. That’s why students should set aside time and resources to improve their typing speed.

A day is too long to do all there needs to be done for a 1000-word essay. Students can easily spend time collecting and consolidating information and then turning it into essay content. As for editing and proofreading, it depends on the quality of content and tools that students use.

It is possible as night is tranquil for writers, with no distractions and disturbances. Many writers prefer to write during the night. As for students in schools and colleges, they probably find the time and inspiration to complete a 1000-word essay in one night.

Final Thoughts

A 1000-word essay is nothing to take lightly, even when you are an accomplished author. Students should map out the path and consider different possibilities before making the move toward writing. In this blog, we have identified and explained different factors and issues that are true for the majority of students. As for those who are not up to the challenge but still want a well-researched essay, PerfectEssay will pull all the strings for you and provide a custom, submission-ready essay. So, place your order now!


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