Costs of writing narrative essay

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Costs of writing narrative essay

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Introduction to Narrative Essay Writing

A narrative essay is a form of writing in which writers rely on their personal experience or an event from their lives to back a story on. Since it is based on incidents that carry a lot of weight in terms of emotions, writers can enjoy discretion to go multiple ways with it. This is something that not all academic writing scenarios allow.

Still, a narrative essay is a lot different from a short story because it is based on real incidents and events, instead of fictional characters and plots.

There is a wide range of areas and topics that can be covered in a narrative essay, depending on the occasion.       

Essentials of Narrative Essays

Five essential elements are found in every narrative essay:

  • Opening (the beginning of the action)
  • Characters (people in the story)
  • Plot (what people did or endured in the story)
  • Setting (where and how events happened)
  • Conclusion (reflecting on the lessons learned from the narrative)  

Rationale Behind Weaving Narrative

The fundamental rationale behind writing narrative essays is to entertain and educate readers with something that can be easily reachable and relatable. Even though it is based on personal experience, it should be written with such clarity and imagery that readers can understand the real meaning. Through rich characters and plot pacing, students can make true masterpieces with their narrative essays.

Getting Expert Writers Onboard

Sometimes, students do not have enough time to research and go through multiple drafts to edit out the useless parts. Or, they are not up for the challenge to learn and write on their own. In that case, they often go online and seek professional help with their writing. Is this a good idea? Absolutely!

Perks & Benefits of Professional Narrative Essay Writing Help

Professional writing and editing companies are not just the runs of the mill establishments with mediocre writers. They have dedicated staff with years of experience and expertise in the subject. They also have researchers and professional editors to ensure that only the best copy reaches their clients. By hiring one, students can rest assured that they will have the best possible work to submit for the evaluation. In addition to this, they will have more time to study something else or simply enjoy their lives.

Pertinent Writing

Although narrative writing is based on personal experience and relies heavily on emotions and feelings, it still requires first-class writing and presentation skills to make the story believable. This is where professional writers save the day. Due to their expertise, they can understand the demand of the content and come up with the right words and phrases to convey the message. It could be hit or miss if a novice writer is on it. But they are a definite hit.

Superb Grammatical & Linguistic Approach

Grammar can be tricky for new writers no matter how many rules they have crammed about the usage of forms of verbs, articles, etc. They can blatant mistakes in their essays which can cost them precious scores and even a highly coveted position in a world-class school. Highly qualified writers also come in handy in this regard. First, they have the training to use proper grammar. Second, even if they make mistakes, they have the access to the necessary tools to make amends before submitting the essay.

100% Uniqueness Of Text

Academic writing is still suffering from plagiarism and copied content from sources. Many writers do not even bother to go a little deeper to better understand the requirements. Instead, they damage their reputation and the academic profile of their clients. On the other side of the aisle, we offer a 100% money-back guarantee on plagiarism and other copy text issues. Apart from necessary direct citations, you will never find plagiarized content in our work.

A Look At Narrative Essay Writing Services

Before you pay a company to write your narrative essay for you, it is best to take a step back and look at the whole picture with clarity.

Is It Worth It?

If you are still on the fence about whether you should hire a professional writing company or not while weighing the costs of writing essays, it is best to take a deeper look. Following are the things that they bring to the table when you hire their services:

  • High quality of work
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Timely delivery
  • Revisions and reviews
  • Guarantees and assurances

In light of these traits, it is hard to turn down this kind of help, especially if the stakes are high.

Competent Help

Many students face a dilemma when they think about hiring online help for their narrative essays. They think that it could be illegal to hire a person or a company to do their writing for them. 

In reality, there is nothing wrong with seeking help from a person or a commercial entity and then paying them for their time and expertise. Essentially, this is what schools, colleges, and all academic organizations do. So, if you need to place an order for competent academic help, there is no foul play here.        

Timely Services

When students are in a pinch, they can rely on professional writing services. The companies with better resources always respect the commitments and make sure that orders are delivered on time irrespective of the costs of writing a narrative essay in English.

Quick Delivery Options For Urgent Orders

Quick delivery options can save people a lot of time and resources as they can place the order and let them do the rest. Many students employ these resources for the whole duration of their academic life. This way, they have plenty of time to enjoy personal life and study something else, if they want to.   

Revisions & Reviews

Since writing is subjective and there is hardly a thing that can be taken as universal in narrative writing, it is common for students to seek revisions and reviews. This is acceptable by companies, even cherished as they seek complete approval and cordial feedback from clients.

So, this should not be a problem if you get a professional company to write a personal narrative essay for you.  

What We Bring to The Table

Our company does not need any introduction when it comes to narrative essay writing for school and college students. Since our inception as the leading brand in online academic writing and editing services, we have made sure that the highest quality standards are met every time.

When you place your order with us, we process it immediately and assign dedicated writers to the task. You can also connect with them using the message portal to provide feedback or to add instructions.

After providing the finished product, we still stand behind our promises and offer free revisions and reviews to clients until they are satisfied with the finished product.    

Time-Tested Writing & Editing Services

Clients’ trust and respect are everything to us. That’s why we do not cut corners when it comes to providing only the best of both content and pricing when they say “write a narrative essay for me”.

No Grammatical Errors

Our writers hold advanced degrees in their respective disciplines and have exceptional writing skills on top of that. In addition to this, every order goes through a rigorous testing and editing phase before it is dispatched to the client.

We employ both human and artificial intelligence to weed out errors and inconsistencies in the text. That’s why we enjoy the full confidence and trust of our clients.

Advantages of Choosing Us

It is hard, to sum up, all the things that we do better than our competitors, but for the sake of argument, here are some salient features of our work to make you understand why you should buy a personal narrative essay from us.

  • We offer the best pricing and can match any competitor in the market
  • Our writers are exceptional in credentials and real work
  • You cannot go wrong with our guarantees and assurances for the quality of work
  • We can accommodate quick delivery options
  • You can ask for unlimited reviews and revisions in a limited time


Many factors go into determining the cost of the essay. There is the length of the essay, reach, scope, and academic level. Also, the timeline for the delivery of that essay is a big determinant of the cost. As a ballpark figure, it costs around CAD 16 for a page of essay that is around 275 words.
If you want to know what your essay will cost you if you get us to write it, you can check the pricing automatically using an on-site calculator.


The charge for when you buy narrative essays online is based on how much time and other resources go into a job. For writing a five-page essay, it takes a lot of time to research, write, and edit drafts before the narrative essay become submission-ready.
The average price for a five-page essay is around CAD 80. This can go up and down based on the actual work that needs to go into finishing the essay.

A narrative essay is not a uniform whole but a sum of different parts. These parts, when balanced and written with great care, resulting in superb essays.
Following are the five essential elements of a narrative essay:

– Plot
– Characters
– Setting
– Conflict
– Theme

Narrative essays come in all forms, shapes, and sizes. There is no single yardstick to measure the quality of writing, but experts have pointed out some traits that all great narrative essays must have.

– Clarity
– Balanced details and description
– Dynamic and vigorous language
– Solid references
– Lively and three-dimensional

The length of a narrative essay is defined by the examiners. Generally, it is about five pages long, which makes it around 1300 to 1500 words long. This is pretty much standard, from school assignments to college admission tests. In other cases, students are often asked to write a narrative essay ranging around a thousand words.
So, mostly it depends on the instructions laid out by the examining body. If it is at the discretion of the students, it cannot be shorter than a 1000 words mark.

Concluding Remarks

Hiring a professional writing company for narrative essays and other academic pieces is necessary to go through all the prerequisites. There are many companies out there and not all of them can be qualified as the professional representative of the industry.

This post has discussed the nature and elements of narrative essays in detail to help students understand what is required of them when they sign up to write. When they are not up for it, they can hire us to buy a narrative essay. Our writers leave no stone unturned to provide the best work to school and college students.

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