How To Write A Research Paper

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How To Write A Research Paper

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How to Write a Great Research Paper

A research paper is defined as the collection of academic data and information on a particular topic and support from the literature and background information. They are written with the purpose of arguing of validating a concept as well as to exploring an idea or perspective. As much as a bigger portion of the research papers present thoughts from other studies, the finishing of the paper should present your own thinking.

Topic Choice

The ability to select a good research topic is an essential skill in research writing. Sometimes instructors can assign you to handle a specific topic, but often, as a writer, you are required to develop or select a topic that interest you. A writer has to observe the following aspects in the process of deciding on a topic: brainstorming for ideas, choose a topic that has sufficient literature, come up with a list of keywords, define your topic as a focused research question as well as formulating a thesis statement. However, coming up with good topics still remains a difficult task as the topics have to be simple but wide enough to be interesting and to cover the syllabus. In addition, it advisable for writers to ensure they are aware of of how the final project will look before selecting good topics for research papers.

Below is an example of research topics on:

Global warming
  1. Impact of human activities on global warming
  2. Scientific conflicts on the understanding of global warming
  3. Environmental, political, economical and psychological consequences of global warming
  4. Interventions and solution to counter the encroachment of global warming
  5. The Eurocentric perspective of global warming and climate change
  6. Global warming role in North Atlantic
  7. Impacts of global warming impact on human health
  8. Industrial pollution and politics debate on global warming
  9. Is carbon overload as a result of burning gas and oil and a cause of global warming?
  10. Government interventions and contribution towards the fight against global warming
War research topics for
  1. The declining influence of Europe during the cold war
  2. The reasons for conflicts in the Middle East
  3. The economic and political impact of the world war II
  4. What were duties and policies that were introduced by the United States in the creation of the Cold War?
  5. The causes and effects of Middle East conflicts
Education Research topics
  1. Does classroom design affect student’s behavior?
  2. The changes in the contemporary American education
  3. Impact of sports on children`s education
  4. Goals and objectives of teaching curriculum in education system
  5. The comparing and contrasting the education of special needs students in public schools and private schools
  6. The difference between education in private and public schools
Video Games research topics
  1. Impact of videogames on children psychology
  2. The historic development of video games
  3. Impact of videogames on human motivation and violence
  4. Gender stereotypes in video games. The role of video games in male/female gender.
  5. Technology advancement in video games development

Research Paper Structure

Both non-scientific and scientific researches employ a basic writing structure that is broken down into the following constituent parts. A research paper employs the following format, abstract, introduction, literature review, methodology, findings, discussions and conclusions. Under the title, a writer needs to come up with overlong, brief and unwieldy research title to enable easy formulation of the thesis statement and developing of the research keywords.
The abstract is an important part of an assignment as it provides the insight of the east content and the standpoint of the essay. The summary of the research is less than 200 words. In case the report is published, anybody searching the keywords in research databases would have an opportunity to read the abstract part. Therefore, the abstract should be informative enough to provide a brief review of what the paper contains.
The skills required in writing an introduction for a research essay are important for all scholars as they expected to document a thorough content that are supported with the literature on the selected topic. In addition, all research papers, the introduction part should be brief but not at the expense it’s conciseness.
First, the thesis statement should set a question to be answered by the literature and background of the topic, establishing the purpose of the assignment and the hypothesis that the whole paper is going to prove. In addition, any papers writing help has managed to explain on the tips on how to write a thesis for a research paper.
After the introduction, the literature review section is covered. These sections aim to underpin the thesis statement in a bid to prove its validity, accuracy and reliability in the whole paper. Many research papers writing guide indicate that the literature review content should be borrowed from recent researches conducted on related or similar topics.
Under the method section, your paper should highlight and explain the technique used in the collection of data or performing the experiment. This ought to incorporate if applicable, the setting and times of sample collection, the materials, technique and equipment used. However, the description of the method is brief by giving only the major information in case the method was too complex and technical.
In the results section, you have to provide a quick summary of the statistical experiments, facts and figured that will be used to prove the thesis statement. In case the table and graphs are needed to present the findings, you can avoid cluttering up your paper and insert most of such data information into the appendix section.
The discussion segment is used to analyze your research. In your discussion section, you are supposed to discuss your findings in a comparing approach manner by comparing the difference between the actual result and the expected results.
In the concluding part, you are simply necessitated to offer a more ostentatious recap of the essay. In a few words, you should provide a review of what you have developed in the results and discussion section. Also, you are required to reaffirm the thesis statement to prove its validity after the research.

Finalizing the Paper

How to finish a research paper is vital. After completing the conclusion, you have to proofread your work and edit grammatical, spelling, choice of words, punctuation and sentence structures mistakes. In addition, the assignment should be cited properly in text citation in accordance to the style of writing adopted. In addition, scholars can buy research papers from custom writing companies who are selling Interesting topics for writing. You can locate a reliable and reputable centers where you buy research papers, but you need to ensure it is unique and non-plagiarized.

Advantages of Custom Research Papers:
  1. They papers purchased online are free from plagiarism as they are written from scratch by competent writers.
  2. Custom papers are sold to one customer once and this prevents the possibility of multiple clients submitting a similar paper.
  3. The companies offering writing services are reliable as they observe the deadline, quality and affordable prices.
  4. The writing centers can also provide an outline on papers where you can write on your own.
  5. It provides customers such as students and bloggers with free time that allows them to spend time with their family, friends and a time to attend to other tasks.
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