Ethics in the Workplace Essay Sample

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ethics in the workplace essay sample

Ethics in the Workplace Essay Sample

Media Ethics Essay

There are different kinds of media – the press, entertainment and social media. Thus, there are different ethics for each one but almost similar to each other. In the past decades, journalists adhere to media ethics and have high standards but these days it appears that the press is overpowered by whoever has the bigger money or whoever is closest to the owners of the media company.

Media these days are used to cover up other political or economic issues. They are used to inculcating certain ideas to the viewers. A person popular for something good can easily and quickly turn into an infamous one with how the media constantly show him to be. Sometimes real events about war and other crises are being diverted and covered up with other stories. That is how media are these days. Despite the lack of strict adherence to media ethics, here are the general ethics that they should have been following.

In journalism, they follow the ethics of accurate and factual reporting, slander and libel considerations, and they have a harm limitation principle. The first one is of course expected. Media are expected to inform everyone else about something true. They need to give the actual facts and not make false truths or make assumptions. However these days, with a large number of media, some are not sticking this kind of morality. Many give false facts to people for the reasons to intrigue, grab attention, and sell. They should be publishing corrections to errors as soon as these mistakes are discovered. However today, when media commits mistakes, some even have the guts to deny their mishap and continue to stick on it.

The second one is in line with the sensitivity of the first. Reporting facts is in a thin line with slandering someone especially if the event is leaning towards negativity. That is why it is very crucial for media to report as accurately as possible, so as to avoid libel and slander. The third one is to show right judgment and compassion to those that are affected by the event being reported. For example, the news is about a family man murdering a girl, then reporters should also be keen on the children and wife of the guy, and all others related to those involved. Just because they are reporting about them does not mean that they own them.

Another form of media is entertainment. The ethics being upheld in this industry are the use of violence, sex, and use of strong language that is why there is always a categorization or rating of the films so to keep audiences aware whether they would be comfortable with it or not. Another one is product placement. Films should not be mainly just about promoting products, therefore they should accordingly use products in their productions, so it does not mainly become a commercial of it. There is also a discretion in presenting stereotypes and taboos in films, so not to encourage the wrong mindset to viewers.

So, there is ethics that the media industry has to follow but with the freedom and rights being practiced by practically everyone these days, it has become challenging to keep both the journalists and the entertainers strictly adhering to the rules without modifying it too much to their own advantage.

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