Favorite Book (Essay Sample)

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favorite book

Favorite Book (Essay Sample)

Most Influential Book

The course of individual life is often shaped by the encounters and experiences that a person undergoes. Indeed, the choices that individuals make are determined by the lessons that they have learnt in their lives. Perhaps most of the lessons that individuals apply are derived from the literary works that that they come across and explore. In my case, Ben Carson’s book “Think Big: Unleashing Your Potential for Excellence” has had the most influence in my life. The book details the life and experiences of one of the world’s most renowned neurosurgeons, from the time he was considered a dunderhead in elementary school to the time he became one of the brightest medical students and surgeons of his time. This book not only underlines the effectiveness of hard work and determination, but also renews individual faith in God while also cementing the immaterial nature of the humbleness of one’s beginnings in determining his destiny. First, “Think Big” underlines the efficacy of hard work in safeguarding the achievement of one’s goals and objectives. Indeed, the author attributes the change in his performance in school to the hard work and effort that he put in the class. He details how he went the extra mile and read not only the topics and subjects that were assigned in the classroom but also other subjects that were not even remotely connected or associated with the course he was doing (Clarrissimeaux, 2011). This personal initiative and hard work came in handy in expanding his critical thinking faculties and enhancing his performance even in the course that he took. It is noteworthy that the effort that he put in his study right from elementary school had a bearing on his achievement of his goal of becoming a neurosurgeon later on in life (Clarrissimeaux, 2011). Secondly, the book renewed my faith in God as the author persistently attributes his success to Him. Right from the beginning, the author outlines the prayerful nature of his mother, an attribute that rubbed off on him. On numerous occasions, Ben Carson seeks the guidance and assistance of God in order to surmount the challenges on his path (Lozada, 2015). For instance, as much as he had worked hard, he still attributed his success in education to God. Indeed, the notes that if individuals acknowledge their need for God, He will be quick to assist them. Other examples are provided during more serious scenarios such as when he was performing his first brain surgery, the first one in the hospital where he was working (Lozada, 2015). This renewed my faith in God as it underlines the fact that irrespective of the magnitude of individual accomplishments and wisdom, individuals are still limited and, in fact, will always need God. Lastly, the book underlined the fact that one’s beginnings should not determine his capacity to achieve his dreams. It is acknowledged that the author did not come from an affluent background. Being a black son of a single mother, he details how his family did not always have sufficient resources (Carson & Murphey, 1996). His mother’s income was not sufficient to bring up the two boys and provide luxuries in which case they were merely surviving. However, he states that one’s beginnings or looks do not matter and that if individuals recognize their abilities and have the willingness to learn and utilize their knowledge in assisting others, their place in the world is intact (Carson & Murphey, 2006). This cements the fact that the quality of life that an individual has is solely determined by his actions and the choices he or she makes. In conclusion, Ben Carson “Think Big” has been the most influential in my life as it not only underlines the effectiveness of hard work and determination, but also renews individual faith in God while also cementing the immaterial nature of the humbleness of one’s beginnings in determining his destiny. The experiences of the author cement the fact that individuals have control over what happens in their lives, and reiterates the need to always ask God for assistance, while also cementing the value of hard work in achieving one’s objectives in life.


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