Mastering the Elements of a Perfect Essay Structure

April 7, 2023 Usman

Mastering the Elements of a Perfect Essay Structure

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Essay writing has always been a tough task for writers, no matter how much experience they have in the field. It is because new topics and research areas come with new sets of problems and issues. Not to mention different types of essays demand different focal points, tone, voice, and other aspects of writing.

Still, there is one thing that remains the same – structure. While keeping variations and formats in mind, the structure of essays often remains the same. That’s why it pays students and novice writers to learn the mechanics and dynamics of essay structure.

In this post, we will dig deeper into how to lay out an essay, its importance, and then a detailed account of its elements.

What Is The Structure of An Essay?

The essay structure or the essay layout format is the arrangement of different variables in the writing. It is about picking a different tone, in the beginning, to lure the readers in and then ease them into the subject through background information. The structure is also about the size of the margins, spacing between lines, font style, and size. However, in this blog, we will cover more of the contextual and structural issues with writing an essay.

In practice, it all boils down to developing and balancing different sections of an essay so that they have more value. Readers often find it difficult to understand the contents of the essay when the structure is not sound. That’s why it is necessary to understand how it works and how it can be leveraged to get more value for the essay.

Importance of A Good Essay Structure

The primary purpose behind writing an essay is about connecting with the readers and helping them understand a subject. That’s where the structure plays an important role. If you spread the same information throughout the essay with no structure at all, your readers will end up more confused than they were in the beginning. On the other hand, if you pick different elements of the structure with care, you will end up with an essay that checks all the boxes of being a great one.

Keeping that in mind, experts have identified different elements in a traditional essay.

Elements of An Essay Set-Up Structure

Whether you are writing a narrative essay or trying your hand at an argumentative one, it is necessary to set up a structure where relevant things are aligned perfectly with their intended purpose. Three major elements constitute the whole essay:

  • Introduction/ Opening
  • Main Body
  • Closing/ Conclusion

The writer’s job is simple – balance all the information in these three sections in such a way that the value of the whole becomes more than the sum of individual sections. 

Let us go through each of the elements in detail to ensure that students can understand them better, and can apply the theory in practice.

Introduction/ Opening

This is where things get started – literally. The introduction or opening of an essay lets the readers know what they are about to read. Instead of getting right on the topic, it is best to start light and then ease readers into the subject.

Easing Readers Into The Subject

To do that, writers employ tactics including a hook. It is a literary device that is not directly related to the subject but can help readers understand the point of the writer. After setting up a great hook, it is best to provide background information on the subject before closing the introduction with a thesis statement.

Essentials of A Solid Introduction

Following are some of the essentials for a good introduction:

Brief & bold

Opens with a hook

Context for readers

To the point thesis statement

Main Body/ Body Paragraphs

When it comes to the real value of the essay, this is where the magic happens. Introductions have their agenda and conclusions are more about revisiting the things discussed in the main body. That’s why the main body paragraphs are considered the essence of the essay.

Heart & Soul of An Essay

No matter the type of essay you are writing, the main body should get the most word count. According to common standards, it takes no less than 66% of the total word count. Whether writers are dealing with arguments, facts, details, and description, this is where all the action takes place. Still, writers should mind the length and focal points of the essay.

What Makes A Good Essay Main Body

There are many ways to make a good essay main body, but we are taking a standard route containing insights for all types of essays. In the narrative and descriptive essays, all the elements should play out in this section. As for expository and argumentative essays, they must cover all the factual information and arguments in the main body.

Conclusion/ Closing

A conclusion is one of the most important sections of the essay. Logically, it is what readers will read in the end and will remember the most. So, the conclusion should be written with extreme care so that all the bases are covered.

Rationale Behind Closing 

Even though writers have made a great impact with the introduction and solid body paragraphs, it is necessary to close things logically. Also, many readers do not have the time to read the essay in its entirety. So, a comprehensive summary, in the end, is not too much to ask for.

Best Practices For Essay Conclusions

Here are some of the best practices that writers should keep in mind to compose riveting conclusions:

Restating the thesis

Summarizing all the main points

Closing with catchy sentences

Never adding new to the main arguments/ points

For the last point, many novice writers make this mistake which leads to poor reception of the essay. So, steer clear of that one to ensure that the structure of your essay is sound.

Tips For Enticing Readers With A Simple Essay Format

Students often learn more from tips than from a comprehensive guide. If that’s the case with our readers, we have put up some of the best tips on capturing the readers’ imagination with a solid essay.

Starting With A Hook

A hook is a literary device that grabs readers’ attention. It can be a question, a statistic, or a bold or shocking statement about the subject of the essay. Whatever it is, writers should cover all the bases in its case. Otherwise, it will be a miss for them and their readers.

Chat With A Writer

Stating A Bold & Brief Thesis A thesis statement is the summary of the main point or theme of the essay. It is an essential part of the essay as no essay is complete without it. In most cases, it comes in the closing lines of the introduction, but expository essays can even open with a thesis statement. It should be bold and brief so that the point becomes clear to the readers without any fluff.

Main Points & Arguments In The Body

The main body does not have the space or logic to beat around the bush. It is the place where writers should go all in with their material. Whether it is a narrative essay or an expository one, it should cover all the main points, arguments, and counterarguments in this section.

Anticipating Counter Points

While writing argumentative essays, writers often need to anticipate counterpoints or arguments in the body. This helps them in persuading peers and other researchers that indeed their ideas were better. For instance, if they are supporting one side of the argument, they can better illuminate their rationale by explaining why they are not supporting the other side.

Closing On A High Note

If writers want to close on a high note, they need to come up with a winning conclusion. A conclusion is nothing more than a short but effective summary of the whole essay. Many experts believe that it should be treated as such to get the best value out of it.

Revisiting the Main Points of The Essay

A good conclusion is not about merely attracting or keeping the attention of the readers. The real value comes from revisiting all the main points from the body paragraphs. This not only helps readers but also aids writers in steering their essays in the right direction.

Key Takeaways

In the beginning, many students are not concerned about the structure and format of an essay, even though it is one of the most important aspects of it. The structure of an essay is about connecting with the readers at a deeper level through tangible assets. The action in essay starts with the introduction and then the main body takes over before things come to a logical end. 

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