Ethical Values Essay Sample

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ethical values essay

Ethical Values Essay Sample

Moral Values and Ethics

Valuing the life, safety, and presence of other people is important because it means that you are respecting the ethical values of every person, animal, or property in any way. This is a practice that allows an individual to consider their values to be always respected to preserve their dignity and integrity at all times.

The essence of value is important to ensure that there are no rights that are violated because every organism or material in our society deserves to be respected and protected. Associating ethical values to a person’s beliefs and actions would mean that it enhances the discipline of a person by portraying a role model to other groups regarding their respective behavior. This is a way to improve how we treat and respect each other to prevent conflicting interests.

One of the major ethical values is to do better or provide something beneficial to the interest of other individuals. This can be applied by allowing other individuals to experience the safety that they must have to adhere to their personal or professional affairs. The principle of beneficence such as doing something that benefits other individuals is an important ethical value that can be applied to other individuals. This is to ensure that their needs are always addressed and their safety is secured by anyone who wants to prevent any stress, hazards, and risks.

The ethical value of respecting the law is an important structure that should be followed by every individual in our community. The reason behind this is that following the policies and rules that prevent anyone from being apprehended such as violations might risk the rights and safety of other individuals or groups.

The principle of veracity is an important ethical value because it corresponds to the application of truth. This is because each individual has the right to know the truth, especially if it involves their personal space. The truth reveals an actual scenario that displays a realistic view of acknowledging something that is important to a person’s dignity. Equality succeeds an ethical value because it responds to fair treatment of a person, group, or organization towards something that is important to their practice and belief.

Every person has the right to be treated fairly as a way to generate a diverse cultural and social environment to prevent ethical and legal consequences by the authorities. Respecting the person’s demographic status such as with regard to their age, race, sexual orientation, gender, and social classification is a clear example of how society should maximize the role of equality and equity at all times.
Valuing ethics is a social responsibility for every individual or group because it corresponds to the law and policies that should be always respected in any way possible. If the value of ethics is violated due to the infliction of harm towards other individuals, this means that there is a threat of life or injury. Damage to properties is one example of how ethics are violated because it creates an unpleasant consequence to the environment of the owner.

This is why there are law enforcement agencies that are always on alert for any violations committed by a person or group towards others. This is to ensure that the quality of life is always respected as well as the sanctity of their existence is preserved through the application of the law at all times (Freemont & Kitney, 2012).


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